Government wide accounting program initiatives
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Government-Wide Accounting Program Initiatives PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Government-Wide Accounting Program Initiatives. Federal Investments and Borrowings Seminar Becoming a GWA Player April 12, 2007. GWA Modernization – Time for Change. Evolution – What have we grown into?

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Government-Wide Accounting Program Initiatives

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Government-Wide Accounting Program Initiatives

Federal Investments and Borrowings Seminar

Becoming a GWA Player

April 12, 2007

GWA Modernization – Time for Change

  • Evolution – What have we grown into?

    • The current accounting and reporting process has become Inefficient, Outdated, and Untimely. (IOU)

  • Present Day Requirements – Time to pay off the IOU.

    • Accelerated Reporting Requirements

    • President’s Management Agenda - Scorecard

    • Audited Financial Statements

  • The Future – Unknown….But we’ll be ready.

    • Consolidated, web-based system for the collection, processing, reporting, and storage of all financial information.

GWA Key Goals/Objectives

  • Eliminate the two step classification process

    Capture the Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) and Business Event Type Code (BETC) at the earliest possible time for agency payment, collection and intra-governmental transactions and post directly to the fund balance with treasury.

  • Provide timely and accurate accounting information

  • Eliminate redundant reporting

How is GWA going to accomplish this?

  • Fundamental Changes to the current process

  • Developed a New Database

  • Developing the infrastructure to Support GWA Players

    • ATM, Account Statement, CAFÉ, P224, SAM, IPAC, Collections, Payments

    • Automated Enrollment – User-based Access Control

  • Phase in GWA Players

  • Streamline GWA’s Architecture

  • Provide Agencies with GWA initiated Account Statement

  • Support NTDO GWA Players

  • Fully Replace Legacy Accounting System

Implementation Strategy

  • Developed to provide a method to bring on the maximum number of agencies as soon as possible.

  • Take advantage of initiative to create a web based 224 application.

    • Provides for reclassification capability by using only section I of the 224.

    • Ability to turn off sections of the 224.

  • Incremental approach allows for efficient planning and scheduling of resource utilization and testing in manageable parts.


  • Touch transaction once

  • Most current fund balance always available

  • Fund balance detail available in one place

  • Reduced central agency reporting

  • Faster turnaround on processed data

  • Interfaces with FMS remain the same

  • Supports agency reconciliation processes

  • Safe and secure Internet access

TAS Definition

GWA Standard Transaction Classification

  • Acronym for Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)

  • The receipt, appropriation, expenditure and other fund account symbols and titles as assigned by the Department of the Treasury

  • A 27-character field – with 24 currently identified characters

  • Supercedes 21 position TAS and any other suggested formats

BETC Definition

GWA Standard Transaction Classification (cont)

  • Acronym for Business Event Type Code

  • An 8-character code that indicates the type of activity being reported (e.g. receipt, disbursement, etc)

  • BETC determines the transaction effect on the Treasury Account Symbol’s FBWT.

  • BETC replaces transaction codes and standard sub-classes but at a more intuitive level of detail

Shared Accounting ModuleSAM


  • Utility responsible to ensure a valid TAS/BETC is posted

    to all transactions entering the GWA System

  • Developed to assist agencies in complying with GWA

    standard transaction classification

  • GWA will provide SAM with a table of valid TAS/BETCs

  • Agencies will define in SAM valid TAS/BETCs for:

    • Default rules and

    • Classification (Ckey) translations

Initial Impact to Agencies

  • Process changes to support new GWA reporting

  • System changes to support IPAC TAS/BETC implementation

  • System changes to support migration to GWA TAS/BETC

  • Update of Trading Partner agreements

IPAC Impact

IPAC Reporting Cheat Sheet

  • The Bottom Line

    • Must work with your trading partners now.

      • Update Trading Partner Agreements (TPAs)

      • Communication is essential

    • All Agencies will transition to TAS/BETC reporting during October 2006 through August 2008.

    • The transition to a Single Standard TAS format instead of the current 6+ formats available today is coming.

    • F-Account Issue: Treasury will continue to work with Agencies to identify alternatives to using F Accounts.

GWA Wants You!

  • Do you have what it takes to be a pilot?

    • ALC must be a 224 reporter

    • SOD’s must be clear

    • Be prepared to capture TAS/BETC info

    • Willing to participate

What should my agency be doing to prepare?

  • Set up your Trading Partner Agreement with your customers

  • Communicate with your trading partners

  • Modify your accounting systems to provide and accept TAS/BETC on IPAC transactions

  • Submit request to become GWA Player

  • Work with SAM implementation team to set up profiles/default rules

GWAMP Roll out Strategy

GWAMP Roll out Strategy

GWAMP Roll out Strategy

Contact Information

GWA Modernization Project

  • Michael Norman – (202) 874-8788– [email protected]

  • Anna Hancock – 202-874-9868 – [email protected]

  • Web site –

  • Email box [email protected]

  • Enrollment – [email protected]

    IPAC Project

  • Susan Markland -(202) 874-9816 – [email protected]

  • Lori Makle, (202) 874-8782 – [email protected]

    GWA Project Agency Outreach

  • Carolyn Dunston - 202-874-7491 – [email protected]

  • Peter Moore – 202-874-6578 - [email protected]

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