Mumbai iskcon chowpatty july 2010
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Mumbai ISKCON Chowpatty July 2010 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mumbai ISKCON Chowpatty July 2010. We kindly WELCOME  Krishna’s Beloved Devotees on the open discussions about Brahmacari Eating – Sleeping – Working habits. Background of our activates.

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Mumbai ISKCON Chowpatty July 2010

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Mumbai ISKCON Chowpatty

July 2010

We kindly WELCOME Krishna’s Beloved Devotees on the open discussions aboutBrahmacari Eating – Sleeping – Working habits

Background of our activates

His Holiness Radhanath Swami andSri SriRadhaGopinath temple Leaders by There causeless mercy and genuine care of Devotees, right now wish to deepen our care for Krishna’s Devotees in aspect of Preventive Health Educationand Health Management

Genuinely serving Krishna’s Devotees in minute details by helping and encouraging for Sincere, Undivided and Unalloyed Prema Bhakti. By means of healthy life style education and holistic treatment to help Devotees fully Surrender to Guru/ Sadhu / Shastra – Counsellors and Devotional Service Leader

Our mission

Prof., Dr.(Ayu) Shivakumar at Udupi Clinic from 2001 already treated about 1200 -1500 ISKCON Devotees and many Maharajs, and share his experiences, pains and finally thoughts about needful preventive health aspects in ISKCON

For now, by carelessness and neglect-fullness we are developing unbalanced three pillars of healthy life stile:Eating – Sleeping – Working

Eating – Sleeping – Working three initial points for health

Same point stress Krishna to us in BG “There is no possibility of one's becoming a yogī, O Arjuna, if one eats too much or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough. He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.” BG 6.16-17

Eating – Sleeping – Workinghabits: three main point for health

lack of water;

regularly overeating; eating at wrong time; fast, passionate eating;

following wrong, whimsical diet without counting individual unique nature - vata, pita, kapha; unhealthy eating snacks between general meals etc.

time by time unhealthy, unnecessary fasting;

Our general Eatinghabitsseen by Prof., Dr. Shivakumar

lack of night sleep in general;

lack of health night sleep;

unhealthy and unnecessary day sleep;

Our general Sleepinghabitsseen by Prof., Dr. Shivakumar

unhealthy over work in mental and physical aspects

lack of regular daily exercises – at least daily 30-40 min of yoga, pranayama, exercises;

time by time wrong, whimsical over exercises or far too much physical activities;

lack of sun bath and fresh ear etc.

Our general Workinghabits seen by Prof., Dr. Shivakumar

Dr. Shivakumar cry, when He again and again and again receiving for treatment young Krishna’s Devotees practically laying down on stretures to there weakness

That is due to our present Eating – Sleeping – Working habits

Heartbreaking examples 

In BG 15.14. Krishna sad: “I am the fire of digestion in the bodies of all living entities, and I join with the air of life, outgoing and incoming, to digest the four kinds of foodstuff.” By our unhealthy life style fire of digestion go weak, we voluntary reject, push away Krishna from our stomach, from our consciousness, from our life.

And by consequences of weak fire of digestion, our body starts accumulate toxins or ama; then immune system go weak; then sterns go weak; then we get over or under weight etc.

Consequences of our Eating – Sleeping – Working habits

We voluntary start new disorders, then diseases

And make worse existing four types of disorders and diseases:

Spiritual - “I am Ishvara, I am God, I do what I want in a way, how I like!”




Consequences of toxins or ama in over body

Loosing ability wisely and healthy use our three subtle senses, namely mind, intelligence and ego

In our health care habits, and later in many others areas of our life we doubt, “we do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behavior nor truth is found in us.” BG 16.7

Our unhealthy life style consequences - Mental disorders

By indulging in sense gratification we loosing ability use five perceptive senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell which are owned and given by Krishna for Devotional services and no meant for our senses gratification

Our unhealthy life stile consequences - Sensualdisorders

Our unhealthy life style consequences - Physicaldisorders

By misusing our spiritual, mental and sensual ability, we misuse Krishna’s five senses of action, namely hands, legs, speech, evacuation organs and reproductive organs, with Krishna kindly give to as in our care forDevotional services

In short, consequences of our unhealthy, unbonafide, whimsically manufactured Eating – Sleeping – Workinghabits are:

Mental disorders and diseases: inattentiveness, carelessness, negligence, forgetfulness (loss of memory); harshness, irritability; depression, anxiety; thought and tendency about spiritual and physical suicide etc.

Sensual disorders and diseases: all kind off loosing ability to hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell

Mental and Sensual disorders and diseases

low immunity; cholesterol disorders, hypertension (blood pressure), heart attack; arthritis (endless joint pain); fatigue syndrome (endless weakness); migraine (endless headache), all kind of skin diseases, acidity (APD), early hair fall (greying); piles (fissure); constipation, obesity (overweight), diabetes mellitus; Asthma (cough recurrent), tuberculosis; stones: urine, kidney etc.

Physical disorders diseases

These are just few physical disorders diseases, which are common for our Bramacharies ashram and congregation Devotees, witch generally starts simply from our Eating – Sleeping – Working too much or too little, without proper preventive health consciousness, which is so important in our Sadhana Bhakti stage to Please Guru, to Please Krishna

Disorders and diseases

Throughout PREMA BHAKTI activities we wish to give experience of real Love and hope in KRISHNA PREMA to all Devotees, who are worried, feeling neglected, rejected etc.

PREMA BHAKTI activities

Genuinely serving Krishna’s Devotees in minute details by helping and encouraging for Sincere, Undivided and Unalloyed Prema Bhakti. By means of healthy life style education and holistic treatment to help Devotees fully Surrender to Guru/ Sadhu/Shastra – Counsellors and Devotional Service Leader


Thank You so Much for You noble present 


His Holiness Radhanath Swami

Sri SriRadhaGopinat temple (

Bhaktivedanta Hospital (

PremaBhkati in Balanced and Healthy lifestyle -

For more details Please check web

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