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Jamestown. Colonial Timeline Part 1. Colonial Timeline Part 2. Why Colonize? #1. Explain why historians describe early European colonization of the world as a search for GOLD, GOD, AND GLORY . To gain new treasures in gold and silver, spread the word of God, and gain new lands.

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Colonial Timeline Part 1

Colonial Timeline Part 2

Why Colonize? #1

  • Explain why historians describe early European colonization of the world as a search for GOLD, GOD, AND GLORY.

    • To gain new treasures in gold and silver, spread the word of God, and gain new lands.

      • Mercantilism as well.

        • Idea that the mother country would found colonies, exploit their resources by importing their goods, then selling final goods back to the colonies.


Steve Jobs, Fame on the internet, and….

Sir Walter Raleigh

First English Colony #2

  • Where was the first attempted English colony setup, who tried to set it up, and what happened to it?

    • Roanoke, off the coast of North Carolina in the outer banks.

      • The first time they almost starved but were discovered by Sir Francis Drake, big ol’ pirate, who had been raiding Spanish ships in the Caribbean.

    • Sir Walter Raleigh tried to set up a second Roanoke Colony.

      • He got caught up fighting the Spanish in the English Channel along with the Roanoke governor John White

      • England won due to an “English Wind”, but Raleigh wasn’t able to return for 2 years

        • When he did the all trace of the colony was gone

          • Except for the word CROATAN on a tree, cool huh?

            • There’s a Stephen King book about it, scary!

The English Wind

Jamestown #3

  • Explain what a joint stock company/colony was.

    • A colony that was very much like a corporation.

      • People/investors bought shares “pieces” in the colony, and were thereby entitled to shared in any profits, or suffer any loses of the colony.

        • Jamestown eventually became a Royal colony, which is a colony controlled by who?

          • If you said the King and Queen “Royal Family” then your right, YEY!

Jamestown location

Jamestown #4

  • Explain why Jamestown was initially set up, why the colonist settled in Jamestown, and happened to the first colonist that settled there.

    • Gold

    • The river provided a great spot for trade, fresh water, fish, and other goods

    • They failed, many starved.


Jamestown #5

  • Describe why the first Jamestown settlers almost failed, additionally who, and what eventually made it successful?

    • They didn’t focus on planting food, instead focused on finding gold and silver.

    • They didn’t work on their relationship with the Natives to set up trade to make it through the winter.

    • John Smith, Pocahontas, and Tobacco

Jamestown #6

  • Who was John Smith, and what role did he play in the success of Jamestown, and what did Pocahontas have to do with him?

    • John Smith was Captain from the Jamestown Colony that went to the local Powahatan Indians for help that first winter because the colonist didn’t plan well for the winter by planting crops, instead searching for gold.

    • The Powahatan Chief was going to kill Smith but his daughter, Pocahontas saved him.

      • The chief then agreed to trade with the Jamestown colonist for food, and Jamestown made it barely through the first winter.

Jamestown #7

  • Who was John Rolfe, and what significance did he play in the success of Jamestown?

    • Jamestown continues to look for gold and silver at an almost stupid level

      • Rolfe falls in love with Pocahontas, she teaches him how to grow tobacco

        • They get married, how sweet!

What a cute couple……..

The WHO, which is a research branch of the UN, says that they expect around 1 BILLION people to die from tobacco related causes this century.

Jamestown and Brown Gold #8

  • What was brown gold, and what role did it play in the Colonization of the Southern Colonies?

    • Tobacco becomes a cash crop

      • Meaning it makes a lot of money/cash yield per acre from growing it

        • Becomes BROWN GOLD for Jamestown

          • Eventually farms become to large to keep going without outside help.

            • Colonist start to import indentured servants

              • Indentured servitude eventually fails for many reasons, so large Southern farms called ________________ start to import slaves from Africa. The ___________ is?

                • Plantations.

Jamestown? #9

  • Why did the first English settlers call their settlement Jamestown, and what were relations with the Native Americans like?

    • Named after King James

      • Good to be king huh?

        • Relationship with the Pohantas Indians was very poor at first, but eventually became better, and then later bad again when many died from small pox, lost their lands, and became addicted to alcohol

King James I

Colonial Region Question #10

  • Which region were the Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, and North Carolina Colonies in?

    • The South

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