The muddle of mbas
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The muddle of MBAs. 智晓晓 王丹丹 段巧巧 张玉娇.

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The muddle of MBAs

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The muddle of mbas

The muddle of MBAs

The muddle of mbas

It is incongruous that the number of British institutions offering MBA courses should have grown by 254 per cent during a period when the economy has been sliding into deeper recession. Optimists, or those given to speedy assumptions, might think it marvellous to have such a resource of business school graduates ready for the recovery.

The muddle of mbas

1MBAMaster Of Business Administration

2Institution [Institju:n]n., ; , ,

3marvelous [m:vls] adj.,,

4slide into ()

5suffer from, ; ...; ...

The muddle of mbas


The muddle of mbas

Unfortunately, there is now much doubt about the value of the degree- not least among MBA graduates themselves, suffering as they are from the effects of recession and facing the prospect of shrinking management structures.

The muddle of mbas


The muddle of mbas

What was taken some years ago as a ticket of certain admission to success is now being exposed to the scrutiny of cost-conscious employers who seek 'can dos' rather than 'might dos', and who feel that academia has not been sufficiently appreciative of the needs of industry or of the employers' possible contribution.

The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

6: admission [dmin], ,,

admission to

7rather than(), instead of sb/sth

The muddle of mbas

It is curious, given the name of the degree, that there should be no league table for UK business schools; no unanimity about what the degree should encompass; and no agreed system of accreditation . Surely there is something wrong. One wonders where all the tutors for this massive infusion of business expertise came from and why all this mushrooming took place.

The muddle of mbas

8league table,

9take place;

The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

Perhaps companies that made large investments would have been wiser to invest in already existing managers, perched anxiously on their own internal ladders. The Institute of Managements's 1992 survey, which revealed that eighty-one percent of managers thought they personally would be more effective if they received more training, suggests that this might be the case.

The muddle of mbas

perch [p:t] n.



[ perchperches ]

But still this life it's not without it's perch. Let's see what happens.


The muddle of mbas


The muddle of mbas

There is, too, the fact that training alone does not make successful managers . They need the inherent qualifications of character ; a degree of self-subjugation; and, above all, the ability to communicate and lead; more so now, when empowerment is a buzzword that is at least generating genuflections, if not total conviction.

The muddle of mbas


n., ,


a subjugated race

Her personal ambitions had been subjugated to the needs of her family.

empowerment [im'paumnt

Employee empowerment

Community Empowerment

Psychological Empowerment

This is the story of the empowerment of the poet, his empowerment through his experience of a terrible loss.

The muddle of mbas

more so now

Okay, sonowmore interestingly, we leave a little gap here, what if the other guy is pricing above costs?

,,genuflection [,denju:'flekn] n.

The genuflection to Beijing occurs just when Japan's relations with America have been strained by a dispute over a military base.

conviction [knvikn] n.

carry conviction

spent conviction

legal conviction

Let me just quote one other passage briefly from the second speech that he gives to the jury after his conviction.


The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

One can easily think of people, some comparativelyunlettered, who are now lauded captains of industry. We may , therefore, not need to be too concerned about the fall in applications for business school places, or even the doubt about MBAs.

The muddle of mbas

comparatively. kmprtivli] adv.

comparatively speaking

Comparatively Prosperous

comparatively new

comparatively relaxed economic environment

remain comparatively steady

comparatively essential items

First there is the comparatively lowly kind which turns for support to the simple emotions and is of a definitely personal nature.


The muddle of mbas

unlettered [,nletd] adj.

unlearned unlettered

unlettered untutored

erudite: unlettered

For some reason they had not anticipated so crude and unlettered and yet convinced a figure.

laud [l:d] vt. n.

laud hailer

toa laud

a laud

The most outrageous action in Laud's crackdown was his move to ban -his attempt to ban preaching in churches.


The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

The proliferation and subsequent questioning may have been an inevitable evolution. If the Management Charter Initiative , now exploring the introduction of a senior management qualification , is successful , there will be a powerful corrective.

The muddle of mbas

proliferation [pru-,lif'rein] n.

nuclear proliferation

Since the 1990s, we've seen a proliferation of new kinds of mortgages that especially are offered to low-income people by certain lenders.

2090,,subsequent [sbsikwnt] adj.

subsequent cut

subsequent counter

And my job as a writer is to stand in for you as a subsequent reader.


The muddle of mbas

inevitable [inevitbl] adj.

Designing inevitable

inevitable firms

The civilization of the West, however, was not the result of some inevitable process through which other cultures will automatically pass.


The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

We believe now that management is all about change. One hopes there will be some of that in the relationship between management and science within industry, currently causing concern and which is overdue for attention. No-one doubts that we need more scientists and innovation to give us an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

The muddle of mbas

overdue [uvdju:] adj.

overdue interest[]

Overdue Payment[]

overdue loan[]

He refuses to pay fines when hes overdue with books I lend him. ,innovation [,inuvein] n.

value innovation

institutional innovation

Financial Innovation

Actually I mentioned the Term Securities Loan Facility because it's a new innovation but it hasn't started yet.


The muddle of mbas

give an edge

give sb an edge over his competitors

Career &Education Services that Give Members an Edge

give an edge to

Give sb. an edge on sb.

They can build cross-culturalbridges and give people an edge in

a variety of career fields.

The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

If scientists feel themselves undervalued and under-used , working in industrial ghettos, that is not a promising augury for the future. It seems we have to resolve these misapprehensions between science and industry.

The muddle of mbas

augury [':juri] n. [ auguries

Augury Rock

Food augury

The maritime passage was a good augury for the aerial passage.

misapprehension [mis,prihenn] n.

Surpass the misapprehension making fun

To expose this misapprehension, would be to repeat what has been said in the introductory chapter.

The muddle of mbas

The muddle of mbas

Above all , we have to make sure that management is not itself smug about its status and that it does not issue mission statements about communication without realizing that the essence of it is a dialogue. More empowerment is required - and we should strive to achieve it.

The muddle of mbas

smug [sm] adj.


[ smugger smuggest ]



nifty rakish smug


Dean?essence [esns] n.

Soul Essence

Whitening Essence

coffee essence

cleanser essence

So the animal may be eaten to satisfy the human hunger for flesh, but the life essence itself belongs to God.

The muddle of mbas

strive to

strive hard to attain this goal:

strive to do

strive to prosper

They didn't striveto reconcile the conflicts, nor should we.

Finally something exclusive tostrive for, Something worthy all my pent-up energy and attention.

The muddle of mbas

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