The biggest winner fiscal edition
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THE BIGGEST WINNER FISCAL EDITION. Test Your Fiscal Fitness. Records and Reports 5 Points. The governing body and policy council of a grantee must receive financial reports at least how often? Answer : once a month. Records and Reports 10 Points.

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The biggest winner fiscal edition


Test your fiscal fitness
Test YourFiscal Fitness

Records and reports 5 points
Records and Reports5 Points

  • The governing body and policy council of a grantee must receive financial reports at least how often?

  • Answer: once a month.

Records and reports 10 points
Records and Reports10 Points

  • The federal financial report of cash outlays and expenditures required of all grantees is commonly referred to as the SF-_____.

  • Answer: SF-425.

Records and reports 15 points
Records and Reports15 Points

  • Invoices, receipts, checks, purchase orders, contracts, time sheets and deposit slips are examples of ______ _________.

  • Answer: source documents

Records and reports 20 points
Records and Reports20 Points

  • Contracts for goods and services must adequately describe the parties’ responsibilities and be ____, _______ and _______.

  • Answer: signed, dated and current

Records and reports 25 points
Records and Reports25 Points

  • The three types of documentation required to support employee compensation are: _______, ______ and ______.

  • Answer: time sheets, payroll records and personnel activity reports

Fiscal basics 5 points
Fiscal Basics5 Points

  • The _____________ ___________ of a grantee is fiscally and legally responsible for overseeing programs, including the safeguarding of federal funds.

  • Answer: governing body

Fiscal basics 10 points
Fiscal Basics10 Points

  • Written _________ procedures insure that goods and services are purchased through free and open competition.

  • Answer: procurement

Fiscal basics 15 points
Fiscal Basics15 Points

  • A ___________ to ____________ comparison of expenditures is used by programs to test the accuracy of its cost assumptions.

  • Answer: budgeted to actual

Fiscal basics 20 points
Fiscal Basics20 Points

  • Protecting grant funds by insuring that the same person does not review, authorize and pay invoices is part of what fiscal process?

  • Answer: internal controls

Fiscal basics 25 points
Fiscal Basics25 Points

  • The annual _________________ is a rigorous organization-wide external review of the financial management and compliance of a grantee.

  • Answer: OMB A-133 audit

Property facilities 5 points
Property & Facilities5 Points

  • A detailed inventory of equipment including description, identification number, source, including award number, federal share, acquisition date, cost, location and condition must be taken and reconciled with equipment records every _____ years.

  • Answer: two

Property facilities 10 points
Property & Facilities10 Points

  • Head Start-specific regulations applicable to facilities activities funded in whole or in part with grant funds are found at ___ CFR ______.

  • Answer: 45 CFR 1309

Property facilities 15 points
Property & Facilities15 Points

  • For most facilities activities a notice of federal interest protecting the federal funds used for the facilities activity must be filed in __________________.

  • Answer: the appropriate official records for the jurisdiction where a facility is or will be located

Property facilities 20 points
Property & Facilities20 Points

  • Facilities activities covered by 45 CFR 1309 include ___________, _________ and ______________ funded in whole or in part with Head Start grant funds.

  • Answer: purchase, construction and major renovation

Property facilities 25 points
Property & Facilities25 Points

  • All facilities activity records must be retained for the period of ownership (or occupancy, in the case of leased facilities) plus _____ years.

  • Answer: three

Nonfederal share 5 points
Nonfederal Share5 Points

  • If a grantee without a waiver receives $1,000,000 in federal Head Start or Early Head Start grant funds, the nonfederal share of the total grant award is _____________.

  • Answer: $250,000

Nonfederal share 10 points
Nonfederal Share10 Points

  • All grant charges and expenditures, whether federal or nonfederal (in-kind) must meet general cost principles of _____________, _____________ and _______________.

  • Answer: reasonable, necessary and allocable

Nonfederal share 15 points
Nonfederal Share15 Points

  • A common basis for disallowance of claimed nonfederal share which otherwise meets the cost principles is lack of adequate _______________.

  • Answer: documentation

Nonfederal share 20 points
Nonfederal Share20 Points

  • Lack of community resources, initial program expenses, unanticipated cost increases, disaster and community impact of program loss are bases for a ____________ of nonfederal share.

  • Answer: waiver

Nonfederal share 25 points
Nonfederal Share25 Points

  • Rebates are classified as ____________ ___________ under the cost principles and cannot be claimed as nonfederal share.

  • Answer: applicable credits

Cost allocation 5 points
Cost Allocation5 Points

  • The method used by a program to insure that shared costs are charged to grants and programs in accordance with the benefit received is called a ______ ___________ ______.

  • Answer: cost allocation plan

Cost allocation 10 points
Cost Allocation10 Points

  • Three types of costs which are commonly shared in programs with multiple funding sources are ________, _________ and _________.

  • Answer: employees, facilities and equipment

Cost allocation 15 points
Cost Allocation15 Points

  • _________ costs are necessary to the overall operation of the organization, although a relationship to a particular program or cost objective cannot be shown.

  • Answer: Indirect

Cost allocation 20 points
Cost Allocation20 Points

  • A grantee with multiple funding sources is not required to allocate indirect costs if it has a ____________ _________ _______ _______.

  • Answer: negotiated indirect cost rate

Cost allocation 25 points
Cost Allocation25 Points

  • It is never acceptable to shift costs from one funding source to another to overcome ___________ ___________.

  • Answer: funding deficiencies