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FIELD PRACTICUM. Summer Block Fieldwork Placement 2012 BRIEFING FOR STUDENTS April 21, 2012. Meeting Schedule. FIELDWORK MODULES. Summer Block Placement SOWK 3001 BSWFT2 – 400 hours SOWK 6251 MSWFT1 – 450 hours. Summer Block Placement Duration. Duration:

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Summer Block

Fieldwork Placement 2012


April 21, 2012

Meeting Schedule


  • Summer Block Placement

    SOWK 3001 BSWFT2 – 400 hours

    SOWK 6251 MSWFT1 – 450 hours

Summer Block Placement Duration

  • Duration:

    Jun 4 to Aug 10, 2012, 10 weeks

    (local and overseas)

    * Some adjustment with the schedule and period can be flexibly arranged with allowance of one week’s time subject to the consent of fieldwork and agency supervisors

The Importance of Fieldwork

  • An integral part of social work education with the emphasis on “ Learning through doing”;

  • Student works in a social work agency under the guidance of fieldwork supervisor as to incorporate theoretical knowledge into social work practice;

  • Student is expected to experience the real work setting, understand agency culture and requirement, to gain the practice wisdom from supervisor and agency staffs ;

  • An important process to train up a competent and independent social worker.

Fieldwork Objectives

Students are given opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate social work principles, values in actions and attitudes;

  • Practice theories and models and develop skills;

  • Enhance self-understanding, maximize potentials and own capacity

  • Develop own style of work within the bounds of professional practice and development

Learning Activities

  • Pre-placement orientation workshops

  • Orientation visits, community search and field visits

  • Library and literature study

  • Proposal and reports writing

  • Self-reflective logs

  • One-to-one weekly fieldwork supervision, live supervision (A-V tapes are welcome) and group supervision

  • Mid-term & final evaluation review

  • Mid-term sharing sessions

  • Training workshops

  • Agency meetings, staff development programs

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible to Agency/Clients:

  • “Student social worker” (實習社工)

  • Comply with agency policy, admin. procedures, office disciplines and proper documentation

  • Obtain approval before proceeding

  • Professional image, behaviors, appearance and dress code

  • Ensure confidentiality, privacy and code of ethnics (The record files should be stored in designated password protected electronic storage devices, revised Form A05, require to sign before fieldwork supervisor

  • Active participation and engagement

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible to Supervisor/HKU

  • Agreement on learning goals

  • Responsible, active and reflective learner

  • Cooperative and mutual support

  • Paper submission on time

  • Well prepare for supervision

  • Open to share and question


A) Direct Services Guideline

  • Case only : at least 5

  • Cases + group/project : 2-3 cases + 1 group +1 programme

  • Group only : at least 2

  • Group, project and programme :1 group + 1 project + 1 programme

  • Community work project : 1-2

    * The above is for reference only

    * Workload will be decided by fieldwork supervisor and should match with agency expectation

    * Each student should be in charge of at least 1 task


B) Written Work

  • Casework : Intake/Transfer/Termination Summary, Case recording (including process recordings)

  • Group work : Group proposal, Session plan, Session recording, Final Evaluation Report

  • Project/Programme : Project/Progrmme Proposal, Ongoing Process record, Evaluation report

  • Self-reflective Logs

  • Orientation Report, Learning Contract

  • Mid-placement and final evaluation report

    * Exact workload and requirement will be decided by the respective fieldwork supervisor subject to student’s learning pace, but must fulfill both HKU and Agency requirements

Working Hours

  • Should follow the agreement made among the agency, fieldwork supervisor and student

  • Should consider the first benefits of service recipients and the agency than the student

  • Should try to fix the schedule on regular basis

  • 8 hours’ placement can entitle one hour lunch / dinner break

  • 3 sessions full day duties not allowed except some discretions

  • Orientation programs and sharing programs with approval can be counted as placement hours

Leave Entitlement

  • Public holidays (no entitlement, have to make up)

  • Overtime duties with supervisor’s approval can be compensated but should not be accumulated (no more than one day on each claim)

  • Need to make up the missing hours on sick leave

  • Medical certificate for sick leave is required for two consecutive days

  • Discretion will be given to supervisor to manage the make up in following the rules of HKSWRB

  • A-15 Guideline on Placement Hours Calculation

Assessment Criteria (Form A10, under review, will use new form in this block placement)

