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St agnes school technology for teachers
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St. Agnes School Technology for Teachers. Acceptable Protocol. Changes. We are now connected to the Internet by Verizon FIOS. Difference? Faster? F-Prot anti-virus software updated. Run at least once a month

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St. Agnes School Technology for Teachers

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St agnes school technology for teachers

St. Agnes School Technology for Teachers

Acceptable Protocol



  • We are now connected to the Internet by Verizon FIOS. Difference? Faster?

  • F-Prot anti-virus software updated. Run at least once a month

  • ALL teacher and student computers are on the Saint-Agnes Domain not the local computer



  • Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail has been updated to TLS

  • All computers connected to

  • Saint-Agnes Domain have local folders saved. Meaning old e-mails are accessible

  • Those computers on local domain may not have access to old e-mails

Computer use

Computer Use:

  • Each teacher and staff member is assigned a computer for their use and is not to be shared with anyone. Passwords have been assigned to each member of the faculty and staff and are not to be shared with others. Students should never be allowed to use a teacher’s computer or password.

Computer use1

Computer Use:

  • Computers are for teaching and administrative work and not for personal use.

  • Additional software must be approved by Technology Coordinator.

  • For faster computers-delete Internet cookies and files.

  • Turn off computers and printers at the end of the day.

Internet access

Internet Access:

  • All computers must be set to go through our school server.

  • Domain as Saint-Agnes not your local computer name.

  • Will cause your data to be lost should the computer crash.

Internet access1

Internet Access:

  • Student computers have filters but some objectionable sites /photos can be seen.

  • Itis important that the teacher monitors all student activities and reports any sites deemed objectionable to the technology coordinator.



  • After your session on the Internet is complete you must sign off.

  • Do not keep an open access to the Internet if you are not actively using it. This includes Internet radio sites as well as personal e-mail. This reduces the bandwidth on our server causing performance reduction.

E mail

Mozilla Thunderbird

may be accessed at school or remotely.

“There is a problem with this website's security certificate.”


Security certificate

Security Certificate



  • Create folders to organize e-mails, documents, presentations etc.

  • Makes retrieving efficient.

  • Allows copying to another source faster.

Create folders

Create Folders

Create folders1

Create Folders

St agnes school technology for teachers


Refill cartridges can end up costing more than 500% of the cost of the printer itself over the life of the machine, according to a 2008 study by the American Consumer Institute, a consumer-protection group.

Ask yourself:

Does it REALLY NEED to be printed?

Student folders

Student Folders

Each student will have a folder in which computer generated documents will be filed and accessible to all teachers and administrators.

E mail etiquette

Sharing e-mails: not all recipients choose to receive them.

Mail is stored on the server and can be viewed by administrators.

The address Fullstaff should be reserved only for official school business

E-Mail Etiquette:

Personal e mail

Convenience to faculty and staff personal e-mail access is allowed with discretion.

Your personal e-mail account should only be used for important matters that can only be done during school hours.

Never to be used when communicating with parents

Direct any parent who has your personal e-mail to address all correspondence to your address.

Personal e-mail:

Edline net

  • Grade books, assignments, announcements, student resources etc.


  • same user name* and password as e-mail.

Edline net1

  • Important to keep web site up to date so students and parents have current information.

  • Teacher Manuals are available for help.

Edline net2

Report cards created from Edline grade books.

To Administrators Plus by clicking Send when your grades are complete.

Available anywhere there is Internet access.

It is beneficialthat you enter your grades as soon as you have graded papers.

Don’t wait- helps getting report cards back sooner.

Discipline module

Discipline Module

  • Discipline infractions can be entered through Web Teacher.

Computer lab

Available when no classes are scheduled.

A sign up sheet is posted on the door.

You must actively monitor all students when you are using the lab.

Students should not be sent to the computer lab without first notifying the computer teacher.

Please be considerate of class time in the lab.

Computer Lab:



  • Projectors: LCD in classrooms

  • Copiers: Faculty Lounge and Clinic only- access from your desktop



  • Video Cameras: “Flip” sign out inLab

Inter write boards

Inter Write Boards

Interwrite pad

InterWrite Pad

St agnes school technology for teachers


  • Contact the Technology Coordinator by e-mail with any problems.

  • The address is

Curriculum mapping

Curriculum Mapping

  • Requirement of Diocese to map at least one subject for the entire year.

  • Access site:

Integrating technology

Integrating Technology

Curriculum integration

Curriculum Integration

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