Art of the Renaissance
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Art of the Renaissance. By: Robert, Sarah, Monet, Angelo, Bianca, Laura Jeanne. Renaissance artists wanted to imitate nature in their works. They wanted people to see the reality of the objects or events they were showing. Masaccio.

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Art of the Renaissance

By: Robert, Sarah, Monet, Angelo, Bianca, Laura Jeanne

Renaissance artists wanted to imitate

nature in their works. They wanted

people to see the reality of the objects or events they were showing.


  • Painted fresco's in Florence at the beginning of the 15th century

  • A fresco is a painting done on fresh, wet plaster with water-based paints

  • His paintings had depth and came alive

  • He mastered the laws of perspective which enabled him to create the illusion of 3 dimensions

  • Developed a new realistic style of painting

Leonardo da Vinci

  • Mastered the art of realistic painting and even dissected human bodies to better see how nature worked

  • He also stressed the need to advance beyond realism

  • His goal to create idealized forms that would capture the perfection of nature and the individual perfection

  • Painted the Last Supper


  • Painted numerous Virgin Mary's that were admired by many

  • At the age of 25 he was already one of Italy's best painter

  • He tried to achieve an ideal of beauty far surpassing human standards

  • Well known for his fresco's the Vatican Palace

  • School of Athen reveals a world of balance, harmony, and order

  • The underlying principles of the art of the classic world of Greece and Rome


  • Was inspired by the buildings of classic Rome to create new architecture in Florence

  • The Medici hired him to design the church of San Lorenzo

  • Like painters and sculptors, Renaissance architects sought to reflect a human-centered world

  • He used columms and rounded arches to create an environment that doesn't overwhelm the worshipper

Jan Van Eyck

  • Jan Van Eyck was one of the first to use oil paint.

  • Oil paints enabled artist to use a wide variety of colors and create fine details in his painting

  • Like other Northern Renaissance artists, Jan Van Eyck imitated nature not by using perspective, as Italians did.

  • He would simply observe reality and portray details the best he could.


  • Was a painter, sculptor, and architect

  • Artistic master of the High Renaissance

  • Figures on the ceiling on the Sistine Chapel

  • Michelangelo painted people in their natural state (naked)

  • He was the oldest of all

    of the Artisans

  • He lived to be 88