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Managed care health care reform
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Managed Care & Health Care Reform. Cost of Health Care $1.03 trillion in 1997 15% of GNP 4%-5% annual increase in health care spending. Division of Health Care Costs. Hospital care 34% Physician care 20% Together make up 54% of health care costs Home Health care3%

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Managed Care & Health Care Reform

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Managed care health care reform l.jpg

Managed Care & Health Care Reform

Cost of Health Care

$1.03 trillion in 1997

15% of GNP

4%-5% annual increase in health care spending

Division of health care costs l.jpg

Division of Health Care Costs

Hospital care 34%

Physician care 20%

  • Together make up 54% of health care costs

    Home Health care3%

    Public Health3%


The uninsured l.jpg

The Uninsured

43.6 million in 2002

15.2% of population

1 in 7 uninsured

Characteristics of the uninsured l.jpg

Characteristics of the Uninsured

Born in America12.8%

Naturalized citizen 17.5%

Not a citizen43.3%

Blacks 16.9%



Other 5.4%

Household income for uninsured l.jpg

Household Income for Uninsured

Under $25,000 23.5%

$25,000 - $49,00019.3 %

$50,000 – 74,99911.8%

$75,000 & over 8.2%

Education of uninsured l.jpg

Education of Uninsured

No high school28.0%

High school graduate18.8%

Some college, no degree15.0%

Associate degree12.1%

Bachelor’s degree & higher 8.4%

Employment l.jpg


Private sector60.2%


Public sector 5.5%


Health of uninsured l.jpg

Health of Uninsured

No use of preventive health care

Seek treatment when illness more advanced

Receive inadequate care

Higher morbidity and mortality rates

Response of us government to health care crisis l.jpg

Response of US Government to Health Care Crisis

Retrospective payment system

Reimbursement per unit of service

Prospective payment system

Reimbursement based on average value of service

Managed care plans l.jpg

Managed Care Plans


Prepaid health insurance plans

Health care providers accept lower payments

Gatekeepers to health care services

Positive influence of managed care plans l.jpg

Positive Influence of Managed Care Plans

Expanded role for nurses

Increased emphasis on health promotion & disease prevention

Negative influences of managed care plans l.jpg

Negative Influences of Managed Care Plans

Built incentive to limit referrals to specialists

Physicians leaving medicine

Most are for profit organizations

Limited ability to sue managed care organizations

Employment retirement income security act erisa 1974 l.jpg

Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 1974

Protects employer-sponsored pensions from litigation (HMO’S)

Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act

Health insurance accountability act l.jpg

Health Insurance Accountability Act

Ensures can change jobs without losing health insurance coverage

Guarantees coverage for small companies & self-employed individuals

Provides new benefits for self-employed

Consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act cobra 1986 l.jpg

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) 1986

Provides insurance when unemployed


Termination orEmployee,18 months

Reduced hrs.Spouse, child

Divorce orSpouse, child36 months


Health care options l.jpg

Health Care Options

Maintain current Managed Care Plan option

  Create National Health Insurance Plan (one-payer system or Universal Health Care)

Managed Competition

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