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Financing governing america s schools
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Financing & Governing America’s Schools. Ms. Tracy. Bell Ringer. Who is James Meredith?. Bell Ringer Answer. First black student to enroll in the University of Mississippi to put pressur e on JKF ton enforce civil rights for African Americans. Agenda.

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Financing & Governing America’s Schools

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Financing governing america s schools

Financing & Governing America’s Schools

Ms. Tracy

Bell ringer

Bell Ringer

  • Who is James Meredith?

Bell ringer answer

Bell Ringer Answer

  • First black student to enroll in the University of Mississippi to put pressure on JKF ton enforce civil rights for African Americans.



  • Bell Ringer / Attendance / Announcements

  • Revisit Property Taxes within JCPS

    • What was interesting? How would you pay for your property taxes if you owned a home?

  • Review JCPS’ budget proposal from August

  • Discuss Federal Funding

  • Read and discuss “The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools”

    • Reading reflection in notebook.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

TopicPage #

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Teacher 4

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Teacher 5

12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher 6

Where Do I Stand? 7

Reforms in Education 8 - 12

History of American Education 13 – 14

Property Taxes in Louisville 15

The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools 16


Financing governing america s schools

Property Taxes in Louisville

The Tale of Two Schools

Property #1:

1234 East Main Street

Louisville, KY 40000

Asking Price: $215,980

Estimated Property Tax: $1,533.46

How to pay: I would need to set aside approximately $130 each month to pay for my home’s property taxes.

Talking Point:

3 Big Take-Aways /Interesting Facts:

Question / Comment:



Motivational video

Motivational Video

The property t ax

The Property Tax

“The method of financing public schools…can be fairly described as chaotic and unjust.”

-Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

How schools are funded

How Schools are Funded

The property t ax1

The Property Tax

  • Unlike many other nations, which use a centralized funding system, we have a very decentralized system.

    • We have 3 levels of government (local, state, and federal) and raising and distributing funds.



The property tax

The Property Tax

  • In colonial America, schools were the concern of local communities.

    • The Constitution did not designate a federal role in education, effectively leaving it the responsibility of the states.

  • In the colonial times, wealth was measured by the size of people’s farms.

    • Colonial towns and districts assessed a PROPERTY TAX.

  • Today’s property taxes are levied on real estate (homes and businesses) and sometime personal property (cars, boats, aircrafts, etc).

What s the issue with this

What’s the issue with this?!?

Property tax examples

Property Tax Examples:

  • Jefferson County property tax rate book 

  • Statewide Assessment Values 

Jcps property tax hike in the news

JCPS Property Tax Hike in the News





  • Using Zillow’s website, find three properties that you would be interested in purchasing in Louisville.

  • Record the properties’ addresses in your Interactive Notebook along with the asking price of the property and the estimated property taxes.

    • Estimated Property Taxes (Asking Price of the house * 0.0071)

  • Devise a plan of how much money needs to be set aside each month to pay for that property tax each month.

Kentucky department of education

Kentucky Department of Education

  • Fact Sheet regarding Kentucky Public School Systems 

Seek funding

SEEK Funding

  • SEEK Summary:

Financing governing america s schools


  • High School Data Book


Federal funding

Federal Funding

  • The Supreme Court ruled that education is not a “fundamental right” under the US Constitution, and has left education to the states.

  • Categorical Grants  Funds directed at specific categories and targeted education needs.

    • Pre-school programs for poor children, library construction, acquisition of new technology, lunches for low-income youth.

  • Block Grants  Large sums of money given directly to the states with few strings attached.

Federal funding1

Federal Funding

  • American Recovery and Revitalization Act (ARRA) was a huge stimulus package aimed to revive the nation’s economy.

    • One part of the ARRA doubled federal aid to schools and added new programs desiged to create log-lasting educational reform.

    • The federal government sent the states $80 billion to help maintain current school programs and avoid firing thousands of teachers.

Federal funding2

Federal Funding

  • Race to the Top  Billions of dollars set aside for a competition between states.

  • States competed in four priority areas:

    • Boosting teacher effectiveness and moving better-trained teachers into high-poverty, high-minority areas.

    • Setting up new data systems to track student learning each year.

    • Improving academic standards and tests

    • Providing extra support to improve struggling students

The tale of two schools

The Tale of Two Schools

The Tale of Two Kentucky Schools


    Kentucky School Report Cards


Where does the money go

Where does the money go?

Commercializing childhood

Commercializing childhood

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