the internet the world wide web
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The Internet, the World Wide Web

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The Internet, the World Wide Web. …and what it means to us here in Quambone. What is the Internet. The Internet and the World Wide Web are NOT the same thing The Internet is a vast network of computers all linked together.

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the internet the world wide web

The Internet, the World Wide Web

…and what it means to us

here in Quambone

what is the internet
What is the Internet
  • The Internet and the World Wide Web are NOT the same thing
  • The Internet is a vast network of computers all linked together.
  • The World Wide Web is a way of viewing information that is stored on the internet using a special language (html).
how do i access the world wide web
How do I access the World Wide Web?
  • You need:
  • Computer (with modem)
  • Phone line
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Browser program
  • Internet Explorer

Netscape Communicator or Navigator

Allow us to access the WWW

opening a browser
Opening a browser
  • Double click on the Internet Explorer symbol on your desktop
  • It will open to the “home page”
what a web page looks like
What a web page looks like
  • Title

Menu Bar



Text and graphics

Scroll bars

how do you read an world wide web address
How do you read an World wide web address?
  • H T T P : / /
  • World Wide Web ( W W W )
  • Domain name which includes:
  • Identifier (eg thefarmshed)
  • Type of site (.gov, .edu, .com etc)
  • Country identifier (.au, .uk etc)
  • Everything is separated by dots or forward slashes –
  • Navigating means moving around the web

You can use:





the page itself
The page itself
  • The page contains graphics and text.
  • It also has links.
  • You find a link by moving your cursor over the page
  • Links can be text, graphics, photographs or blank areas
  • A link will take you somewhere
those buttons and how to use them
Those buttons and how to use them







  • Back
  • Forward
  • Stop
  • Refresh (reload)
  • Home
  • Search
tricky stuff 1
Tricky stuff 1
  • Multiple back or forward clicks
  • Using the little arrow
tricky stuff 2
Tricky stuff 2
  • Using the address bar – click
  • Auto-complete
not searching finding
There are different search engines

Results differ

Search button is limiting

Add good search engines to favourites in folder

Try a variety of engines

Not searching - finding
search tips
Be specific. The clearer you are, the more you’ll find

Use lower case letters

Use “+”

Use “-”

Use inverted commas

Search tips
search engines
Search engines
  • Australian search engines include:
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/pageone/index.html">Page One</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/national/index.html">National</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/world/index.html">World</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/features/index.html">Features/Arts</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/entertainment/index.html">Entertainment</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/html/column8.html">Column 8</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/html/editorial.html">Editorial</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/news/0104/21/index.html">a.m. Edition</a><br>
  • &nbsp; <a href="/text/">Text Index</a><br>

This is how the previous page of HTML is read by the computer and displayed.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

WWW – World Wide Web

ISP – Internet Service Provider

Browser – program we use to “read” the World Wide Web

Internet – a network of computers – world wide

Domain – the name of a site

Web page – a place where information is displayed in HTML on the internet

TCP/IP – transfer control protocol/internet protocol