Drama Basics

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Drama vs. Theatre. Drama:ProcessEx: Elements of a short storyTheatre:PerformanceEx: Watch the short story.

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Drama Basics

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1. Drama Basics You need to TAKE NOTES!!!

2. Drama vs. Theatre Drama: Process Ex: Elements of a short story Theatre: Performance Ex: Watch the short story

3. #1 Drama Skill Concentration What is concentration? Concentration Defined: The ability to completely focus on the task you are doing

4. Any Guesses?? A Showoff! What is a showoff? Someone who wants to show off to their peers through inappropriate actions, words, movements, noises etc. Ruins others concentration ON PURPOSE! Wants people to LOOK/WATCH them (looks around to see if people are watching them). Causes the teacher to ignore the other students in the class, because they are also wanting the teacher to be looking/watching them too. Can you think of someone who is a showoff, are YOU a showoff? People dont like showoffs, they are annoying. #1 ENEMY to Concentration

5. #2 Drama Skill Imagination What is imagination? Imagination Defined: Visualize things in your head Pretending

6. #3 Drama Skill Imitation What is imitation? Imitation Defined: Act exactly like something Pretend to be something

7. #4 Drama Skill Transformation What is Transformation? Transformation Defined: To become something new/different Ex. Caterpillar to a butterfly

8. #5 Drama Skill Collaboration What is collaboration? Collaboration Defined: To work together with others to create a product/assignment

9. The THREE Drama Tools Any guesses? Mind concentration, imagination, collaboration Body transformation, imitation Voice transformation, imitation

10. Review CITI C Concentration Imagination Transformation Imitation Collaboration 3 Tools Mind Body Voice

11. Activities Signaling Device REMEMBER do NOT be a SHOWOFF! Ruler Activity Ruler with Action Activity Ruler and Chair Activity Freeze Activity Picking apples from a tree and putting them into a basket Making a snowman Stepping around spring puddles in the rain while holding an umbrella

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