An introduction to iii service rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st august 2011
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An introduction to III Service Rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st August 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An introduction to III Service Rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st August 2011. Applicable to whole time salaried employees. Confirmed in the service. Definitions. Institute Committee Competent Authority President service. Category of Employees. Category – I Secretary

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An introduction to III Service Rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st August 2011

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An introduction to iii service rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st august 2011

An introduction to III Service Rules 1980as amended up to 1st August 2011

Applicable to whole time salaried employees.

Confirmed in the service.



  • Institute

  • Committee

  • Competent Authority

  • President

  • service

Category of employees

Category of Employees

  • Category – I Secretary

    (Officers) Dy Secretary

    Asstt. Secretary


  • Category – II Sr Assistant

    (Clerical) Assistant

    Record Clerk

  • 3. Category – III Subordinate Staff

Leaves granted to employees

Leaves granted to Employees

Types of Leaves

General Conditions

  • Casual Leave

  • Privilege Leave

  • Sick Leave

  • Addl Sick Leave

  • Maternity Leave

  • EOL

  • Spl Leave

  • Quarantine Leave

  • These leaves can be availed with prior permission only

  • Leave can not be claimed as a right.

  • Sundays and Holidays intervening during the period of leave shall be counted as leave.

  • Sanction of leave can not be presumed.

  • In case of exigencies sanction may be cancelled .

  • Overstay after expiry of sanctioned leave may attract loss of pay and or other disciplinary action

Casual leave rules

Casual Leave Rules

  • Available during a Calendar Year

  • Maximum 15 days.

  • Maximum 3 continuous days C.L. on any one occasion

  • On any one occasion during Nov/Dec max. 6 continuous days with prior permission.

  • For LTC (on reimbursement basis) up to 6 continuous days C.L. may be granted.

  • In case of unforeseen emergency one days C.L. without prior sanction may be availed.

  • Half day C.L is permitted but Saturday will be counted as full day for the purpose of leave.

Casual leave rules continued

Casual Leave Rules Continued

  • Casual Leave will be treated as duty for calculation of P.L.

  • Casual Leave can not be combined with any other leave except Special Leave.

  • Un availed C.L. during a Calendar Year shall be converted to Additional Sick Leave.

Privilege leave

Privilege Leave

  • P.L. calculated at the rate of 1/11th part of duty.

  • Duty means period spent in service reduced by period availed as leave (Except C.L.)

  • Maximum 240 days P.L. can be accumulated .

Sanction of p l

Sanction of P.L.

  • Application to be submitted 15 days before the date of proposed leave.

  • Mini 4 days P.L. Max .60 days may be granted.

  • Maximum 120 days P.L. for going abroad.

  • On Health ground or on LPR the condition of maximum P.L. is relaxed.

  • P.L. less than 4 days may be granted by Comp. Auth. 2 times in a calendar year.(On Health Ground P.L. not treated as short duration)

Sick leave

Sick Leave

Entitlement :

On completion of one year of service 30 days S.L. ( Maximum 480 days during entire service) on half pay.

Conversion to Full Pay :

Allowed to be converted. Twice the period of commuted leave shall be debited against the half pay leave.

Medical Certificate :

From a RMP certifying the illness and period of leave

for joining a certificate of fitness for duty will also be required.

Additional sick leave

Additional Sick Leave

  • Un availed C.L. converted to Addl Sick Leave up to 60 days on Full Pay during the entire service of employee.

  • This Leave may be availed only after exhaustion of S.L.

  • All the other rules are common to S.L.

Maternity leave

Maternity Leave

  • Maximum 360 days M.L. During the entire service period for female employees.

  • May be granted for 6 months M.L. from the date of its commencement.

  • In case of miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy up to 6 weeks M.L. subject to proper Medical Certificate.

  • For adoption of only one child upto the age of 1 year of child or for two months which ever is earlier subject to medical certificate.

Extra ordinary leave without pay

Extra Ordinary Leave (Without Pay)

  • If no leave to the credit of employee

  • For reasons beyond control of the employee

  • Max 180 days during the entire service.

  • Not more than 90 days in one occasion.

  • Leave period not counted as service for increment.

  • Competent authority may allow increment if satisfied that EOL was on Medical ground.

Special leave

Special Leave

  • The Special Leave may be granted by President of I.I.I. to an Employee for specified purposes and duration.

  • The terms and conditions may be decided by President.

