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Maximize your Memory with Mind-Max. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D. Green Bay , Wisc . Univ. Wisc. Oshkosh College Of Nursing A.D. Surgical Technology Mgmt. Medical Underwriting, Instrt. for Medical Terminology, Human Body Health & Disease & A/P in Insurance Industry.

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Maximize your memory with mind max l.jpg

Maximize your Memory with Mind-Max

Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D.

Jay p vanden heuvel ph d green bay wisc l.jpg
Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D.Green Bay, Wisc.

  • Univ. Wisc. Oshkosh College Of Nursing

  • A.D. Surgical Technology

  • Mgmt. Medical Underwriting, Instrt. for Medical Terminology, Human Body Health & Disease & A/P in Insurance Industry.

  • A.D. Customer Service, H.I.A.A., I.C.S.

  • Faculty: Fox Valley School of Massage & Blue Sky School of Massage.

Jay p vanden heuvel ph d green bay wisc4 l.jpg
Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D.Green Bay, Wisc.

  • B.S. & M.S. in Natural Health (Alabama)

  • PhD. in Holistic Health (England)

  • PhD. Traditional Naturopathy (Alabama)

  • A.R.C.B., AAeD, C.F.T. (N.Y.)

  • Board Cert. Holistic Health Practitioner

  • 17 yrs. private practice, over 16,000 clients

  • Lecturer (U.S., China, Israel, Mexico, Canada, U.K.)

  • Lectured to over 100,000

  • Author “Life is a Teeter-Totter”, 9 DVD’s, and over 100 published articles, TV and Radio.

What s in y our mind l.jpg
What’s InYour mind?

  • 100 billion neurons (nerve cells), trillions of more cells (glial) that support the neurons.

  • More connections than stars in the universe!

  • Brain is only 2% of body weight but uses 30% of all calories consumed on a daily basis.

  • You are cognitive, by what you eat!

  • The brain is about being “cognitive”.

Cognitive function l.jpg
Cognitive Function

  • Defined as: “State of consciousness (alert, orientated), memory, and attention span”.

  • Our brains become less cognitive as we age, but when does the decline actually start?

    • Age 45

  • Add in toxins, stress, poor lifestyle choices, genetics, and it can start even earlier.

  • Can be assessed by MSE – Mental Status Exam.

Mental status exam l.jpg
Mental Status Exam

  • Standard test by health care professionals to measure a person’s overall mental health.

  • Awareness & thinking depend upon organized thoughts.

  • Experience, emotions, and processes all take place in different parts of the brain (“Change your brain, change your life” Dr. Daniel Amen M.D.).

  • Confusion: is the first sign something is wrong.

Signs l.jpg

  • Not being self aware – a personal sense

  • Cannot maintain a logical sequence of thoughts.

  • Not being able to pay attention.

  • Disoriented.

  • In a word “Confusion” – this is nothing more than a loss of connections between brain cells.

Synapsis l.jpg

  • A firing between neurons. Like a spark plug in an engine. If the gap is hindered, so is the spark.

  • We lose 5-10% of synapsis from age 20-90 yrs. of age. Stop this and you improve memory.

  • Poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and stress, contribute to degeneration of synapsis. What else?

Fear your m ind in danger l.jpg
Fear: Your Mind in Danger?

  • Fear creates connections that go to the subconscious. Further destroying our cognitive ability…replace with faith!

  • Plenty to be afraid of, or is it your mind? We respond to things easily called to mind. Let’s discuss a few items we fear and don’t….

  • Cancer – We fear painful and/or prolonged outcomes.

  • Smoking – We know it will kill us, but it doesn’t mean we’ll stop doing it.

  • Money – Research shows that touching money helps alleviate pain!

  • Hugs – Releases oxytocin in brain; “love” hormone that quiets anxiety.

  • Air Travel - Last year 30,000 Americans died in car crashes. Zero in commercial air travel.

  • Many tangible and intangibles with time can destroy our cognitive ability.

The brain can c hange positively with every t hing you c hange l.jpg
The Brain Can Change PositivelyWith Every Thing You Change

  • It adapts and is influenced by everything we do (so, do healthier things).

  • Will respond to positive lifestyle changes, stress reduction (i.e. fear vs. faith), emotional healing (flower essences), reduction of environmental influence, and the right supplements.

  • The goal is to “restore” what we lose with age so we don’t degenerate. Wouldn't you rather re-generate? Let’s look at a real life case.

What was d one l.jpg
What Was Done…

  • Stress reduction - Flower Essences

  • Diet: Lean proteins & complex carbohydrates.

  • Supplement: High Omega 3’s, Super Trio, Brain Protex, SAM-E, Nattozimes.

  • Reduction of Excitotoxins: (MSG, nutra-sweet, etc.) Vitamin E w Selenium critical to blocking excitotoxins.

  • Thinking positive thoughts. (Pessimism can lead to an increase in harmful stress hormones).

