Mistakes professional floor waxing companies in miami florida should avoid
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Mistakes Professional Floor Waxing Companies In Miami Florida Should Avoid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maintain hardwood is easier than you thought if you hire floor waxing experts in Miami Florida. \nHardwood floors get dirty easily and wet mop is just going make the floor dull. \n

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A r eputed floor waxing services in miami florida

Even the best of floor waxing does not yield the desired results if the floor is not stripped properly.

Commercial and residential properties strive to uphold their sophistication.

A newly waxed property is an eye catcher.

But remember a reputed Floor Waxing Services in Miami Florida can enhance the visual appeal of any floor.

It is more than just looking attractive.

Floors have to be maintained with care.

There are professional services that take care of floor waxing and maintaining the floor.

If some common mistakes of floor stripping are avoided the waxing process will be 100% successful.

AReputed Floor Waxing Services in Miami Florida

Common mistakes d uring f loor s tripping

  • Even some professional companies discount the floor stripping and waxing process just to cut corners. What they do not realize is that it will end up costing them more. If it is taken over by a professional,Floor Waxing Services in Miami Florida these sloppy results will not happen. Some of the common mistakes that could be avoided include,

  • Removing furniture before stripping and coating the floor with wax

  • The baseboards have to be stripped before new wax is applied

  • The edges have to be stripped properly

  • The wax should contain high concentration of solids about 35%

  • The required number of coats have to be applied until the shinny finish is achieved

  • The coats have to be determined by the level of traffic

  • The floors create an impression for your guest and clients. They are crucial for the upliftment of your property.

Common Mistakes During Floor Stripping

Types of hardwood wax

There are two types of hardwood wax available, liquid and solid wax.

The liquid wax is easier to apply using wool applicator.

It can prevent small cracks on the floor.

Hard floor hard wax can be used with a lint free cloth applicator.

The two waxes have different properties.

The liquid wax is antistatic, simple to apply and is waterproof.

It can be used directly on the wooden surface.

It gives a varnish finish.

Hard floor wax comes with satin finish and is colorless.

It is perfect for both hard and soft wood.

It enables the wood to breathe by repelling water and dirt.

Hard wax is considered to be the ideal waxing solution.

Types of Hardwood Wax

Hardwood waxing m aintenance t ips and techniques of waxing

Maintain hardwood is easier than you thought if you hire floor waxing experts in Miami Florida.

Hardwood floors get dirty easily and wet mop is just going make the floor dull.

Sweep the floor or vacuum with hardwood cleaning attachments.

Wood floor wax is the conventional way to make your floors look great.

These are inexpensive and are the most inexpensive way to give a new lease of life to your hardwood flooring.

Start with thin layers. Opaque streaks have to be attended to while waxing.

The wax dries within an hour time, a second coat can be applied after an hour.

You can use a number of coats depending on the layer.

Once the waxing is done, the floor has to be polished for the sheen.

Avoid common mistakes while stripping and waxing and the shine on the floor is sure to last for long.

Hardwood Waxing Maintenance TipsAnd Techniques of Waxing

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