Searching for dollars
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Searching for Dollars PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for Dollars. By: Dara Gramling Heather Hansard Lori Webber Faron Wiseman.

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Searching for Dollars

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Searching for Dollars


Dara Gramling

Heather Hansard

Lori Webber

Faron Wiseman

  • Johnny’s birthday party is next week and Sarah is going to attend. She needs to buy him a birthday present. Johnny really likes The Dukes of Hazard, so Sarah is going to buy him a General Lee toy car. The car costs $8.95, but with tax it will cost $9.48.

Sarah goes to her room and empties her

piggy bank to get the coins. She counted her coins, and she had twenty-eight quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels and forty-eight pennies. She places money in a bag and takes it to the store.


The clerk tells her that they are

short on dollar bills and have too

many coins. She asks Sarah to

come back with dollar bills instead

of coins. Sarah’s mom does not

have the bills to help Sarah pay

with dollars. They go home to see

if dad has bills to trade for

Sarah’s coins.

Sarah’s dad says she needs to group her coins into one dollar amounts because he doesn’t have time to help her count the coins. Sarah goes into her room and begins to group her coins, but she needs some help. She calls her friend Ginny, and she asks her for some advice. Ginny tells her to put together groups of four quarters.

  • How many dollars would she have from her twenty-eight quarters??????

Sarah found that she had seven dollars in


Is Sarah correct???????

  • Yes, she is correct because there are seven groups of four quarters, and we know that four quarters equal one dollar. Sarah still needs some help to figure out how to make more one dollar amounts from her coins. She calls Johnny’s best friend Muhammad and tells him what coins she had left.

Muhammad tells her that ten

dimes make one dollar.

Sarah tells Muhammad that

she has ten dimes. Are

they on the right


Yes, they are because ten dimes equals

one dollar. Now Sarah has only nickels

and pennies left. She calls Suzie and tells

her what coins she has left. Suzie tells her

that 15 nickels make one dollar, but when

She counted her nickels by fives to check

She only had $.75. How many nickels

does it take to make one



It takes twenty nickels to make one dollar,

so Sarah has one dollar in nickels. If she

adds that dollar to what she already has, she will

have a total of nine dollars. Help Sarah double

check this addition by writing a math equation.


Does your equation look like Sarah’s??

$7.00 + $1.00 + $1.00 = $9.00

Is $9.00 enough for Sarah to buy Johnny’s birthday present? No. She still has pennies, so let’s see if she has enough to buy the car.




Sarah counted forty-eight pennies from her piggy bank. If we put this with the $9.00 that she already has, will she have enough to buy the present??

$9.00 + $0.48 = $9.48

Now that Sarah has grouped all of her coins,

she can go to her dad with her nine groups

of one dollar and trade for dollar bills. She

now has enough money to buy the birthday

present for Johnny. She and her mom head

back to the store with her nine dollar bills

and forty-eight pennies.

Thanks for all of your help!!

Johnny loved his General Lee car and Sarah had a blast at the party.

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