Edi training october 2012 alberta
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EDI Training October 2012 Alberta. GUIDELINES FOR COORDINATORS Implementation. EDI Organization & Administration. EDI Completion Methods. Electronic – web-based. Getting Started. School Authorities and schools informed & onside Database template complete and returned to Offord

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Edi training october 2012 alberta
EDI TrainingOctober 2012Alberta



Organization & Administration

Edi completion methods
EDI Completion Methods

Electronic – web-based

Getting started
Getting Started

  • School Authorities and schools informed & onside

  • Database template complete and returned to Offord

  • Parent consent letters

  • Training logistics confirmed (dates, methods, etc.)

Database template
Database Template

Provided via email and OCCS website

1) EDI Database Template (excel file)

- collection of kindergarten class demographics

- teacher email addresses

- e-EDI Template.xls

2) EDI Instructions for Coordinators (word file)

- detailed instructions on how to accurately complete the database template

- Instuctions for Coordinators

Edi database template
EDI Database template

School Authority: Coordinator:









Child’s First


Child’s Last




PleasantMrs. Doubtfire [email protected] Johnny Appleseed 0015823 am

Child’s Date of Birth

Day Month Year

Child’s Gender

Child’s Postal Code

01 07 02 M L7N 2V6

Assigning edi ids importing
Assigning EDI IDs & Importing

  • OCCS receives the database from coordinator *remove children’s names before sending, but keep a copy locally that includes the names

  • OCCS assigns EDI identification numbers (unique for each child) and teacher passwords for e-EDI system

  • OCCS imports the data into the e-EDI system

  • OCCS sends class list – including teacher logins/ passwords and children’s EDI IDs – back to coordinator

Assigning edi ids importing printing
Assigning EDI IDs & Importing/Printing

  • OCCS receives the database from coordinator with critical variables included

  • OCCS assigns EDI identification numbers (unique per child)

  • e-EDI - Administrator imports the data into the e-EDI system via the web

2 class lists
2 Class lists

  • Class list from OCCS which coordinators use to create class lists

  • One for each class

  • To Include: EDI ID, School name, Teacher name, Child’s local ID, date of birth, postal code and gender

  • Teachers are to be provided with a second class list (coordinator or SB responsibility)

  • To Include: Child’s Name, School name, Teacher name, Child’s local ID, date of birth, postal code and gender

  • This list will be used to match with list provided above

Cross referencing class lists
Cross Referencing Class Lists

Find the EDI ID# from the questionnaire on this ClassList generated by OCCS.

Cross-reference the corresponding ASN # with the Local Class List.


School Name Teacher Name EDI ID ASN # DOB Gender Class Time

Valley School Mrs. X 02900101102 75-02 14/09/99 f am

Valley School Mrs. X 02900101103 75-09 07/04/99 m am


Teacher Name Child’s Last Name Child’s First Name ASN # DOB Gender

Mrs. X Walsh Cindy 75-02 14/09/99 f

Mrs. X Gaskin Ashley 75-09 07/04/99 f

Mrs. X Raos Robert 75-03 15/02/99 m

Phase 2 december january
PHASE 2: December/January

You will receive a coordinators package and teachers packages by courier

EDI Package

Your EDI packagewill contain the following items bundled up for each teacher:

  • EDI Guide

  • e-EDI Manual

  • Coordinator’s Teacher Training Inventory

E edi package for teachers
e-EDI Package for Teachers

Offord will supply each local coordinator with the following documents for distribution to the teachers…

  • e-EDI Teachers Instruction Manual

Teacher information sessions
Teacher Information Sessions

  • Recommended items to cover at Teacher Information Sessions

  • Can be set up where teachers fill out questionnaires after training

  • If e-EDI computer labs are suggested for training

  • EDI Video (will be made available)

  • Presentations (will be made available)

Alberta edi
Alberta EDI

  • Children with Special Education Codes

  • Can only respond YES to one of the below questions

  • Must NOT be left blank

Alberta edi2
Alberta EDI

  • Student status

  • Child must be in class for at least one month and have consent from parents

Alberta edi guide


Alberta 2012/2013 Guide

Ashley gaskin agaskin@mcmaster ca
Ashley Gaskin[email protected]