Authored by John W. Desmarais 18-Dec-1998
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Authored by John W. Desmarais 18-Dec-1998 Updated 09-Jul-2008 Modified by Lt Colonel Fred Blundell PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Authored by John W. Desmarais 18-Dec-1998 Updated 09-Jul-2008 Modified by Lt Colonel Fred Blundell TX-129 Fort Worth Senior Squadron For Local Training Rev 5.0 05-Jan-2014.

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Authored by John W. Desmarais 18-Dec-1998 Updated 09-Jul-2008 Modified by Lt Colonel Fred Blundell

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Authored by John W. Desmarais 18-Dec-1998

Updated 09-Jul-2008

Modified by Lt Colonel Fred Blundell

TX-129 Fort Worth Senior Squadron

For Local Training Rev 5.0 05-Jan-2014

This Training Slide Show is a project undertaken by Lt Colonel Fred Blundell of the TX-129 Fort Worth Senior Squadron, Fort Worth, TX for local use to assist those CAP Members interested in advancing their skills. The information contained herein is for CAP Member’s personal use and is not intended to replace or be a substitute for any of the CAP National Training Programs. Users should review the presentation’s Revision Number at the end of each file name to ensure that they have the most current publication.


  • Technology in ES: A misnomer?

  • What do we mean by Technology?

  • In what facets of ESR can Technology be used?

  • Current Technology and its Applications

  • The Future of Technology in CAP Emergency Services

  • Problems and Issues of Technology in ES

Technology in ES: a Misnomer?

  • Do the methodologies of CAP Emergency Services lend themselves to the use of Technology?

  • Can technology be useful enough to justify the time and money?

  • At each level, decisions must be made to determine how much time and money will be spent on technology

  • Cost/Benefit analysis must be made

What do we mean by Technology?

  • Technology does not necessarily include only computers

  • Technology refers to the application of new tools to make us more efficient

  • These tools can include

    • Computers and Software

    • Radio technology

    • Digital cameras

    • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)

    • Etc.

Where can Technologybe used in CAP ES?

  • There are applications for current and future technology at all levels of CAP

    • ES Incident Bases

    • Wing Level

    • At the local squadron

    • On Ground Teams

    • Etc.

  • The applications of technology and ES are limited only by cost and the human element

Current Technologyand Applications

  • Computers and Software

    • Of all the technological innovations, computers and software have the most use in CAP ES

    • Almost unlimited uses at all levels of CAP ES

    • COTS (commercial off the shelf) products

    • Specially designed software packages have been written by SAR personnel

Mobile Computers

  • Mobile computers are especially useful in CAP ES

    • Portable

    • Light

  • Mobile computer have disadvantages

    • Expense

    • Battery Life

    • Susceptible to the elements


  • Commercial Products, such as office suites, have a number of applications

    • Spreadsheets

    • Personal Databases

    • Word Processors

  • Applications

    • Check-ins

    • Tracking ES Qualifications

    • Computerized ES Forms


  • Mapping Programs

    • Delorme Topo Maps

      • Topo Maps are now available in high resolution

      • Can be used for both air and ground crews

    • GIS Systems

  • Many other specialty software packages are available that have limitless applications for CAP ES


  • GPS receivers are becoming more affordable and more precise

  • GPS receivers will soon be built into personal radios

  • GPS systems can interface into many mapping programs

    • Provides unprecedented utility to ES Ground teams


  • Digital radio communications

    • Higher Range

    • Clearer, less static

  • Cellular Phones provide far better communications than current 2 meter radios in many areas

  • RF Technology has many future uses

OtherCurrent Technology

  • Personal Digital Assistants

    • Current and Future PDAs have almost as much power as mobile computers

    • True power of PDAs rests with PDA peripherals

  • Digital Cameras and Imaging

  • Many other technological innovations can be used to make SAR more efficient

Practical Examples

  • Computerized Check-in

  • CAP Forms & Publications Online

  • Track ES Qualifications

Future of Technologyin Emergency Services

  • Moore’s Law – “The sum total of all processing power doubles every year”

  • Most benefit of technology in ES will be the result of merging current technologies

  • Vision of Future Ground Team or Aircrew Missions is changing rapidly

Problems and Issues

  • For all of its benefits, technology does present unique problems

  • These problems are inherent to technology in all applications, not just CAP ES

  • Some problems can be solved, but some must be sidestepped


  • Expense

    • Up front expense

    • On-going expense

  • Training problems

  • Care and Maintenance

  • Short Technology Lifecycle

The Human Element

  • Technology for technology’s sake

    • Technology applications must make SAR more efficient

    • Technology for its own sake costs much, but provides little benefit

  • The human element

    • Many ES personnel do not like computers, technology, etc.

    • “We’ve done it this way for years” mentality

    • Must demonstrate that technology can be used to make us more efficient


What are you doing today?

What have you done to better position yourself for the future?



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