Ancient Civilizations Jeopardy
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Ancient Civilizations Jeopardy. Tie breakers. In the Mayan Empire, kings ruled … The entire continent The Yucatan Peninsula Individual city-states All of the above. c. Individual city-states. A large peninsula in Mexico inhabited by the ancient Maya and their descendents.

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c. Individual city-states

A large peninsula in Mexico inhabited by the ancient Maya and their descendents.


The Mayan empire was strongest from 250 C.E to 900 C.E. This 650 year period is often called ______________.


Give one theory developed by archaeologists to explain the fall of the Mayan Empire.

  • Lack of resources

  • Wars between city-states

  • Didn’t believe in kings anymore and people moved away.

What was the name of the book where the Mayans recorded their religious beliefs?


Describe the sign from the gods that the Aztecs were searching for when looking for a place to settle.

An eagle, perched on a cactus, with a rattlesnake in its beak.

An Aztec book (also used by the Mayans) made of tree bark with pages that folded back and forth.


On what continent did the Incas live? mistaken for?


A large mountain range, home of the Incas, that extends down the west coast of South America


Why was the Inca Empire already weak when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century to conquer them?

Brothers Atahualpa and Huascar were in a civil war – fighting over who would be the next Sapa Inca

This was a religious practice of the Aztecs and Mayas. The Incas practiced it in times of crisis.


Which civilization existed from the 15 sign from the gods?th century C.E to the 16th century C.E?


What festival did the Incas celebrate on June 21 sign from the gods?st and what was the purpose of this celebration?

They celebrated the Festival of the Sun to thank the gods for their crops and to pray for good crops for next season.

Tie Breakers sign from the gods?

1. What was the year on the Aztec calendar, when Hernan Cortes arrived at Tenochtitlan?


2. An important Mayan city-state and center for trade in the Mayan world.


3. The Incas main god was the protective sun god called…