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Comenius. Tenerife October 8 till October 12 2011. Hollands favoured diner: Hutspot. Main meal. History of Hutspot. Hutspot has a long traditional history of Dutch cuisine. According to legend, the recipe came from the

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October 8 tillOctober 12


Hollands favoured diner hutspot

Hollands favoured diner:Hutspot


History of hutspot
History of Hutspot

  • Hutspot has a long traditional history of

    Dutch cuisine.

  • According to legend, the recipe came from the

    cooked bits of potato left behind by hastily departing Spanish soldiers during their Siege of Leiden in 1574 during the Eighty Year's War, when the liberators breached the dikes of the lower lying polders surrounding the city. This flooded all the fields around the city with around a foot of water. As there were few, if any, high points, the Spanish soldiers camping in the fields were essentially flushed out.

  • The anniversary of this event, known as LeidensOntzet, is still celebrated every October 3 in Leiden and by Dutch expatriates the world over. Traditionally, the celebration includes consumption of a lot of "Hutspot met klapstuk/stooflap" (Hotchpotch with chuck roast/beef shoulder chops).

  • In the nextslidesyouget to know more ingredients of thisdish.

Class 6 a of the primary school st willibrordus is ready to give a hand
Class 6 A of the primary school St. Willibrordus is ready to give a hand.



Youneedpotatoes …

Lots of potatoes …

How many

Peeling potatoes is a tough job.

How does it look?

Wich vegetable do we also need
Wichvegetable do we alsoneed?

Why all those tears
Why all thosetears?


Everyone is sad…

We need carrots
We needcarrots!

Peel and make little pieces
Peel and makelittlepieces.

Use a knife or
Use a knifeor …

Use a machine


How does itwork???

Potatoes carrots and onions in the pan
Potatoes, carrots and onions in the pan.

  • Add salt as youwish.

Addsome water and cookthem all together.

After 20 minutesitsdone.

Butter and milk
Butter and milk

Stamp stamp stamp

Jamie enjoys her meal
Jamie enjoysher meal.

The main dish is ready
The maindish is ready.

“Enjoyyour diner!”

In dutch:

“Smakelijk eten!”

Cas loves hutspot with sausage
Cas loves hutspot withsausage…

Knife and spoon.

Pfff…. a hot meal.


Ingrediëntsfor 4 persons:

  • 2 kg. potatoes

  • 2 or 3 big onions

  • 1 kg. carrots

  • 300 ml. milk

  • Butter

  • A teaspoonnutmeg

  • Salt and pepper