“What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of ...
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“What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children”. John Dewey. 2007. ELON Academy Staff. Deborah Long, Director Richard Mihans, Assistant Director of Academic Programs

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  • “What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children”.

  • John Dewey

  • 2007

    ELON Academy Staff

    Deborah Long, Director

    Richard Mihans, Assistant Director of Academic Programs

    Darris Means, Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership Development

    Kim Johnson, Assistant Director of College Planning

    Laura Beitman, Program Assistant

    Campus-Community Partnerships

    Problem domain

    The community is not the domain of the problem

    The University is not the domain of the solution

    “We are part of the same community, with common problems, common interests, common resources, and a common capacity to shape one another in profound ways”

    Types of partnerships?




    Types of partnerships?

    Transactional Relationships

    Are beneficial to both the University and the community partner

    Work within existing structures

    Do not (and not expected to) result in substantive change for either party

    Are generally short-term

    Types of partnerships?

    Transformative Relationships

    Proceed with less definition

    Are open to unanticipated developments

    Require a deeper and more sustained commitment

    Are dynamic, joint creations in which both the campus and the community are changed in substantive ways

    Existing partnerships

    Kernodle Center for Service Learning

    Office of School Outreach Programs

    Academic Service Learning Courses


    Partnership with Cummings High School

    ELON Academy

    The Elon Academy

    A Step Toward a Transformational Partnership


    The mission of the ELON Academy

    is to inspire academically oriented

    students, who are often

    underrepresented on college and

    university campuses, to pursue

    higher education, build leadership

    skills, and develop an active sense

    of social responsibility.

    Program Information

    • Duration: Three years

    • Type: Year-round

      • Three consecutive four-week summer residential experiences

      • Year-round tutors and writing coaches

      • Family programs throughout

    • Size: 20-24 students (rising 10th graders, with a new cohort added each year for a total of approximately 75 rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders)

    Selection Criteria

    Rising 10th grader (We recruit in the 9th grade.)

    Student in Alamance-Burlington Schools

    Financial need and/or no family history of college

    Demonstration of academic promise

    No pattern of disciplinary problems

    Desire to succeed

    Need for support

    The Elon Academy

    Interim step between current transactional relationships future transformational relationships

    A stone in the bridge that will carry us forward to the next stage in our relationship with our community.

    Potential to be transformative for both Elon and the community.




    National State and Local Policy

    School System

    Family and Community Change

    Individual Transformation

    Elon Scholars:

    determination/motivation for college entry

    competence in all academic and social areas

    belief that a college education is a “birth right” (no matter what the challenges may be)

    Elon Faculty/Staff:

    sense that contributing to the community is vital

    sensitivity to student needs (academic and emotional)

    collaboration and integration with public school community

    Institutional Transformation

    Rethinking our relationship with the community

    The Elon “Bubble”

    “Of” the community not “In” the community

    Time limit for students (4 years)

    Counteracting deficit thinking

    Increasing communication/collaboration among constituencies

    Redistributing and sharing of resources

    Examining faculty/staff reward systems

    Adjusting our mission

    National, State, Local Policy

    The Impact of the Elon Academy

    Local Government

    Chamber of Commerce

    State of North Carolina

    National Level

    School System

    Sharing of the curriculum

    Implications for academic course offerings and advising at the high school setting

    Creation of other college access programs

    Sustained partnership with Elon University

    Family and Community Change

    The Elon Academy Family Network

    Community Agencies

    Religious Organizations

    The transformation begins . . .



    Meet Elon Academy Scholars and Staff


    John McCutcheon Concert and Ice Cream Social tonight

    Important Issues in Campus – Community Partnerships

    Administrative Support


    Adequate Staff

    Mission Alignment


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