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Data Dictionary. Improved Attribute Entry. Big buttons Not just picklists Radio buttons Check boxes for Boolean values Images User Friendly Prompts Group separators Conditional attribute behavior . Big Buttons. Quick visual selection of features from a button panel

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Improved attribute entry
Improved Attribute Entry

Big buttons

Not just picklists

Radio buttons

Check boxes for Boolean values


User Friendly Prompts

Group separators

Conditional attribute behavior

Big buttons
Big Buttons

Quick visual selection of features from a button panel

Easy to use with gloves on

Easier to use when moving

Limited to 8 Features

Menu attribute radio buttons
Menu Attribute - Radio Buttons

  • Easy visualization

  • Limited to 7 attributes

Menu attribute check boxes
Menu Attribute - Check Boxes

  • Boolean values, as defined by Data Dictionary

    • on/off

    • yes/no

Menu attribute images
Menu Attribute - Images

  • Select attribute from an image gallery

  • Great for non-domain specialists

  • No need to translate

  • Instant visual confirmation

Intelligent data collection
Intelligent Data Collection

  • Selective Repeat at the attribute level

    • No More incorrect defaults when repeating

  • Grouping using “Separators”

    • Make entry in the scrolling form more like an existing paper form

  • Conditional logic to control field workflow

    • Show attributes only when required

    • Don’t show auto-generated values

    • Improve efficiency and data integrity

Grouping separators
Grouping Separators

  • Easy to adapt paper forms to electronic screen

  • Collapsible and expandable sections

  • Visible or hidden

Intelligent data collection1
Intelligent data collection

  • Adapt the form to the data already entered

  • Changes attribute behavior and default values

  • Visible or hidden

  • Read-only or required

Intelligent data collection2
Intelligent data collection

  • Field worker only sees the fields needed to complete the job

  • Less clutter

    • less distraction

      • higher quality data

  • Higher productivity

User friendly feature and attribute naming
User-friendly feature and attribute naming

  • Clear and understandable:

    • No longer constrained by cryptic GIS database terms

  • Less abbreviations:

    • Extended 40-character length

  • Greater flexibility:

    • Doesn’t have to fit GIS database naming constraint

  • Greater guidance to field workers:

    • Better understanding leads to higher quality data

Data dictionary editor
Data Dictionary Editor

  • The enhanced Data Dictionary Editor is included in GPS Pathfinder Office v5.30

  • You can upgrade existing Data Dictionaries for use in TerraSync v5.30

  • Previewing the DDF with TerraSync Desktop

Your ddf for field exercise
Your DDF for Field Exercise

  • Minimum: Point, Line and Poly

  • Try to use all types of fields, buttons, conditions, etc.

  • Point Requirement

    • Develop one for trees and/or signs and use sample images to use for thumbnails – this is only an example…

    • Add a File field to hold an in field image taken with handheld

  • Line Requirement

    • Develop with at least one attribute with multiple values to support segmenting

  • Symbols… Be creative and understand how the sunlight and layers affects your view!

Further information
Further information


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    • Datasheets

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    • Documentation

  • Check the compatibility matrix