Quarantine leave

Quarantine Leave

  • Leave granted to employee on

    Presence of Infectious disease (Cholera, small pox, plague, diphtheria , typhus fever, meningitis) in the household of employee

    Order / certificate of Public Health Officer / Medical Officer

    Not exceeding 21 days (exceptional 30 days)

    If Employee suffering from infectious disease SL/PL will be granted. ( Not entitled for Q.L.)

Part time studies

Part time studies

  • Written Permission required

  • Mere permission does not entitle the employee for leave for part time studies and appearance for examination.

  • Permission if granted will be subject to office exigencies.

An introduction to iii service rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st august 2011

An Employee who remains on unauthorized absence or overstays sanctioned leave for a period exceeding 21 days without intimation shall be deemed to have abandoned the service of I.I.I.

Wages and payments

Wages and Payments

An introduction to iii service rules 1980 as amended up to 1 st august 2011

Salary = Basic pay + Addl pay (stagnation) + Spl pay + DA +Funct pay + HRA + CCA + Transport Allow + Graduation Allow + FPA

excludes overtime & other compensatory allowances



  • Types

  • ADVANCE Increment

  • Graduation Increment

  • NGI

  • Stagnation increment

Fixation of basic pay on promotion

Fixation of Basic Pay on Promotion

  • One Increment in lower grade, Fix in higher grade if stage is available else at immediate higher stage.

  • If after one increment in lower grade, the basic remains lower than the start of higher grade, fix at Minimum of higher grade

  • If after one increment in lower grade, the basic goes higher than the last stage of higher grade, fix at maximum of higher grade

  • Stagnation increments are not part of grade.

  • Option for fixation at future date within one year.

Encashment of p l

Encashment of P.L.

  • Once in a block of two calendar years (2011-12)

  • Minimum 30 days PL balance

  • Encashment up to 15 days only

  • Only Basic + D.A.

  • No P.F. deduction or contribution by III

  • At the time of retirement max 240 days P.L. encashment.

  • If cover taken from Insurance company for PL encashment liability, in addition to balance PL encashment amt. equal to risk cover will also be paid in case of death of employee during service.

Duty hours category ii and iii

Duty Hours category II and III

  • Duty Hours in a week (excluding lunch hrs)

    33 ½ hours for Sr / Assistants

    39 ½ hours for subordinate staff

  • Late attendance more than 3 occasions or in excess of 1 ½ hrs will attract deduction of Cl/PL

Over time payment

Over time payment

  • Only category II and III

  • More than half an hour beyond normal working hrs.

  • Wages 1 ½ times of hourly on working days or holidays 2 time on Sundays.

  • Maximum 90 hours during a calendar year.

Provident fund

Provident Fund

  • 12 % of Basic + D.A. monthly contribution of confirmed employee

  • Equal contribution by III ever month.

    In case of termination of service due to any disorderly conduct, Employee not entitled for III contribution



  • On completion of 5 years or more full time service.

  • 15 days salary for each completed year.

  • >= 6 months taken as full year.

  • For salary calculation month is considered of 26 days

  • Salary = Basic Pay + D.A.

Gratuity calculation

Gratuity Calculation

  • Average monthly salary of last 10 months

  • Maximum Gratuity as per act 10 lakhs

  • If paid more than 10 lakh by employer, excess amt is taxable.

  • Gratuity amt =

    (Basic + DA ) * 15 / 26 * No. of years

    (In case of death 5 years condition is relax able)

Housing loan interest subsidy

Housing Loan Interest subsidy

  • Interest paid over and above 5% will be reimbursement by iii

  • Maximum subsidy 7% ( Interest rate up to 12%)

  • Reimbursed twice a year.

  • Employee has to submit proof of interest payment

  • Employee to bear the tax liability if any

  • Maximum yearly liability of iii Rs 4 lakh.

  • Under Revision

Retirement age

Retirement age

  • On completion of 60 years of age.

  • In he interest of III any employee can be retired from service after completing age 55 yrs, after giving 3 months notice / salary

  • Voluntary retirement after 55 yrs of age can be opted by Employee after giving 3 months’ notice.

  • On health ground (not capable for further continuous service) Comp. Auth. may retire any employee at ANY TIME without notice/salary

Retirement benefits summary

Retirement Benefits(Summary)

  • Provident Fund contribution of Employee

  • Interest on contribution

  • Additional P.F. Contribution

  • Interest on APF

  • III contribution equal to 1 above + interest

  • Gratuity

  • PL encashment

  • Savings part of group insurance if any

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