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Panther plus f uel saving device
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Panther Plus F uel Saving Device. Petrol Crisis – never ending ガソリン価格の高騰ー天井知らず. Prices of petrol had been increased sharply since 10 years ago. 170%. Your Petrol/Fuel Expense あなたのガソリン経費は?. From age of 20 to 60, 40 years of driving Yearly petrol expenses:

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Panther Plus F uel Saving Device

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Panther plus f uel saving device

Panther Plus Fuel Saving Device

Petrol crisis never ending

Petrol Crisis – never endingガソリン価格の高騰ー天井知らず

Prices of petrol had been increased sharply since 10 years ago.


Your petrol fuel expense

Your Petrol/Fuel Expenseあなたのガソリン経費は?

  • From age of 20 to 60,

    40 years of driving

  • Yearly petrol expenses:

    USD4,416(average USD368 /month x 12)

  • For 40 years, you pay not less than US$200,000

    (Petrol price will go up again)

If you could cut petrol expenses by 25 usd50 000

If you could cut petrol expenses by 25% -USD50,000

What could you do with the money?

Down payment for a house?

Dream Holiday?

Children’s education fee?

Buy a new car?

Buy a really nice gift for your kids?

You become the HERO

Pay electrical bill for 250 years?

Romantic dinner every two months?

You will be loved

Every week enjoy

a nice drink after

a hard day work?

If you take action for a one time 10 saving

If you take action for a one time 10% savingもし10%ガソリンの価格が明日上昇するとしたら…

When petrol price increases by 10% tomorrow…

You will definitely take action for a savings up to 25 for the next 40 years

You will definitely take action for a savings up to 25% for the next 40 years…

“There is a price pay to moving forward, but there is also a cost for standing still…”


A brilliant invention

A Brilliant Invention「パンサー」開発者の紹介

Panther was invented by Mr Hisashi Uto

We can’t reduce the petrol price but

we could help you to save

The inventor

The Inventor 「パンサー」の開発者プロフィール

Panther was invented by Mr Hisashi Uto,an Engineer by profession.

His credentials include the following:

  • Assigned in the Communication Squadron of Japan Air Self-Defense Force

    (JASDF) in the area of high altitude surface to air missile (Nike) guide system.

    His major tasks were to set up and maintain the communication network and

    system including the radar system.

  • Attached to a metal stamping machine manufacturer, his main charge was in

    automation control (or factory automation - FA) which involves sequencer

    designs in production lines.

  • Currently, he is a factory automation designer, specializing in auto quality checks and measurements, and CCD auto positioning systems for the automotive industry.

  • He also lectures at CHUBU Polytechnic Center, under Japan’s Employment and Human Resources Development Organization.

  • Mr. Uto is a certified CE and ISO consultant for the safety standards.

What could do for you

What could do for you?「パンサー」の効果




Reclaim 3~5 horse power; 5~10 torque

Driving Pleasure

Up to 25% fuel saving


About panther

About Panther…「パンサー」の詳細

Panther Plus

Platinum Series



ONE YEAR manufacturer defects warranty

  • Petrol

  • Diesel

  • NGV (gas)

  • 12 V to 48V

Vehicle capacity

up to 48v, including busses and trucks

Optimum Performance


Patented & Trademark Registered




40 Countries


is still growing rapidly

Just plug into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. A green LED will light up at the top.

Reset by unplugging and plugging Panther every month for

5 min’s while engine running

Passed all safety tests


Now panther has reached more than 40 countries

Now Panther has reached more than 40 countries




















  • IRAN























  • U.A.E.



  • MIAMI, U.S.A.



Panther plus f uel saving device

Entry Tests to various countries


Standards Organisation

of Nigeria

Africa Countries

Compliance Tests

Uganda National Bureau of Standards

Functional Test


CE Marking

Compliance Tests


Karadeniz Technical University

Functional Test


Karadeniz Technical University

Functional Test

Panther plus f uel saving device



Bill Wandera, Exclusive Dealer(Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi & Rwanda)

The Panther technology is just amazing. How could a small device save fuel and give your car more power? Believe it or not, Panther does and it’s growing big in the African nations.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standard, Petroleum Laboratory, tested Panther on 2000rpm running idle on 1.8 litre vehicle with a 47% savings.

Alan Wilson, Exclusive Dealer (Ireland)

The Mercedes Taxi driver reported a 21% savings. Just imagine the savings on long run with USD2.50/litre of petrol here.

Kittisak, Authorised Dealer (Thailand)

I have tested Panther on my new Chevrolet SUV and the saving is around 20%...

Soren, Authorised Dealer (Europe)

I had tested Panther on my CDI B180 Mercedes; minus 3 degree Celsius at night; the saving was 41.91%. I had tested on more than 10 over cars personally and the average saving is around 26%.

