Gif cosmic and beam trigger system and geant4 flux simulations
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GIF++ cosmic and beam trigger system and Geant4 flux simulations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GIF++ cosmic and beam trigger system and Geant4 flux simulations. Dorothea Pfeiffer. GIF++ SBA Presentation 14 .03.2013. Flux simulations. Detailed study with FLUKA dose and flux simulations by Bart Biskup

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Gif cosmic and beam trigger system and geant4 flux simulations

GIF++ cosmic and beam trigger systemand Geant4 flux simulations

Dorothea Pfeiffer

GIF++ SBA Presentation


Flux simulations
Flux simulations

  • Detailed study with FLUKA dose and flux simulations by Bart Biskup

    (B. Biskup, "Studies for GIF++," CERN, 30 11 2011. [Online]. Available:

  • Opening of angles upstream and downstream to +/- 37 degrees vertically and horizontally made recalculation necessary, since a lot more scattering occurs

  • Further the shielding request of the cosmic trigger and the beam trigger groups necessitated new simulations

  • After several iterations the flux for all chambers is at or under the requested maximum values

Dorothea Pfeiffer

Gif geometry
GIF++ Geometry

  • Irradiator with lead filters

  • RPC chambers surrounded by 4 cm of steel

  • Floor chamber also covered by 17 cm of steel

  • Beam trigger shielded by 5mm Tungsten rubber

  • Roof chamber shielded by 2 cm lead plate in air

Beam trigger

Lead shield for roof chamber

Irradiator with filter frame

roof chamber

Beam trigger

Finetracking chamber

floor chamber

Steel floor (2 cm)

Dorothea Pfeiffer

Gif projection yz
GIF++ projection yz

Average flux above source 4.7e5 s^-1 cm^ -2

roof chamber

Lead shield

steel plate

fine tracker

floor chamber

Gif projection xz
GIF++ projection xz

Downstream beam trigger:

average flux 1.8 e4 s^-1 cm^ -2

Average flux 1.0 e5 s^-1 cm^ -2

roof chamber

Upstream beam trigger:

average flux 5.9 e4 s^-1 cm^ -2

Average flux 5.1 e5 s^-1 cm^ -2

Average flux 1.2 e3 s^-1 cm^ -2

floor chamber

fine tracker

Cosmic and beam trigger
Cosmic and beam trigger

  • Beam trigger uses 40 cm x 60 cm TGC quadruplets and will be used during muon beam time and when muon halo is available

  • Beam trigger uses 5 L of mixture of CO2 and flammable n-Pentane (heated stainless steel pipes needed -> n-Pentane liquid at room temperature)

  • Upgrade with larger chambers is foreseen to improve halo triggering and enable triggering of horizontal cosmics

  • Cosmic trigger uses RPCs and will be used for vertical to ~ 45 degree cosmics when beam or halo are not available

  • Gas mixture 95% C2H2F4. (tetrafluoroethane) and 5% C4H10 (isobutane)

Dorothea Pfeiffer

Cosmic triggger t op t racker
Cosmic triggger: top tracker

  • Trigger and high time resolution.  

    • 4 independent detectors area 1x0.5 m2. Gap structure to be finalized

    • strips 3 cm wide;  

      • The 1 m long strips (16 per read-out panel) in all 4 RPCs

      • 0.5 m long strips in 2 out of 4 chambers.  

      • # strips: 64 x 2 = 128 strips

  • Fine tracking. 

    • One or 2 RPC 30x30 cm2with 1 cm strips in both direction ( 32 strips vertically + 32 strips horizontally). Centroid reconstruction in both directions.  # strips: 64

Fine trackers

40 cm

  • Y-Z readout

  • Y only readout

  • Y-Z readout

  • Y only readout

30 cm

30 cm

100 cm

50 cm

View from bottom

Slide: courtesy G. Aielli

Cosmic trigger bottom tracker
Cosmic trigger: bottom tracker

  • Trigger and high time resolution:

    • One chamber 1x0.5 m2 as for the top tracker: strips: 16 + 32 = 48

    • Fine tracking: 1 chamber 30x30 cm2 as in the previous point.  # strips: 64

  • Underground detector

    • One doublet chambers:  size 2.8 x 2.4 (=2x1.2) m2  (two chambers; bi-dimensional read out with 40 mm strips. .  # strips: 224  (20 E/ channel)

Fine tracker

Y-Z readout

Iron shielding

30 cm

50 cm


30 cm

100 cm


240 cm

280 cm

Slide: courtesy G. Aielli

Beam trigger test beam setup
Beam trigger: test beam setup

sTGC quadruplets within the

Mechanical frame. Allows to

Adjust the quadruplet position

Monitor chambers

For external reference

Needed to select parallel tracks

Slide: courtesy G. Mikenberg

Beam trigger layout
Beam trigger: layout

Slide: courtesy G. Mikenberg, Y. Benhammou