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LetReach 2.0 review - LetReach 2.0 100 bonus items PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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LetReach 2.0 review - LetReach 2.0 100 bonus items

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LetReach 2.0 Review: Monetize State-Of-The-Art EngagementSoftware

LetReach 2.0: http://beginnerdiary.com/letreach-2-0- review/

…a STATE-OF-THE-ART website (re-)engagement software that converts 50% of your website visitors, even when they are not on yourwebsite.

It gives you the ability to send personalized/segmented auto-response messages and broadcasts them to your user in the exact way Facebook engages you to checkyour


You can see a step-by-step walkthrough of the software in action here: [DEMO LINK HERE]

Why Personalized/SegmentedEngagement?

Because users are 3x more likely to complete a conversion event if the message includes some kind ofpersonalization.

What are PushNotifications?

Push notifications allow you to message people who visit your website through their Chrome, Safari and Firefoxbrowser.

This is how itworks:

a website asks for the permission of the visitor to send push notifications’ to them through abrowser.

If the visitor says ‘yes’ then they are ‘subscribed’ to the push notificationlist.

Once a visitor has subscribed to your ‘push notification list’ you can send them both autoresponder messages or broadcasts as youwant.

This is good because You can bypass their email and the spam filters to send a direct popup notification to them as they are navigating theweb.

Once they view the message they can either ‘click’ on the message or close it. What IsLetReach?

LetReachis a Push Notification platform backed by India’s Largest Affiliate Network CompanyvCommission.

LetReach 2.0Overview:

  • LetReach 2.0's KeyFeatures:


  • This is a complete “SET and FORGET” messagingplatform

  • with AUTORESPONSE features that go 7 LEVELS Deep. LetReach is definitely setting THE STANDARD for Browser Messaging TechnologyTODAY.

  • Plan YourMessages...

  • LetReach Will Do TheRest!


  • Let you Opt-Ins BLEND IN with Your Site by selecting Your Own Colors, Create Your Own Leed Magnet Text and determine the best LOCATION of yourmessage!

  • Features of LetReach2.0:

  • Easy & QuickSetup

  • Multiple CustomizableOpt-ins

  • MessageManagement

  • MessageScheduling

  • AdaptiveMessaging

  • SubscriberInsights

  • GeoTargeting

  • AdvancedSegmentation

  • Filter BasedTargeting

  • Real TimeMetrics

  • Web & Mobile WebsiteSupport

  • Runs on both HTTP & HTTPSwebsites

  • MultipleDomain

  • Autoresponse Sequencing &RSS

  • Easy Third PartyIntegration

  • A/BTesting


  • Choose from a range of real-time customizable subscription dialog styles (optins) that works for your business. Change the copy of the opt-in, color of the background, buttons or text, and see it live inreal-time.


Create a segment and tag your subscribers acquired through a customlanding

page. Filter by location, device type, platform type, browser type, etc and save a custom segment and send your targeted and personalizednotifications.


Customize the copy of the notification, add more buttons and link it to any webpage. Add a relevant custom image to the notification to make it more contextual. Schedule these notifications within any time zone and expire your notifications to push time-boundupdates.


Build a sequence using our drag-drop builder to setup a notificationfunnel

automation. Set up automation for your campaigns using Delay and Clicked-Not-Clicked based checks. Add your RSS feeds to auto-send push notifications to your selected audience every time you have an update. Automatically trigger condition-based messages using our API. (Included in PROVersion)


Create various messages and run a A/B test. Add different parameters like UTM tags, images, etc. to optimize outcome and review detailed reports to analyse performance so you can choose the best messages for yoursequence.


Get detailed report on both your subscribers & messages. Check your click performance and know which attributes work the best for you. Know what's the best time to push updates to your audience. Download all reports in CSV or PDF format and receive weekly reports byemail.



This is your chance to build a list and NEVER have to deal with the horrible headaches that come along with it. Just build your list with thousands of subscribers, engage them and generating 6 figureprofits!

Increase your promotion results with thousands of dollars per promotion with higher click through rates and build a steady customer relationship with engaging interaction.

Reduce CartAbandonment

Notify Users with Back-in-Stock Updates Send Promotional & TimelyOffers

Notify Users with RelevantUpdates


  • Now LetReach has made the choice to grow their international presence with a special launch on JVZoo. The LetReach team has decided to promote their next generation product LetReach Version 2.0 with a significantly reduced lifetime price. THIS IS PURE VALUE for the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. You willget:

  • BETTER COMMUNICATION - your subscribers won't miss on your updatesanymore.

  • WEBSITE AS AN APP - Send app like notifications, but without anapp.

  • REACH EVERYWHERE - Notifications that work across all the devices, evendesktops

  • INTERACTIVE AUDIENCE - Audience building on steroids with Website Push Notifications

  • INCREASED CONVERSION - Enable your sales team close morecustomers

  • RE-ENGAGEMENT AT SCALE - Bring your users back with usefulnotifications

  • RESPECTS URGENCY - Send time-sensitive messages to your offlineusers

  • AUGMENTED RELEVANCE - Send communication with what your subscriberslike

  • ALL-ROUND ACTION - send real-time notifications from mobile & desktopwebsites

  • How Does LetReach 2.0Work?

Step 1:a website asks for the permission of the visitor to send push notifications’ to them through abrowser.

Step 2: If the visitor says ‘yes’ then they are ‘subscribed’ to the push notificationlist.

Step 3:Once a visitor has subscribed to your ‘push notification list’ you can send them both autoresponder messages or broadcasts as you want.

Exclusive Bonuses Of LetReach2.0:

EARLY BIRD BONUS #1 Shopify Store Engagement (VALUE:$147)

Monetize your automated browser messaging with LetReach to boost your customer engagement and let them return to your Shop(ify) again andagain!

EARLY BIRD BONUS #2LetReach WordPress Plugin (VALUE:$97)

Leverage the power of browser messaging engagement with the exclusive Wordpress plugin that connect LetReach with your WordPress site, while you can still control all automated messaging form within the LetReachDashboard.


FAST ACTION BONUS #1 No Monthly Charge, Unlimited Access (VALUE:$6,533)

LetReach normally charges $550/month for the PRO Package with a limit on 50,000 subscribers. But for a limited time LetReach will waive the monthly charge, so you can benefit as an early birdmember.


Get access to the Exclusive LetReach VIP Facebook Group and share strategies and tactics to grow yourbusiness!

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 Import Your Subscribers (VALUE:$197)

If you have used push notification systems before and your providers can provide you with a list of Google Registration ID's, we will assist you with the import intoLetReach.

FAST ACTION BONUS #4 WP Engage Plugin (VALUE:$97)

WP Engage + Plugin is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls andsurveys.

FAST ACTION BONUS #5 Catchy Headline Generator (VALUE:$47)

Would You like to Multiply Your Website Conversion and Boost Your Sales? This Tool will Generate Catchy, Attention Grabbing, Profit-Producing Headlines in 9 Seconds or less!

Final verdict - YourTurn!

LetReachNotifications have changed the way businesses retain customers. It is easily one of the most powerful and simplest methods to increase engagement and sales. Do your business and yourself a favor and pick this oneup.

Don’t let one of the most effectives ways to communicate with your customers slip through your fingertips. Get Push Connect Notify now and start aconversation.

Grab itnow!!!


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