Financing governing america s schools
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Financing & Governing America’s Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financing & Governing America’s Schools. Ms. Tracy. Bell Ringer. Who is James Meredith?. Bell Ringer Answer. First black student to enroll in the University of Mississippi to put pressur e on JKF ton enforce civil rights for African Americans. Agenda.

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Financing governing america s schools

Financing & Governing America’s Schools

Ms. Tracy

Bell ringer
Bell Ringer

  • Who is James Meredith?

Bell ringer answer
Bell Ringer Answer

  • First black student to enroll in the University of Mississippi to put pressure on JKF ton enforce civil rights for African Americans.


  • Bell Ringer / Attendance / Announcements

  • Revisit Property Taxes within JCPS

    • What was interesting? How would you pay for your property taxes if you owned a home?

  • Review JCPS’ budget proposal from August

  • Discuss Federal Funding

  • Read and discuss “The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools”

    • Reading reflection in notebook.

Table of contents
Table of Contents

Topic Page #

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Teacher 4

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Teacher 5

12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher 6

Where Do I Stand? 7

Reforms in Education 8 - 12

History of American Education 13 – 14

Property Taxes in Louisville 15

The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools 16


Property Taxes in Louisville

The Tale of Two Schools

Property #1:

1234 East Main Street

Louisville, KY 40000

Asking Price: $215,980

Estimated Property Tax: $1,533.46

How to pay: I would need to set aside approximately $130 each month to pay for my home’s property taxes.

Talking Point:

3 Big Take-Aways /Interesting Facts:

Question / Comment:



The property t ax
The Property Tax

“The method of financing public schools…can be fairly described as chaotic and unjust.”

-Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

The property t ax1
The Property Tax

  • Unlike many other nations, which use a centralized funding system, we have a very decentralized system.

    • We have 3 levels of government (local, state, and federal) and raising and distributing funds.



The property tax
The Property Tax

  • In colonial America, schools were the concern of local communities.

    • The Constitution did not designate a federal role in education, effectively leaving it the responsibility of the states.

  • In the colonial times, wealth was measured by the size of people’s farms.

    • Colonial towns and districts assessed a PROPERTY TAX.

  • Today’s property taxes are levied on real estate (homes and businesses) and sometime personal property (cars, boats, aircrafts, etc).

Property tax examples
Property Tax Examples:

  • Jefferson County property tax rate book 

  • Statewide Assessment Values 

Jcps property tax hike in the news
JCPS Property Tax Hike in the News




  • Using Zillow’s website, find three properties that you would be interested in purchasing in Louisville.

  • Record the properties’ addresses in your Interactive Notebook along with the asking price of the property and the estimated property taxes.

    • Estimated Property Taxes (Asking Price of the house * 0.0071)

  • Devise a plan of how much money needs to be set aside each month to pay for that property tax each month.

Kentucky department of education
Kentucky Department of Education

  • Fact Sheet regarding Kentucky Public School Systems 

Seek funding
SEEK Funding

  • SEEK Summary:


  • High School Data Book


Federal funding
Federal Funding

  • The Supreme Court ruled that education is not a “fundamental right” under the US Constitution, and has left education to the states.

  • Categorical Grants  Funds directed at specific categories and targeted education needs.

    • Pre-school programs for poor children, library construction, acquisition of new technology, lunches for low-income youth.

  • Block Grants  Large sums of money given directly to the states with few strings attached.

Federal funding1
Federal Funding

  • American Recovery and Revitalization Act (ARRA) was a huge stimulus package aimed to revive the nation’s economy.

    • One part of the ARRA doubled federal aid to schools and added new programs desiged to create log-lasting educational reform.

    • The federal government sent the states $80 billion to help maintain current school programs and avoid firing thousands of teachers.

Federal funding2
Federal Funding

  • Race to the Top  Billions of dollars set aside for a competition between states.

  • States competed in four priority areas:

    • Boosting teacher effectiveness and moving better-trained teachers into high-poverty, high-minority areas.

    • Setting up new data systems to track student learning each year.

    • Improving academic standards and tests

    • Providing extra support to improve struggling students

The tale of two schools
The Tale of Two Schools

The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools


    Kentucky School Report Cards