Plant Parts and Propagation

Plant Parts and Propagation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Part A: DicotelydonsRootsTaprootBranch rootsStemNodeInternodeLeafCotyledonsPetioleBladeMidribLeaf axilStipule. Beans and Peas belong to Dicotyledons. Part B: MonocotyledonsRootsFibrousAdventitiousStemLeavesVeinsCotyledon. Corn belongs to the Monocotyledons. Cotyledons do not play a significant roleEndosperm is the source of nutritionPlumule is encased in a coleoptileThe radicle is encased in the coleorhiza.

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Plant Parts and Propagation

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1. Plant Parts and Propagation

2. Part A: Dicotelydons Roots Taproot Branch roots Stem Node Internode Leaf Cotyledons Petiole Blade Midrib Leaf axil Stipule

4. Part B: Monocotyledons Roots Fibrous Adventitious Stem Leaves Veins Cotyledon

5. Cotyledons do not play a significant role Endosperm is the source of nutrition Plumule is encased in a coleoptile The radicle is encased in the coleorhiza

6. Part C: Plant Propagation Stem cutting Begonia plants Fill small grey pots with soil Potato “eye” Cut the eye from a potato Plant into the tray and label Single leaf African Violet plants Cut leaf at the axil Place in clear cup with water

7. Plant Propagation Data Table

8. Lab Report due next week PUN 4 labeled drawings Pea plant and young seedling Corn plant and young seedling Type answers to the conclusion questions Fill out Data Sheet and keep track of you cuttings for the next 3 labs When you turn this in it will be worth an additional 1 point

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