  • Exercise the brain. (crossword puzzles, reading, new language, calculus)

  • Calm your consciousness. (prayer and meditation)

Losing ourselves by losing o ur m inds l.jpg
Losing Ourselves by Losing Our Minds.

  • 13.4 million Americans will have mild memory problems associated with aging by 2050!

  • Aging can rob us of cognitive ability, memory loss, confusion, and well, your mind.

  • A 65 year old has a 10% chance. Climbs with age.

  • 15 million take care of a loved one. Adds $202B in unpaid healthcare.

  • Baby boomers (60-80) will add $627 billion from memory loss to Medicare costs.

  • What about the psychological price tag?

Age and memory l.jpg
Age and Memory

  • Some forgetfulness is normal.

  • However, blood flow to the brain becomes less robust, losing brain cells.

  • Diminished production of neuro-chemicals (acetylcholine).

  • Less efficient cell-to-cell communication.

So what a re s ome supplements t o concentrate on l.jpg

So What Are Some SupplementsTo “Concentrate” On?

Welcome to MIND-MAX!

Mind max l.jpg

NSP is the first Direct-Selling company to market Magnesium L-Threonate

Supports Brain Function

  • Memory & Concentration

    Perfect Combination

  • Magnesium L-threonate

  • Gotu Kola

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • Bacopa Leaf

Magnesium mg the brain mineral l.jpg
Magnesium (Mg) - the Brain Mineral

  • It has long been known that magnesium, in concert with calcium, plays an important role in propagating nerve signals between cells.

  • Magnesium is used by the body to create an electrical potential which is required for normal release of neurotransmitters across nerve synapses.

Magnesium boosts brain function l.jpg
Magnesium BoostsBrain Function

  • “Findings suggest elevating brain magnesium content …a useful strategy to enhance cognitive abilities” – Guosong Liu, Tsinghua University Beijing China

  • “Half of all industrialized countries are magnesium deficient, contributing to age dependent memory decline…”

  • Issue: High magnesium supplementation is difficult, due to a strong laxative effect.

Magtein mgt to the rescue l.jpg
“Magtein (MgT)” to the Rescue!

  • Magnesium is not well absorbed by nervous tissues. More specifically, it is poorly transferred across the blood brain barrier. However…there is Magtein!

  • Magtein or Magnesium L-threonate (MgT) has been shown in scientific studies to increase brain magnesium levels and subsequently increase cognitive performance.

  • Studies repeated with both young and old participants. In both cases cognitive function was increased while taking Magtein (magnesium L-threonate). This represents the most current research on food supplements in supporting brain health and function.

Magtein mgt and nsp l.jpg
Magtein (MgT) and NSP

  • We are the firstdirect sales company that has this compound!

  • It is in our new Mind Max. This helps insure we get the magnesium where it needs to be, in the brain!

  • Less is more! MgT works by combining Magnesium with an amino acid (L-Threonate). This allows it to cross the blood brain barrier without having to do heavy doses of straight magnesium.

  • Developed at M.I.T.

  • The supporting herbs to this are remarkable as well.

Gotu kola l.jpg
Gotu Kola

  • “Brain Food” as it is known by many Herbalists.

  • Benefits for brain fatigue, enhance memory, nervous system tonic, anti-aging, and longevity!

  • From the Island of Sri Lanka.

Gingko biloba l.jpg
Gingko Biloba

  • The tree of life! Even the leaf signature resembles a “brain”.

  • Over 50 double-blind clinical studies show reduces impaired blood flow to the brain.

  • “Helps mental function and short-term memory loss”. – American Journal of Natural Medicine 1997

Bacopa monneri water hyssop l.jpg
BacopaMonneri (Water Hyssop)

  • Bacopaextract benefits to health were known in India several thousand years ago. There, it is known as "brahmi", a brain tonic. It is used to improve memory and learning problems, as well as concentration.

  • Bacopamonnieri plays a dual role in boosting memory and fighting stress.

Mind max28 l.jpg

  • Mind-Max (90 capsules)

  • Stock Num. 3134-4

  • Direct Cost- $29.95

  • QV 29.95

  • Retail - $44.95

  • Retail Trial Packs (20 packs)

    • 6 capsules/pack

  • Stock Num. 5458-1

  • Direct cost- $19.95

  • QV- 5.0

  • Retail - $30.00

Other nsp supporting cast members l.jpg
Other NSP Supporting Cast Members

  • Dulse liquid - (Iodine) well documented iodine deficiency affects cognitive function.

  • Lemon oil – known to cross the blood brain barrier easily!

  • Sage – sage is for “age” (Thymol/Eugenol boost cognitive function) - Psychology Today 2/09

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Use your brain to the Max with Mind max!

  • Let’s face it, we all want to remain “Cognitive”

  • No one wants to be “confused”.

  • It’s a snap, I mean “Synap” (synapsis).

  • You can change your brain and change your life with Mind-Max.

  • Thank you for your attendance.