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Bell ringer 3 14
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Bell Ringer 3/14. Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism. Wit can be used as a weapon.

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Bell Ringer 3/14

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Bell ringer 3 14

Bell Ringer 3/14

  • Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism. Wit can be used as a weapon.

  • Full Title: A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public(k)

A modest proposal

A Modest Proposal


Reading Check

True or false

True or False

1. Instead of working, the poor mothers are forced to beg.

True or false1

True or False

2. The excess children should sell themselves to Barbados as slaves.

True or false2

True or False

3. It costs two shillings to feed a child for ten solar years.

A shilling is a former British coin.

True or false3

True or False

4. Women do not keep illegitimate children because it is expensive even though the women are proud of their fertility.

True or false4

True or False

5. There is simply not enough work (handicraft, agriculture, house building, land culturing) in Ireland to employ everyone.

True or false5

True or False

6. The eating of infants will help the poverty and starvation in Ireland.

True or false6

True or False

7. The babies will be sold at the age of three solar years.

True or false7

True or False

8. Most infants will be ready for sale right about now…in March… or nine months after Lent.

True or false8

True or False

9. Sweater and coats can be made with dyed carcasses.

True or false9

True or False

10. Older children taste better than younger children.

True or false10

True or False

11. The bodies of executed criminals are eaten as a prime dainty in Formosa.

True or false11

True or False

12. The older, poorer members will benefit because baby meat is very healthy and will prolong their lives.

True or false12

True or False

13. This proposal will decrease the Papists (Catholic) population in Ireland.

True or false13

True or False

14. This proposal will give the poor something of value to own.

True or false14

True or False

15. The nation’s stock and wealth will plummet with the population decline.

True or false15

True or False

16. The breeders will only need to take care of the children until sold at the age of one year.

True or false16

True or False

17. This proposal increase the custom of taverns because of the new food.

True or false17

True or False

18. The selling of children will ruin marriage, endanger infants, and increase domestic violence.

True or false18

True or False

19. The only objection will be the kingdom of Ireland’s increase of the population.

True or false19

True or False

20. Jonathon Swift proposes this because he had several children to sell.

Mini discussion prompts

Mini Discussion Prompts

Row 1(Door): Identify a real issue in Ireland addressed by the pamphlet.

Row 2: Describe the tone of the pamphlet. Describe how it was written.

Row 3: Explain the significance of eating a baby vs. an adult.

Row 4: Rate the effectiveness of the piece 1-5 (high) and explain why.

Row 5 (Window): Identify a modern social issue that needs a “modest” proposal.

A modest proposal1

A Modest Proposal…

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