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July, 2004 FULL PRESENTATION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TIANMA MICROELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Marketing New Proprietary Color Technology From Tianma:. July, 2004 FULL PRESENTATION. Tianma – Features of new product.

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Marketing New Proprietary Color Technology From Tianma:

July, 2004


Tianma – Features of new product

SFD -Super Fast Display is the fastest moving image color display technology, with vivid pictures and low power consumption. Superior over existing CSTN technology, SFD offers high data-reaction rates suitable for displaying full-motion video and extraordinary clear image equivalent to TFT LCD. The power consumption is just as low as regular CSTN LCD.

Feature Highlights

  • Displays clear images and full motion video

  • Over 20fps frame rate

  • High data-reaction rates without after-image

  • High contrast, low image flicker

  • Low power consumption and competitive price, SFD is the best solution to substitute TFT LCD

Applications:mobile phone, media player, automotive display, digital home appliance, etc.


1.1 Market situation of color display industry

CSTN and TFT LCD Occupied the color display market

  • Advantages in low cost and low power consumption

  • Long response time, not suitable to play fast moving picture

  • Cannot meet the marked requirements for cameras, video games, video recorders


  • With higher display speed and better picture to meet the top consumers' requirements

  • Higher power consumption is not suitable for portable appliances

  • Long R&D and lead time cannot support its customer in fast-changing market

  • Higher price goes beyond the customers expectation


1.2 The launch of Tianma SFD Fly Dragon series of color display module

Innovation over existing CSTN LCD, SFD has high data-reaction rates and extraordinary clear image.

Meet the following requirements

  • 65536 colors clear, high quality display

  • Fast moving images playing up to 30ftps/frame

  • Movie and video playing, clear images without afterimage

  • Equipped with a phenomenal million pixel digital CMOS camera, SFD will be easy to find a moving view and catch vivid images.

  • The power consumption is just as low as regular CSTN LCD, meets the requirement for portable appliance

  • Low production cost

Brightness comparison display module


Regular CSTN

Movie play

Color Comparison


Regular CSTN

1.3 Advantages to TFT LCD display module

Power consumption comparison

  • Lower power consumption

  • Lower production cost

  • Lower tooling charge

  • Shorter lead time

Material cost rate of Mobile phone

1.4 Significance of SFD display module

  • Meet the market requirements for color display with fast response and moving picture playing function

  • Meet the needs of customers' to face the fast-changing consumption market

  • Bring new competitive advantages to customers

  • Provide the attractive products to end customers

  • SFD's introduction is a huge step forward for the whole LCD industry

2. The great market for SFD display module

2.1 Application of SFD

The application range of SFD will be wider because of its fast moving image and perfect display quality. It may be used in :

Mobile Phone

Media Player(DVD,VCD,MP3)

Automotive display

Digital home appliance

Security apparatus

2.2 Market forecast of SFD display module

Market Forecast for small/medium LCD

  • Great demand increased from 2003 for mobile phones, digital home appliances and portable players etc.

  • The sales of LCD modules and other electronic parts increase sharply

  • Market demand increase due to international electronic industry transfer to China

  • 20% increase forecast for China electronics market in 2004

(Unit : US$b)

Multi-functions mobiles varies in market

Camera phone increases dramatically


  • Multi-media and smart mobile phones will be the main trend in the market and enrich end-users’ life and knowledge

  • Others like automotive display, MP3, portable TV and computer will require high quality and fast response LCD to catch the development

  • The outstanding playing quality and low cost will no doubt have a great market perspective

SFD Flying Dragon series in the market and enrich end-users’ life and knowledge

3. SFD series

Tianma will continuously develop SFD series to support the market

Continuous development

of new products

Digital camera SFD

1.9", 2.2" QCIF SFD

1.0" SFD