Itec project i ntergenerational garden
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ITEC project I ntergenerational Garden. Why gardening together ?.

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Itec project i ntergenerational garden

ITEC projectIntergenerationalGarden

Why gardening together

  • I think ;by sharing skills and experiences, we can increaseunderstanding and respect between younger and oldergenerations.Forthisreason,I organized a couple of activities inside andoutsidetheclassroom.I alsowantedtointegratemycurriculumwiththisactivity.Lastweek’stopicwas ‘’to be in thepast ‘’and ‘’usedto’’ structures..Studentstriedtousethemand at theend of theactivities,they had toanswerthequestions in theworksheetsgivenbyme..

I also invited some students grandparents to my classroom
I alsoinvitedsomestudents’ grandparentstomyclassroom..

B ring ing the young and the old together to learn from and about each other was a good point
Bringing the young and the old together to learn from and abouteachotherwas a goodpoint.

The young and old both of them asked and answered questions to each other
Theyoungandold ;both of themaskedandansweredquestionstoeachother

Grandfathers shared their experiences

At the end of the lesson we went outside they tried to plant flowers alltogether
At theend of thelesson;wewentoutside;theytriedtoplantflowersalltogether

Before the activity students tried to organize the school garden
Beforetheactivity ,studentstriedto organize theschoolgarden..

They were so excited

Students prepared some documents for our activity

Some of the students brought plants and they tried to plant them with his her peers
Some of thestudentsbroughtplantsandtheytriedtoplantthemwith his/her peers.

Classroom activities

  • Aftertheactivity;studentstriedtowritesentencesusing ‘’usedto’’structure.Sspreparedsomepresentationsandsomeposters.Ssdiscussedaboutintergenerationallearning in groups.Ssprepared a questionnaire. Thequestionnaireoffereda list of possible activities in which grandparents might engage with their grandchildren .Herearetheresults..

Thequestionnaireoffereda list of possible activities in which grandparents might engage with their grandchildren :

  • Talkingaboutfamilymembers/familyhistory,

  • Shoppingtogether,

  • Religiousactivities,

  • Gettingthemreadyforschool/takingthemtoschool

  • Havingbreakfast,lunchordinnertogether

  • Eatingout

  • Gardening/cookingtogether


I had twomainaims:

Thefirstonewas developing positive cooperation between the teenagestudentsandtheelderlyand improving the students’ respect for the others.

Thesecondaimwastoimplement ‘’usedto’’ and ‘’to be in thepast’’structures.I think,theresult is positive. Creating practices that promote interaction across agesmadestudentslearnwithpleasure.