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Adding secure e mail and collaboration to your business with sco office server 4 1
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Adding Secure E-mail and Collaboration to Your Business with SCO office Server 4.1. Marc Modersitzki. Agenda. Overview and New Features Problems Solved Competitive Analysis Pricing and Promotion Available Resources. Product Overview. SCO office Server Overview.

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Adding Secure E-mail and Collaboration to Your Business with SCO office Server 4.1

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Presentation Transcript

Adding secure e mail and collaboration to your business with sco office server 4 1 l.jpg

Adding Secure E-mail and Collaboration to Your Business with SCOoffice Server 4.1

Marc Modersitzki

Agenda l.jpg


  • Overview and New Features

  • Problems Solved

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Pricing and Promotion

  • Available Resources

Product overview l.jpg

Product Overview

Sco office server overview l.jpg

SCOoffice Server Overview

  • Delivers a reliable, full-featured Internet e-mail solution

  • Prevents e-mail viruses, filters out junk e-mail, and secures remote access

  • Delivers a real-time Internet collaboration solution

  • Integrates with Outlook®, e-mail readers, and Web browsers

  • Features a friendly interface for non-technical admins.

New features in release 4 1 l.jpg

New Features in Release 4.1

  • Supports SCO OpenServer™ 5.0.7 (UW 7.1.4 coming)

  • Provides simple Outlook connector configuration

  • Collaborates between Outlook and Web browsers

  • Integrates Clam™ antivirus

  • Supports McAfee® and Sophos® antivirus

  • Includes SpamAssassin™ for filtering out junk e-mail

More new features in release 4 1 l.jpg

More New Features in Release 4.1

  • Shares folders, calendars, tasks, and contact lists

  • Schedules group meetings and resources

  • Enables user spreading across multiple systems

  • Includes Microsoft Exchange migration tools

  • Delivers improved performance and interface

  • Provides 2+ GB offline storage space (available soon)

  • Enables Internet e-mail blocking

  • Enables global message attachments

Problems solved l.jpg

Problems Solved

Antivirus protection l.jpg

Antivirus Protection

Are your customers susceptible to e-mail viruses that may cripple your business?

  • Most come from e-mail

  • 81,000+ threats

  • Lose data and time

    SCOoffice Server prevents known e-mail viruses

  • Integrates Clam™ server-side antivirus

  • Supports McAfee® and Sophos® antivirus

Junk e mail filtering l.jpg

Junk E-mail Filtering

Do your customers waste time sifting through myriads of junk e-mail?

SCOoffice Server prevents junk e-mail

  • Automatically filters suspected junk e-mail

  • Provides tools for customizing filters

Remote access l.jpg

Remote Access

Do your customers lose time when out of the office because they can’t access e-mail or collaborate?

SCOoffice Server provides secure remote access

  • Secure access from anywhere in the world

  • Collaborate from WebClient or Microsoft® Outlook®

  • Send and receive e-mail

Sharing contacts l.jpg

Sharing Contacts

Do your customers have trouble finding contact information for work associates, customers, or suppliers?

SCOoffice Server enables contact sharing

  • Shares names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, notes, etc.

  • Controls who may access shared contacts

Scheduling meetings l.jpg

Scheduling Meetings

Do your customers spend excess time scheduling meetings or locating associates?

SCOoffice Server schedules and locates

  • Checks for free times and schedules meetings and resources

  • Lets users review work associates’ calendars to locate them

Professional image l.jpg

Professional Image

Does your customer’s e-mail convey an unprofessional or tiny business image?

SCOoffice Server providese-mail control

  • Provides thousands of e-mail addresses

  • Lets businesses use their own domain name (

  • Lets businesses automatically forward e-mail with aliases

Affordable and easy to manage l.jpg

Affordable and Easy to Manage

Do your customers need an affordable solution that is easyto manage?

SCOoffice Server is affordable and easy to manage

  • Provides attractive pricing

  • Includes easy-to-control contact lists, vacation messages, junk e-mail filtering, and much more

Slide15 l.jpg

Comparing SCOoffice Server 4.1 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 & Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

Sco office server provides alternative to microsoft l.jpg

SCOoffice Server Provides Alternative to Microsoft

  • Maintain control of business operations

  • Operate heterogeneous environments

  • Avoid security breaches and unreliable systems

  • Avoid high licensing and administration costs

  • Enable reseller profitability

Sco office server 4 1 vs microsoft exchange 2003 l.jpg

SCOoffice Server 4.1 vs. Microsoft Exchange 2003

Calendar feature comparison l.jpg

Calendar Feature Comparison

Groupware feature comparison l.jpg

Groupware Feature Comparison

Comparing sco office server openserver with microsoft windows sbs 2003 l.jpg

Comparing SCOoffice Server/OpenServer with Microsoft Windows SBS 2003

Competitively priced sco office server l.jpg

Competitively Priced SCOoffice Server

*Includes cost of operating system

Sco office server half the cost of microsoft exchange server l.jpg

SCOoffice Server: Half the Cost of Microsoft Exchange Server*

*Distributor quote from DTR Business Systems, September 2004

Pricing and promotion l.jpg

Pricing and Promotion

More revenue opportunities l.jpg

More Revenue Opportunities


  • Bundle when upgrading OS, application, and/or hardware

  • Add e-mail and collaboration to existing solution

  • Upgrade from previous SCO version

  • Migrate from existing solution

    New Installations

  • Bundle when adding solution

  • Add e-mail and collaboration

Regular u s list pricing l.jpg

Regular U.S. List Pricing

Base License with 5 users: $299

User Licenses:

  • 5 Users: $59.80/user

  • 10 Users: $49.90/user

  • 25 Users: $39.96/user

  • 50 Users: $29.98/user

  • 75 Users: $25.32/user

  • 100 Users: $23.99/user

  • 250 Users: $22.40/user

  • 500 Users: $21.80/user

  • 1000 Users: $19/user

Channel promotional pricing overview l.jpg

Channel Promotional Pricing Overview

  • Bundles SCOoffice Server 4.1 base license (5 users) for FREE with SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

  • Promotion applies to upgrades, trade-ins, and new installations

  • Qualifying products

    • SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 Enterprise or Desktop

    • Previous versions of SCOoffice Server (1.1 or 2.0)

  • Improves your margin up to 55%

  • Promotion ends October 31, 2004

Available resources l.jpg

Available Resources

Technical training l.jpg

Technical Training

  • Administration and Installation

  • Client Access

  • Advanced Administration

  • In-depth Technical Certification

Marketing and sales tools l.jpg

Available to Public



E-mail and collaboration white paper

Product announcement

Success stories

Technical white paper

Web site

Available to Partners

Not-for-resale (NFR) software

Channel announcement

Quick facts sheet

Sales guide

Sales presentation

Co-branded marketing materials

Marketing and Sales Tools

Summary l.jpg


  • Drives upgrades, trade-ins, and new sales

  • Delivers reliable, full-featured Internet e-mail

  • Prevents known e-mail viruses, filters out junk e-mail, and secures remote access

  • Delivers real-time collaboration

  • Integrates with industry-standard Web browsers and e-mail readers

  • Features a friendly interface for non-technical administrators

  • Provides marketing and sales tools to simplify your efforts

Questions answers l.jpg

Questions & Answers

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