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Starter: Wordsearch. LOVE. What does love mean?. Different uses of the word love. EROS. sexual- 'being in love'. Storge. Love of things. Philos. Friend love. Parentos. parental love. Agape. Christian love- putting others before yourself. LOVE.

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Different uses of the word love...


sexual- 'being in love'


Love of things


Friend love


parental love


Christian love- putting others before yourself


What are the meanings of the different Greek words for love?


Christian believe that to love selflessly is one of the main purpose of life
Christian believe that ‘to love’ selflessly is one of the main purpose of life!

In fact they believe the purpose of life is to love God, self and others. Jesus taught the Great Commandments-

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul & love others as you love yourself!

  • What do Christians believe their purpose of life is?

  • What does this mean in practice?

Jesus taught people to put agape into practice
Jesus taught people to put AGAPE into practice... the main purpose of life!

Many Christians look to St. Paul for guidance on what Jesus meant by agape.

St paul wrote
St. Paul wrote… the main purpose of life!

I am nothing without love.

Love never gives up.

Love cares more for others than self.

Love is not jealous. Love doesn’t show off.

Love isn’t big headed. Love doesn’t force itself on others.

Love doesn’t like to see others in trouble.

Love isn’t always “Me first”.

Love doesn’t fly off the handle.

Love doesn’t keep a score of peoples wrongs.

What does agape require?

TASKS the main purpose of life!

  • What would be the advantages of living in a world where agape is applied? Give at least 3 points.

  • What are the difficulties of applying agape in daily life? Illustrate with at least 2 examples.

  • How does applying agape give Christian life meaning and purpose?

  • What do you think about the Christian purpose of life? Give reasons for your point of view.

Homework the main purpose of life!

  • Complete ‘Love…’ worksheet for next lesson.


How might a Christian respond to the opinion that ‘agape’ is a waste of time.