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MEDITECH UPGRADES. NUR STATUS BOARD ENHANCEMENTS CHANGES IN ORDER ENTRY (OE). Tuesday, March 29, 2011 there will be an upgrade to Meditech. Changes on the Status Board through the NUR Module are: Allergy Management New orders visualized on Status Board Managing your List of patients

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Meditech upgrades




Tuesday march 29 2011 there will be an upgrade to meditech

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 there will be an upgrade to Meditech

Changes on the Status Board through the NUR Module are:

Allergy Management

New orders visualized on Status Board

Managing your List of patients

Resuscitation Status

Associations with nur

Associations with NUR

Order Entry and Administrative Data are affected by the Allergy Management changes. This allows Nursing and the patient departments to have an update picture of the patient’s allergies.

From the main menu of meditech go to 10 status board

From the Main Menu of Meditech, go to #10 Status Board:

Allergy management

Allergy Management

To enter a new allergy or document ANY allergy on the patient click on the Allergies button in Status Board

This is the field that will open for allergies or nka to be entered

This is the field that will open for allergies or NKA to be entered

Click on New if the patient DOES have an allergy to enter.

This is a patient that has NO allergy information identified.

Or click on NKA if there are no allergies

Entering allergy

Entering Allergy:

Enter the allergy in the blank field. As you add letters, the text will pull choices below.

Highlight onto the appropriate drug or food name, then click the severity of the allergy or adverse reaction below. Then OK.

Allergy vs adverse reaction

Allergy vs. Adverse Reaction:

Patients will state an allergy, but when questioned they state that a medication made them nauseous. This is an adverse reaction, not an allergy. To err on the side of caution, put the patient’s verbiage in “Reaction” and pharmacy will verify this as allergy or adverse reaction

Filing after entry

Filing after entry:

Once an allergy or adverse reaction is entered, you have opportunity to enter more entries by clicking on the New button on the right and begin the process again for each drug.

Complete or file the entries

Complete or File the entries:

When completed, click the File button on the lower right side or <F12>. The following will display – if this is correct, click on Yes.



This allergy shows the date that this allergy was last updated and verified by pharmacist.

Meditech upgrades

These allergies have been filed by nursing , but not verified by pharmacy.

Meditech upgrades

When entering NKA, this is what will show in the allergy fields.

There is also an option to document “Unobtainable” for allergies.

NKA and Unobtn (Unobtainable) is accessible only on patients without any allergy checks

Viewing details of a med allergy

Viewing Details of a Med Allergy

  • To View a Medication:

  • Highlight the drug

  • Click the View Details button

  • A box will open up with specific information that was entered previously.

  • Click the close button when finished.

Deleting allergies

Deleting allergies

The ability to Delete an allergy is subject to the access of a staff member.

Verify is accessible to Pharmacists only

Audit trail


There is the ability to run an audit trail.

This will show any time a patient allergy field had an entry or adjustment made to it. This is access restricted.

Select all deselect all undo all

Select All / Deselect All / Undo All

Again, this is based on access.

When filing these options, you are given a warning screen.

Allergies via admin enter edit

Allergies via Admin Enter/Edit

If you are accustomed to entering allergies, height, weight, etc via the OE option of Enter/Edit Administrative Data, that is still available.

From oe option enter edit administrative data

From OE option Enter Edit Administrative Data:

Choose the patient – Right Name, Right Account Number, Right Location

You will no longer see the large allergy field that was present previously

You will no longer see the large allergy field that was present previously.

You will get a new option up on filing

You will get a new option up on filing:

When you respond yes to File? You will get a pop up box asking you to Manage Allergies. (see below)

Allergy management is the same as previously shown from this point

Allergy Management is the same as previously shown from this point.

The same allergy management field will open up for you to review, make additions or changes.

Meditech upgrades

Reviewing Orders in Order Entry

Meditech upgrades

This will represent orders that are put into the Order Entry system.

When an order is put into the OE system, it will migrate to the New Order column and allow you to view specifics of this order.

Meditech upgrades

  • Three patients here have orders for viewing:

  • 1603 Hoffmann

  • 1604 Haden

  • 1606 Test

Red = Stat order

Blue = Regular order

Ex: 1604 Haden

Highlighted on the patient and click on verbiage for order that you want to view, in this case.

Meditech upgrades

New orders list will open for you to review.

Orders will list with their category, priority, event, status and the time the order was entered.

If new meds are available, you can view the meds.

This is NOT the same as signing off or acknowledging the order! (that will come later in the year)

Meditech upgrades

Highlight the order to view and click on the detail button to view the details of this particular order. Scroll with the scroll bar on the right to see more of the details.

Once you review, close at the bottom of screen.

Meditech upgrades

Once you have reviewed the order and return back to the Status Board, the color and notification are removed.

Meditech upgrades


Resuscitation or code status

Resuscitation or Code Status

When there is an order written for a Code Status, we now have an place to put this in the computer so that it is available to view in the Status Board.

The Category is CODE.

The procedure is CODESTATUS.

These are options available in the Code Status

Info related to code status

Info related to Code Status

The Code Status entries will carry over from one admission to the next.

The Code Status is available to view in the Status Board, if there has been an order placed at some point for a Code Status.

Meditech upgrades



From the status board go to manage list

From the Status Board, go to Manage List

Meditech upgrades


Do not have to enter your User ID. The person signed in automatically defaults in.

As before, the previous assignment shows in the list. However, now you can clear the entire list to reenter a new assignment with the clear button.

Easy listing of patients


  • Click Location button at the bottom of the screen

  • 2. Enter the name of the unit you need to choose a patient list from in the MIS Location Lookup

  • 3. Click OK

Click to choose the room or patient assignment

Click to choose the room or patient assignment

1. Using the mouse, click on the patient name OR the room number to choose your list.

2. Then click on the Assign button at the bottom.

Meditech upgrades

Once you have made your list, click Assign.

Then click File. (See above)

There will then be a file option (below). If this is a new assignment you will be clicking “Replace”.

If you are adding to an existing assignment, you will click “Append”

Meditech upgrades

Your new list of patients will show up on your Status Board!

Meditech upgrades

If you encounter any problems with your access in Nursing, call:Joy Hoffmann at 5283Clinical Education at 5287 1808 for Technical Support

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