TMS570 floating-point MCUs

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TMS570 floating-point MCUs

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1. TMS570 floating-point MCUs

2. 2 TI microcontrollers in automotive safety

3. 3 Trends driving future of automotive and safety Manufacturers want the ability to manage their own intellectual property for product differentiation

4. 4 Setting the standard for safety-critical automotive applications

5. 5 First ARM Cortex-R4F floating-point MCU available to automotive Single precision / double precision IEEE 754 floating-point math Fast Multiply, Divide, and SQRT enables physical model based control and simplifies algorithm implementation Floating point and integer instructions can operate in parallel for higher performance at lower frequency Dual Core Lockstep simplifies software development with high diagnostic coverage for safety critical system implementations Answering customer demands for floating point to help differentiate solutions This mix of performance and features coupled with meeting strict requirements for safety is uniqueThis mix of performance and features coupled with meeting strict requirements for safety is unique

6. 6 ARM in automotive Enabling a standard platform for embedded development Protecting investment in Software design Remove traditional 8/16/32-bit perceptions, consider it a Software Engine Enable reuse, not just from MCU to MCU but onto other digital solutions

7. 7 Increased use of modeling in automotive Modeling growing in importance for product development and sign-off To describe, document and maintain the platform being specified

8. 8 Model based algorithm development For efficient translation from the development domain Optimised single precision floating point (FP) is required Performance as close as possible to integer Fully IEEE compliant: Single and double precision All rounding modes supported in hardware Hardware divide Hardware square root Conversions optimized for control applications with selective superscalar execution of both integer and FP Fully integrated into ARM Cortex-R4F

9. 9 Enabling innovation and differentiation through each step of the process TMS570 with FPU Large third party support for model based tools AutoSAR available

10. 10

11. 11 Safety architecture specifically developed to simplify SIL3 / ASIL D system implementations Dual core lockstep architecture simplifies development while eliminating redundant system requirements to reduce cost CPU hardware BIST detects latent defects without complex safety drivers or code size overhead CPUs are mirrored and rotated by 90 with 1.5 cycle delay to reduce common cause failures Hardware comparison of CPU outputs provides exceptional safety response time without additional software overhead

12. 12 Enhanced ECC logic integrated in Cortex-R4F protects both memories and busses Address protection of busses and memory decoders All memories can be tested using HW BIST for high diagnostic coverage Background 64b hardware CRC using DMA provides additional coverage for static data in memories Integrated Memory Protection Unit protects against deterministic errors in application software

13. 13

14. 14 TMS570F dual-core scalable roadmap

15. 15 Cost effective, proven integration capability

16. 16 TMS570F MCU development support

17. 17 Setting the standard for safety-critical automotive applications

18. 18 TI has 30 year history of innovation throughout the automotive industry

19. 19 Backup

20. 20 Why care about the CPU ? Traditional Automotive MCU market very fragmented Many vendors have multiple architectures which are incompatible Incompatible architectures reduce engineering efficiency For each additional toolchain: IT costs increase and reliability reduces A consistent CPU architecture enables software and toolchain reuse

21. 21 Breaking 32-bit boundaries in automotive

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