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Unit 4 a fork in the road
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Unit 4 A Fork in the Road. The Lady, or the Tiger?. M. Merino, Griffith MS. Vocabulary. accused crime cruel guilty innocent. judge justice ordinary punished rewarded. accused. Definition: to blame Synonyms: indict, charge, hold accountable Antonyms: innocent, without guilt

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Unit 4 A Fork in the Road

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Unit 4 a fork in the road

Unit 4A Fork in the Road

The Lady, or the Tiger?

M. Merino, Griffith MS



  • accused

  • crime

  • cruel

  • guilty

  • innocent

  • judge

  • justice

  • ordinary

  • punished

  • rewarded



Definition: to blame

Synonyms: indict, charge, hold accountable

Antonyms: innocent, without guilt

Sentence: The man was accused of taking the missing money.



Definition: breaking the law, against the law

Synonym: felony

Antonyms: good deed, helpful

Sentence: My cousin committed a crime and went to jail.



Definition: the act of being very mean

Synonyms: mean, bad, rude

Antonyms: nice, kind, friendly

Sentence: My brother was cruel when he kicked a hungry dog.



Definition: to do something wrong; to be found doing something wrong

Synonyms: culpability, fault

Antonym: innocent

Sentence: My neighbor was guilty for robbing candy at the store.



Definition: accused unfairly; being found not at fault

Synonym: not guilty

Antonym: guilty

Sentence: You are all innocent of the vandalism in our school.



Definition: an important person who decides guilty or innocent

Sentence: The judge decided that the boy was innocent last week in the trial.



Definition: to be equal in treatment

Synonyms: fair, equal

Antonyms: unfair, unjust

Sentence: When the man was freed, I felt that justice had been done.



Definition: to be the same as anyone else

Synonyms: common, typical

Antonyms: extraordinary, uncommon, unique

Sentence: Her ordinary work day begins very early in the morning.



Definition: to suffer for doing something wrong

Synonyms: consequence, reprimand

Antonyms: reward, acknowledgement

Sentence: They will be punished for staying up late.



Definition: to be given something in return for doing something good

Synonyms: prize, award

Antonym: punishment, reprimand

Sentence: You will be rewarded if you find the pen I lost.

Reading strategy confirm predictions

Reading Strategy: Confirm Predictions

How to make and confirm predictions:

  • Review: make a chart of the story’s details

  • Think: your experiences

  • Write: What will happen next?

  • Read: Are you correct?

Confirm predictions chart

Confirm Predictions Chart

Maria Isabela can’t find her dress.

Maria Isabela won’t be able to attend the dance.

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