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Cloud Computing The New IT Economy. Avner Algom IGT. IGT2009 – The World Summit of Cloud Computing Dec 2-3, 2009. Welcome! ברוכים הבאים. IGT Members. Insight about the industry needs. International Event. Knowledge Sharing. Professionals Meeting Point. New technologies. Case Studies.

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Cloud Computing The New IT Economy

Avner Algom


IGT2009 – The World Summit of Cloud Computing

Dec 2-3, 2009

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Welcome!ברוכים הבאים

IGT Members

Insight about the industry needs

International Event

Knowledge Sharing

Professionals Meeting Point

New technologies

Case Studies

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

R&D Innovation

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About IGT

Knowledge sharing and networking

Grid/Cloud Technologies – Industry Oriented



Work Groups


Knowledge Center

International Collaborations

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Thank youתודה -

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Thank youתודה -

All of our overseas speakers and guests

GOV Cloud Panel

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IGT2008 – The World Summit of Cloud ComputingDecember 2-3, 2009, Israel

  • IGT2009

    • 2 Days + CloudCamp

    • 50 Speakers (20 from abroad)

    • Panels/Tracks:

      • Executives

      • GOV Cloud

      • SaaS

      • Standards/Interoperability

      • The Future of Clouds

    • 12 Workshops

    • 11 Booths

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IGT Cloud computing Work Group

  • Work Group objective:

  • Discuss cloud computing technologies and practical guidelines for adopting cloud computing.

  • Main Topics:

  • New development in the cloud computing space.

  • Migration of existing application

  • Patterns for building scalable application in the cloud

  • Call for papers for next meeting is open!

  • Contact details: Nati Shalom

  • CTO & Founder GigaSpaces

  • [email protected]

  • @natishalom

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IGT HPC Work Group

High-Performance Computing Work Group. Directed by Dr. Guy Tel-Zur

Last year activity

  • 12/08 - Intel Parallel Tools

    • Erlang

  • 1/09 - HMPP compiler support

  •   for many cores

  • 2/09 - Parallel and Grid

  • Computing in Maple

  • 3/09 - Intel Threading 

  • Tools

  • - ExaStore® NAS

  • 6/09 - Wolfram Alpha

  • - gridMathematica

  • 7/09 A workshop at Voltaire

  • 11/09 - ClusterLogic HPC tools

  • - Reconfigurable computing

  • The next HPC WG meeting

    • December 9th, 2009

    • Prof. TiloWettig, Ph.D.,

    • University of Regensburg,

    • Germany –

    • The QPACE supercomputer

    • Dr. Guy Tel-Zur,

    • Chairman of the IGT,

    • Challenges in teaching Parallel

    • Computing

    Gpgpu work group l.jpg
    GPGPU Work Group

    • Technology:

      • GPGPU = GPU Computing

      • Using graphics processors for computing tasks

    • Goals:

      • Exposing the industry to the revolution

      • Providing advanced materials and resources for participants

  • Topics: Software aspects / Hardware

  • Next meeting (January 2010):

  • Next-Generation GPU Architecture

  • Head: Moti Butrashvily, [email protected]

  • Slide11 l.jpg

    • Accelerating computations with the GPU

    • Hoopoe™ is a cloud service for GPU computing

    • Hosting a cluster @ IGT Lab

    • GPU Hardware based on NVIDIA Tesla

    • Demo plan:

      • Submitting an FFT computation through website

      • Hoopoe™ manages cluster resources and computation

      • Waiting for results

      • Viewing statistics

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    IGT Lab

    • The lab has 2 segments:

    • 30 servers with 60 CPUs (total 168 cores) connected over low latency Gigabit Ethernet

    • IGT/Voltaire segment - 8 servers equipped with 16 Nehalem CPUs (total 64 cores) connected over 40Gbit InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet. 10Gbit Ethernet planned to be added

    Peter Weinstein, IGT Lab Manager

    [email protected]

    Naas network as a service igt work group l.jpg
    NaaS (Network as a Service) IGT Work Group

    • Work Group objective:

    • Discuss and analyze cloud computing implications on networks;

    • Explore the potential of IT-Telecom Convergence

    • Main Topics:

    • Network requirements to support inter-cloud traffic: BW on demand, addressing, QoS assurance, etc.

    • Universal management of IT and networking resources

    • Standardization for interoperability between IT and networking systems

    • Telco clouds

    • Next Meeting: Dec 10, 2009

    • Contact details: Sharon Rozov

    • CTO team, ECI Telecom

    • [email protected]

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    Startups in the Cloud IGT Work Group

    Discuss the challenges and work on solutions for two types of startups:

    • First Session –

    • Cloud Based Labs

    • Startups that use Cloud Computing for R&D, QA

    • Startups that use Cloud Computing for production systems

    • Head by Shahar Raz, Raz Strategy

    • R&D and QA in the Cloud –Design and Implementation

    • Who should go there and how do we do it right?

    • 21/12/2009, 14:30-17:00

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    Reconfigurable Computing Work Group

    • Work Group Objective:

      The Reconfigurable Computing work group is focused on the use of reconfigurable hardware accelerators.

      The work group serves as a meeting place for people from different fields of the industry and academia.

    • Main Topics:

    • Introductions and tutorials for beginners

    • The use of commercial reconfigurable hardware solutions

    • Success stories from Israeli companies who use reconfigurable computing

    • Current research in the academic community

    • Next Meeting: January 2009

    • Contact details: Nadav Rotem

      [email protected]

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    From Grid to Cloud evolution

    Grid Computing



    The Cloud is replacing the Grid infrastructure

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    Our Window to the WorldOn-Demand Servicesfor On-Demand People

    Mobile Cloud

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    The World is becoming even smaller

    We create a unified platform

    for a new International market of services

    and social gathering

    But it is also the “Big Brother” enabler

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    New IaaS Cloud Providers in Israel

    Presenting in this event

    TripleC ……&..…. We!

    Business potential of the local markets


    Export of Cloud Services?

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    Main Cloud Challenges

    • Legal (local & International)

    • Scalable software architecture

    • Interoperability standards

    • SLA Standards

    • Security

    • Management – Auto Config

    • Dynamic Network Bandwidth

    • Freedom of cloud choice

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    תודה!Thank You

    Avner Algom


    [email protected]