Mevyn, Authorised Dealer (Mauritius)

I see Panther as a very good product with on going huge potential with fuel prices again increasing at the pump…

Panther plus f uel saving device

On-Road Test


Fuel Savings

Panther saves up to 25%fuel on average, varying from vehicle to vehicle.

Your vehicle s ecu

Your Vehicle’s ECUECUの働き

Introduced in the 80s, the

Engine Control Unit orECUis a powerful computer on most vehicles.

ECU’sfunctions includes:

  • Gathering of data from different sensors & perform calculations

  • Managing the emissions and fuel economy of the engine

    Its objective is to ensure the lowest emissions and best mileage for your vehicle.

Panther plus f uel saving device

The battery stores electricity at 12v though

the alternator produces 14v while it is running.

The ECU’s baseline voltage is said to be at

13.5vin most cases and it stops momentarily

when voltage falls below the setting.

The alternator’s electrical supply falls short (12v and below) during heavy loading such as low revving, higher air-conditioner demand and when mass electrical devices are used simultaneously. At such, the battery supplements the short fall in electrical supply (12v). However, the ECU’s function is suspended temporary.

This is when the

Panther fills the gap for the ECU to keep functioning

as intended, hence the vehicle achieves optimal performance.

How panther works

How Panther Works「パンサー」の技術

Alternator generates 14v electricity whilst engine is running

Sound system

Electricity is distributed to the vehicle’s electrical systems


Entertainmet system

The battery stores electricity at 12v, it provides electricity whenever alternator is unable to




Cooling/heating system

Panther patches the electrical flow to the ECU during heavy loading, ensuring that it receives 14v when required



Car engine

Panther plus f uel saving device

The Panther Device

A green LED light is visible at the round top of Panther (after Panther is plugged in )

If LED on Panther does not light up, check the cigarette lighter socket if there is power. You may have to use a test pen to scratch the interior to remove the dirt to get a good connection.

If LED on Panther does not light up, you may unscrew the tip of Panther to check the fuse. It is a 2 amp fuse where you can purchase at any car accessory shop. The fuse may break because of poor connection (dirty socket) that causes a spark.

Panther plus f uel saving device

DynoJet Performance Test


A car is being tested for its torque and power performance using theDynojet’s Automotive Dynometer.

Panther plus f uel saving device

DynoJet Test Report




With Panther: Increased Power and Torque, and improved smoothness

Without Panther

With Panther

Without Panther

4 things your customer must know

4 THINGS your customer must know!顧客に伝える必要情報

Do not change driving habit to more aggressive with the extra power.

Reset Panther every month.

If you want to know how much Panther saves on your vehicle, test it scientifically.

Panther will not damage the electronics of the car.

1 don t change your driving habits very important

1. Don’t change your driving habits(very important)運転の癖を変えないように(重要)

  • Because of the extra power and torque reclaimed, a lot of drivers would enjoy and accelerate harder; that is a change of driving habit.

  • As a result, you may consume the fuel saved for a faster acceleration.

  • So you need to decide if you wish to “save fuel “or “save time”.


How should you drive now

How should you drive now?運転スタイルは?

  • Less acceleration when starts:

  • You may accelerate less now but the performance of your car remains the same.

  • Decelerate early when stop:

  • You may decelerate early when approaching stop as there are still power to get you there.

  • 2 reset panther monthly

    2. Reset Panther monthlyパンサーのリセット

    Unplug and plug PANTHER when engine is on for 5 minutes to reset Panther.

    Do this monthly to achieve optimum performance.

    3 test panther scientifically

    3. Test Panther scientifically科学的な試験方法

    There is a proper fuel test guideinside the packaging if you wish to find out how many per cent of fuel your cars can save.


    DO NOT test like below

    “Every week I use around USD30 for petrol; after I use Panther I still need to put in USD30 petrol”. Because during the week, carrying passenger or heavy loading, raining, speeding, rushing, traffic jam and etc. will affect the fuel consumption. This kind of test is not conclusive and meaningless.

    4 could panther able to damage the electronic of my car

    4. Could Panther able to damage the electronic of my car?「パンサー」が車にダメージを及ぼす可能性は?

    Just like plugging in a radio into a house power socket, there is no way the receiver will burn down your circuit or does any harm to your circuit.

    • Panther has the CE marking and it needs to pass all the safety tests.

    Panther is installed with a 2 amp fuse finer than hair. Any irregular surge from the car will break the Panther’s fuse.

    Share the good thing with your love ones and your friends

    Share the good thing with your love ones and your friends…家族や友人にも喜ばれます

    How much would they appreciate it, if you could help them to save so much……


    More than 1 billion people are facing the same problem

    More than 1 billion people are facing the same problem 10億人以上の人口が同様の問題を抱えています

    The market is HUGE

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