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Engineering Interviews. Chris Hogan 10/18/08. I interviewed…. And Chose… Larry Schwartz. Bob Ekman Dr. A Larry Schwartz. Human-Computer Interface. Occupation. Currently retired. Used to… Work at a newsstand– middle school Run a paper route– high school

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Engineering interviews

Engineering Interviews

Chris Hogan


I interviewed
I interviewed…

And Chose…

Larry Schwartz

  • Bob Ekman

  • Dr. A

  • Larry Schwartz

Human-Computer Interface


  • Currently retired.

  • Used to…

    • Work at a newsstand– middle school

    • Run a paper route– high school

    • And eventually, became an industrial engineer


  • Lockheed Martin

  • Air force

    • Solved common problems

      • White line dilemma

      • Designed and built an entire cockpit control room

  • IBM

    • Programmed data base and network systems

Punch card– Programming in Fortran and Cobol

Academic background
Academic Background

  • Bachelors and Masters in industrial engineering at University of Florida

  • Full minor in labor relations and economics

Career Preparation

  • Getting a great education

  • Advises towards real world experience, internships, co-ops, etc., but never attended any (because they did not exist)

Studying engineering
Studying Engineering

  • Why engineering?

    • “Teachers told [him] to”

  • Why industrial engineer?

    • He wants a social job

    • “because they do all kinds of things”

      • Incorporate many different types of engineering

        • Mechanical, electrical, etc.

Studying engineering cont
Studying Engineering (cont)

  • Career vs. Field of Study

    • He incorporates his knowledge of industrial engineering both at all his jobs

    • Why?

      • Loves his job

      • Loves to learn

Job profile
Job Profile

  • Worked for Air Force after college

  • Then after only two interviews, worked for IBM

  • Eventually worked for Lockheed Martin

Life at lockheed martin
Life At Lockheed Martin

  • No set hours per week– you have a deadline for each project, you must work however long until the project is completed

  • Check email first

  • Classified Work…

    • Work on current project

    • Continue to develop any programs or software

  • Teach younger people how to lead at Lockheed Martin

Life outside work
Life Outside Work

  • Very little take home work (because everything is classified and must be done in the building)

  • Less and less time with wife and daughter (as he progressed through Lockheed)

  • 12 Holidays

  • 2 weeks vacation time

    • Reading, TV repair, Model Railroads, Sailing, Traveling

What kind of engineer
What kind of Engineer?

  • Mechanical

    • I am interested in robotics

  • Computer Science

    • I also love to program and see code turn into reality

Prospective job
Prospective Job

  • I would love to work for a company similar to Google…

    • Great benefits

    • Pool table on each floor

    • Indoor pool

    • Professional masseuse

    • Encourage individual thinking

      • 2 hours each day on any individual project

Prospective job cont
Prospective Job (cont)

  • Or I would operate an program a website such as ScienceDaily because…

    • Work from home

    • About 3-5 hours a day

    • Learn a lot of interesting science news (because I would edit the articles)

College university

  • Cornell

    • Ivy League– great education

    • Robotic advances such as Cornell Ranger robot

  • Carnegie Mellon

    • Work on DARPA challenge

    • Great robotics

  • McGill

    • Very real life experience

    • Campus is in the heart of Montreal

Steps to success
Steps to Success

  • Continue helping my parents with family business (ScienceDaily)

  • Wherever I go to college, join the robotics team

  • Continue programming

  • Love my major and only do a job if its enjoyable

Life at work
Life At Work

  • ScienceDaily

    • Wake up at 9 a.m.

    • Update ScienceDaily articles for 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm editions

    • Go out to lunch

    • Walk dog or play with cat

    • Work on any hobbies, possibly hockey

    • Update ScienceDaily articles for 11pm, 2am, 5am, 8am editions


  • Vacations to Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, etc.

  • Play hockey in local adult league

  • Program video games for fun

  • Play with my dog