The nasdaq stock market inc 2002 market data initiatives
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The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. 2002 Market Data Initiatives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. 2002 Market Data Initiatives. FISD General Session June 17, 2002. Nasdaq Market Data Initiatives. SuperMontage Data Products Securities Information Processor (SIP) changes Market Data Network Introduction. SuperMontage. New Nasdaq trading system

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Presentation Transcript
The nasdaq stock market inc 2002 market data initiatives

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.2002 Market Data Initiatives

FISD General Session

June 17, 2002

Nasdaq market data initiatives
Nasdaq Market Data Initiatives

  • SuperMontage Data Products

  • Securities Information Processor (SIP) changes

  • Market Data Network Introduction


  • New Nasdaq trading system

  • New data products leverage enhanced capabilities of SuperMonatge

    • Multiple orders/quotes per market participant

    • Unattributed orders/size

  • ViewSuite: Four data package options available through market data distributors

Viewsuite package quoteview
ViewSuite Package - QuoteView

  • Best bid and offer from each Nasdaq market participant including “SIZE” – unattributed order depth

  • Replaces Level 2

  • No quotes from exchanges not participating in SuperMontage

  • Data accessed through NQDS data feed

Viewsuite package depthview
ViewSuite Package – DepthView

  • New product entirely based on data that flows out of SuperMontage

  • Aggregated size of all quotes and orders at each of the top five price levels on the bid and on the offer

  • No attribution of the quotes/orders to specific market participants

  • Aggregate sizes can include multiple quotes/orders from a single market participant in a stock

  • Data accessed through Aggregated Depth at Price (ADAP) data feed

Viewsuite package powerview
ViewSuite Package - PowerView

  • Combination of QuoteView and DepthView

  • Available on Nasdaq Workstation and through market data distributors

  • Provides current Level 2 customers an opportunity to enhance the data they receive today with the DepthView data at a discount to the stand-alone price of each individual data product

Viewsuite package totalview
ViewSuite Package - TotalView

  • Includes QuoteView and DepthView

  • Additional data - the details behind DepthView (Nasdaq Prime)

    • Attributed specific quotes/orders at each of the top five price levels

    • Anonymous “SIZE” identifier for an aggregate of all anonymous quotes/orders at each of the top five price levels

  • A premium data product offering for the most active Nasdaq trading and investing professionals

  • Data accessed through Nasdaq Prime data feed

  • Marketing support of viewsuite
    Marketing Support of ViewSuite

    • Print Ads

      • Registered Rep, Securities Industry News, Institutional Investor, Trader

    • Direct mail

    • Sitelet –

    • Subscriber sales

    • Vendor education

    Vendor support of view services

    Ameritrade Pro






    ILX Systems




    S&P Comstock




    Track Data


    Vendor Support of View Services

    Viewsuite pricing monthly per user device
    ViewSuite PricingMonthly per user/device

    Viewsuite pricing distributor fees
    ViewSuite PricingDistributor Fees

    • Currently Under Review by SEC

    • Distribution by a Nasdaq member

      • DepthView/PowerView only - $1,000/month

      • TotalView - $10,000/month with 66 free displays

    • Distribution by a non-member

      • DepthView/PowerView only - $1,000/month

      • TotalView - $30,000/month with 200 free displays

    Sip changes
    SIP Changes

    • Nasdaq is SIP for UTP Plan

    • Current data feed products carry both UTP/SIP data and Nasdaq proprietary data

    • SIP Initiative creates new “pure” SIP feeds

    • Need for separate feeds:

      • Capacity

      • Support of NASD Alternative Display Facility

      • Nasdaq exchange registration

    Entitlement sip level 1
    Entitlement – SIP/Level 1

    • Pricing stays the same

    • Addition of exchange BBOs

    • Changes to Short-Sale Bid Tick

    • Includes SIP and Nasdaq Proprietary Data:

      • National BBO for Nasdaq issues

      • OTCBB/Other OTC information

      • Indexes

      • Mutual Funds

    Data feed changes sip level 1
    Data Feed Changes – SIP/Level 1

    • Nasdaq-listed quote and trade data to be offered on new UTP Quote and Trade feeds

    • Nasdaq-listed quote and trade data to be removed from Level 1 and NTDS

    • Parallel Period

      • New UTP feeds start 7/1/2002

      • Distributor Production can begin 7/15/2002

      • Parallel period ends 9/25/2002

    Market data network mdn
    Market Data Network (MDN)

    • MDN offers:

      • Support for IP multicast data feed applications.

      • Adequate capacity to handle Nasdaq’s projected message traffic rates for new and existing data feeds through 2003.

      • Multiple configuration options to meet individual customer needs.

      • Scalability to grow as data feed message rates increase or new products are introduced.

      • High level of network management and redundancy.

    Mdn ordering information
    MDN Ordering Information

    • To obtain an ordering packet, please contact WorldCom Global Account Team at (800) 825-9196.

      • Orders will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

      • Allow a minimum of 30 business days for processing.

      • When ordering, please indicate if you have any special installation requirements.

    Mdn subscriber status
    MDN Subscriber Status

    • All major Market Data Vendors and Market Makers have placed orders

    • 138 Sites have placed MDN orders

      • 73 Sites have completed installation

      • 78% of legacy sites have placed orders

    Supermontage data feed release test schedule
    SuperMontage Data Feed Release & Test Schedule

    Supermontage data feed release test schedule1
    SuperMontage Data Feed Release & Test Schedule