  • Professional requirements

    - work attitude

    - learning attitude

    - professional development

  • Organizational requirements

    - understand agency & service

    - role performance & accountability

Assessment Criteria

  • Practice competence

    - theoretical knowledge application

    - communication & relationship skills

    - Problem identification & assessment

    - Goal setting and contracting

    - Planning, implementation and monitoring

    - Skills in facilitating change

    - Evaluation and termination

  • Written Assignment and Use of supervision (new item under review)

Evaluation Reports

  • Mid-evaluation Form (A07)

  • Student’s Review (Form A08)

  • Agency Feedback Form (A09)

  • Final Evaluation Report (A10)

  • Student Feedback on Placement (A11)

  • Placement Hours Record Form (for part time students only (C01)

  • Travelling Expenses Claim Form (for full time students (C02)

  • Training Record Form (C05) (optional)

Assessment & Evaluation

  • On-going process evaluation

  • Keep record of any verbal / written warnings

  • Report to the coordinator (mid-term) on the early detection of failure cases

  • Keep all written work and comments in soft-copy

  • Students have to keep all hardcopies with anonymity for 3 months after placement ends

  • No need to hand in assignments to the Dept. except upon special request by internal/external examiners

  • Students have to declare proper handling of client’s data and information

Grading System

  • The grade given by the fieldwork supervisor is a RECOMMENDED MARK, reviewed by internal examiners and endorsed by BOE

  • “C” is the passing grade for MSW and “D” for BSW

  • A student who fails in a placement is required to re-take the placement

  • If he/she fails twice, then resulted with discontinuation

Situations Leading to Failure

  • Displays behaviors that damage to clients and agency

  • Recurrent series of irresponsible and/or inappropriate behaviors with no sign of improvement

  • Fails to hand in written assignments as required (24 hrs. before supervision and 2 weeks after placement ends)

Special Case Handling and Warning

  • Students should actively reflect own feelings and constraints with fieldwork supervisor and be open to accept advice

  • Students are encouraged to bring their difficulties to the attention of Deputy and/or Director of Field Instruction as early as possible

  • All verbal and written warnings should be documented to support those failure cases

Appeal Procedures

  • Formal appeal to the Faculty - only for failure case or suspected marks calculation mistakes

  • Students may appeal to DDFI for a review before submitting marks to the Faculty, the request should be made within a week’s time after the evaluation

  • Appeal panel will be set up to review all written assignments and reports

  • Concerned personnel and the agency staff will be consulted

  • Final decision will be made by the Department’s appeal panel

Orientation Programs

  • Pre-placement training for all Students on May 19, 2012 at 9:30a.m.- 12:30p.m.

  • SWD Orientation Program on June 1, 2012 (SWD settings only)

  • The HK Federation of Youth Groups Orientation Program on May 14, 2012 (6 related students only)

  • Other orientation visits arranged by the agency and/or initiated by students or setting coordinators

    * Please liaise actively with your fieldwork supervisor on the proper arrangement of orientation programs

Good Preparation for Fieldwork Placement

  • Psychologically and Physically well prepared for the workloads of placement

  • Better to equip the knowledge and skills of the matched placement settings within this month

  • Good time management

  • Seek advice from teachers and previous students about the survival tips during placement

Knowledge and skills are vehicles…..

But the fuel is “PASSION”!

Concurrent Placement Preference

  • Last deadline for changing preference choice through PMS on or before May 19, 2012

  • Should consult fieldwork supervisors /teachers views on your choice of next concurrent placement

  • Be cautious about your district preference and the setting requirement

Concurrent Placement

  • Duration:

    24 Sep 2012 to 15 Mar 2013 (BSW)

    24 Sep 2012 to 5 Apr 2013 (MSW)

  • Concurrent Placement Briefing

    Tentative Schedule on the afternoon session of 15, Sept 2012 (Sat)

Enquiry and Consultation

  • Placement Website:

  • Placement Setting Coordinators

    (Refer to List of Settings & Coordinators)

  • Skills Lab / Skills Training / PBL / other course work teachers / Classmates / Parents ……

Central Enquiry & Special Request

Contact Person:

Mrs. Eltha Wong (Deputy Director of Field Instruction)

([email protected]) (2241-5549) (KKL1319)

Dr. Debbie Lam (Director of Field Instruction)

([email protected]) (2859-2082) (KKL1312)

Mrs. Anna Lau (Secretary)

[email protected]) (2859-2075) (KKL1304)

Fieldwork Placement Handbook and Forms


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