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Content Sharing/ Co-Marketing Sharing content, syndication and partnering to drive customer awareness, increase sales and forge strategic partnerships. Presented to: (LOGO HERE) Date: (PRESENTATION DATE HERE). September 2002. WHO WE ARE.

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Presented to logo here date presentation date here

Content Sharing/ Co-Marketing

Sharing content, syndication and partnering to drive customer awareness, increase sales and forge strategic partnerships.

Presented to:




September 2002


  • eMarketing Inc. is a full-service communications and eBusiness agency.

  • Consumer and Corporate Website Development

  • Online Co-Marketing / Content Syndication

  • Intranets/Extranets

  • Sales and Marketing application development

  • Backend application development

  • Systems integration/data visibility

Content Syndication - What It Is

Content Syndication

The process of creating sub-sets of web content (either exisiting or new), customizing that content for a partner and strategically integrating that content into other websites for the mutual benefit of both the syndicator and the partner site .

Partner’s site.

Your site.

Your content.

Your content on Partner’s site.

Content Syndication - Problem It Solves

  • Many companies have under utilized/underleveraged web content

  • Many companies pay significant dollars to drive traffic to their sites

  • At the same time, companies have partners who have also have websites with significant web traffic that need useful content to attract, reward and retain repeat visitation to their sites

  • e.g. Distributors and Retailers who carry their products/services

  • Those partners do not want visitors to their sites to leave (links are “doorways out” – they’ve lost the visitor)

  • With B2B content – syndicating information onto partner sites (e.g. catalogs) keeps information updated up to the minute.

  • > Therefore, an excellent solution is to forge strategic partnerships where content can be integratedon partner sites.

Content Syndication - Who should consider it?

  • Companies with:

  • Content that explains complex products e.g. sharing “How To” facts

  • Content that can be a “catalyst” for consumers to buy - e.g. recipes

  • Tools that simplify decision making – e.g. calculators

  • Content that helps consumers simplify buying decisions – e.g. model selectors

  • Content already built that would cost partner sites a lot to duplicate e.g. specific subject matter expertise

  • Content that creates excitement – e.g. promotions

  • B2B content that helps the distributor/retailer network - e.g. product catalogs/tools

  • Frequently changing content – e.g. pricing, availability, specifications etc.

Content syndication what to syndicate
Content Syndication – What to syndicate

  • What partners are looking for:

  • Information and resources that do not currently reside on their site but could add value to visitors and help drive sales on that site (eCommerce) or via the partner’s offline locations (e.g. stores).

  • Financial company / Client sites – Retirement savings calculator

  • Flooring company / Home Improvement site – Decorating ideas

  • Electronics manufacturer/Electronics store - “How To” Demonstrations

  • Drug maker / Retail Pharmacy Chain site – Health care content

  • Food maker / Grocery site – recipe and promotion content

  • Industrial manufacturer / Distributors – digital product catalog

  • Corporation / Distributors – syndicate product training/certification

  • Snack maker / Retailer – syndicate branded interactive kid’s games

Content syndication benefits
Content Syndication - Benefits

  • Asset Leverage

    • Repurpose/Repackage your existing digital content

    • Get your content on other websites – leverage their traffic

    • Your website may get 50,000 visitors a month…but your partners’ websites may collectively get millions of visitors a month…

    • Sets up the negotiations for “value exchanges” for providing value-added content

    • e.g. We’ll provide this valuable content to you in exchange for… <your needs here>

  • Collaboration

    • Build collaborative relationships with business partners (retailers, distributors etc.)

    • “Switching costs” for partners to go with competitors with similar content

    • Cross merchandise partner’s products > use your “hammer” to sell their “nails”

    • Build opt-in email databases via collaboration

  • Integration

    • Create online exposure to compliment offline programs

    • Link informative content to eCommerce site carts to “close the sale”

Content syndication benefits1
Content Syndication - Benefits

Can be more cost effective than driving traffic to your own site

$Y per visitor

Your content on Partner’s site.

Your content on Partner’s site.

Your Site.

$X per visitor

Your content on Partner’s site.

Your content on Partner’s site.

Content syndication cost dynamics
Content Syndication - Cost Dynamics

Cost per partner site execution - Example

Fixed cost of getting ready is 90% of the typical cost. Variable execution costs are relatively low.

  • Fixed Upfront costs:

  • Digital Assets

  • Templates

  • Agency

2 executions

$50K per

$ 100K Investment

5 executions

$20K per

8 executions

$13K per

10 executions

$10K per

Syndication roi the numerator
Syndication ROI – the Numerator

Factor Measurement

Branded exposure Partner Site visitation / Page Views

Opt-in database growth # of customers who opt-in via partner site

Value exchange What you can negotiate for your content

Sales growth Content impact on partner site/store sales

Competitive Advantage First mover / blocking competition

Information Distribution Digital distribution may cut costs (e.g. paper)

Side Benefits Forced us to organize digital assets

Intangibles Now viewed as a “preferred partner”

Best practices
Best Practices

Review partner sites – can their visitors benefit from what you’re content?

Be realistic about your opportunities – how many partners will you approach?

Content must be value-added – brand “commercials” only don’t work

Be flexible – each partner wants something a bit different.

Make your Syndication platform templated and database driven – no static content

  • Build in a refresh strategy to your offering – lock in long term partnership and change the message (seasonal themes etc.)

  • Key Sales periods

Make someone who understands it responsible/accountable for sell-in.

Make it easy for the partner to execute – No hassles for the partner site.

If you control the display of the content – make sure it’s reliable - 100% “up-time”

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