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SECTRA North America. Sectra Orthopedics Market Opportunity. Dedicated to Orthopedic PACS. Mission Statement. To increase the effectiveness and quality of patient care in Orthopaedics. A Trusted Provider of Medical IT Solutions. Pedigree : Founded in 1978 out of Linkoping Institute

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Sectra Orthopedics Market Opportunity

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Sectra orthopedics market opportunity

SECTRA North America

Sectra Orthopedics

Market Opportunity

Dedicated to Orthopedic PACS

Mission statement

Mission Statement

To increase the effectiveness and quality of patient care in Orthopaedics.

A trusted provider of medical it solutions

A Trusted Provider of Medical IT Solutions

  • Pedigree: Founded in 1978 out of Linkoping Institute

    • Strong academic & scientific foundation

  • Experience: 20+ years of PACS development & deployment

  • Scope: 400+ employees in >12 countries

    • Stability: Public / Profitable / Zero debt

  • Achievement: 2ndin worldwide PACS market share

    > 1000 Installations worldwide (60+ Private Orthopaedic Groups)

    > 40 million annual imaging exams run on Sectra PACS

    Thousands of daily Sectra PACS user

Prominent user community

Prominent User Community

Strategic considerations when selecting an orthopedic pacs

Strategic considerations whenselecting an Orthopedic PACS

  • Corporate and Financial Stability

  • System Stability and Scalability

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Orthopedic-specific Tools and Functionality

  • Ease-of-Use

  • Image Portability

  • Support/Services

A successful implementation has the potential to increase practice productivity, while purchasing the “wrong” PACS will be paid for many times over, and is a decision that is not easily reversed.

1 corporate and financial stability

1. Corporate and Financial Stability

  • As a strategic capital purchase, the choice of vendor is critical.

    • Will the company be there in 5/10/15 years?

    • Are they profitable or just positioning themselves to be sold/acquired?

    • Privately held vs publically traded

    • Recent financial performance

    • Tenure and market knowledge of sales and management personnel

    • Does the company have a reputation/track record for product innovation/improvements or just “bug fixes”?

    • Will the systems evolve as our practice evolves (New or additional Technologies, Modalities, Facilities, Providers, etc)?

Sectra has been a recognized market-leader in PACS for over 20 years and has received numerous technology and service awards.

Sectra financial details 1 of 4

Sectra Financial Details (1 of 4)

  • Sectra has grown by its own funding at an average of 17+% over the last 7-year period

  • Sectra has always been profitable, and has a strong cash flow position

  • Sectra has a solid financial position with an equity/debt ratio of nearly 60 %

  • Sectra is publicly traded, with stable and long term ownership

Sectra is among the companies that command Dun & Bradstreet’s highest credit rating: AAA

Sectra financial details 2 of 4

Sectra Financial Details (2 of 4)

  • Order bookings exceed SEK 1 billion for the first time (>$165M)

  • Revenue of SEK 743 Million (>$120mill) and a profit margin of 10.7 % for fiscal year 2007/2008.

  • International net sales accounts for 66.8 % of Sectra’s total revenue.

  • Public company: Listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm since 1999.

  • Net sales in the US grew at +14.8 %

  • Continued build-out of direct sales and service organization

Net sales by business segment 2007/2008

Net sales by geographical market 2007/2008

Rest of the World




Secure communication systems 13%

Medical systems 87%

North America 27%

Rest of Europe


Sectra financial details 3 of 4

Sectra Financial Details (3 of 4)

Net sales, SEK million

Sectra financial details 4 of 4

Sectra Financial Details (4 of 4)

Earnings after financial items, SEK million

2 system stability and scalability

2. System Stability and Scalability

  • Time tested system – proven over 20+ years at an “enterprise” level

    • 24/7/365

    • >99.99% proven uptimes (“Four 9’s”)

    • Multiple locations/facilities

    • Multiple modalities

    • Redundant image storage

    • Dozens of viewing stations/devices

    • >1000 worldwide installations (many at 24/7/365 institutions)

    • > 40 Million exams pass through Sectra PACS annually!

  • User-driven product development = Designed to meet your future needs/requirements

  • PACS is an evloving, growing asset......timely development of new capabilities is critical to your clinic

  • Proven technology = Risk mitigation &

  • Peace-of-mind for our customers

3 integration capabilities

3. Integration Capabilities

  • Being DICOM & HL7 “compliant” isn’t enough

    • Sectra personnel reside on these committees and are active in the creation of the standards

    • Increase efficiency through ”brokerless” DICOM modality worklist

    • Image enabling your EMR with Sectra’s Context-based integration (CBI) is a critical component of optimizing clinic workflow

    • Can/Will your vendor perform these services or do they “pass the buck?”

  • Best-of-breed integration and modality interfacing

    • PACS is Sectra’s core competency

    • We are not distracted by the development/sale/support of other products

The full strategic potential of PACS can only be realized if it can be integrated with the practice’s existing (and future) information systems and modalities.

4 orthopedic specific tools and functionality

4. Orthopedic-specific Toolsand Functionality

  • Is the vendor truly committed to Orthopedics?

    • How many private Orthopedic practice installations do they have?

    • Any the same size/scope as us?

    • Do they understand the unique workflow at an Orthopedic group our size?

    • Have they successfully implemented/trained/supported a group our size/scope?

    • Do they have their own, fully-integrated, Orthopedic planning/templating solution or is it a 3rd party plug-in?

  • All Sectra solutions are customizable, thus providing the capability to optimize workflow at the user/group/practice level

Sectra has over 300 installations running our OrthoStation™ surgical planning/templating solution

Sectra orthostation

Sectra OrthoStation™

  • Digital templating using implants from all major manufacturers (DePuy, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, Biomet, Stryker, Wright Medical and many more)

  • Automatic Image calibration for optimum templating accuracy

  • Limited-click templating “wizards” for joint replacement surgery planning

  • Leg-length & Femoral offset calculations

  • Fracture/anatomy re-positioning tool

  • Advanced MR/CT capabilities for Sports Medicine (MPR, Cine, Key images, 3-D, etc)

  • Osteotomy planning

  • Automatic retrieval and display of prior exams for comparison

  • Customized display protocols based on physician’s own preferences

  • Scoliosis/Spine image toolsets

  • Measurements, Angles, Annotations, Zoom, Magnification glass, Cine loop/bounce, etc.

  • OrthoStation provides surgeons with the most information possible in the fewest amount of clicks

Sectra orthostation1

Sectra OrthoStation™

5 ease of use

5. Ease-of-Use

  • Is the system easy to maintain/support from an IT perspective?

  • Is the system customizable at the individual user level to optimize workflow? (One size does NOT fit all)

  • Dicom Modality Worklist (DMWL)

  • Minimal clicks vs click “intensive”

  • Any image, Anytime, Anywhere?

  • Web-based?

2007 technology award for Healthcare

2006 Frost & Sullivan’s “Imaging company of the year”

6 image portability

6. Image Portability

  • Can the system:

    • Communicate with other PACS (Hospital, reading radiologist, etc) for import/export of images for use in/from the O.R.?

    • Import DICOM and Non-DICOM images from other PACS, CD/DVD, Jump drive, etc.?

    • Export images (including templating results) to CD/DVD, “Jump” drives, Printers, etc.?

    • Teleradiology?

    • Provide any image, anywhere, anytime access via the web?

Sectra can and does!

7 support services

7. Support/Services

  • Top-rated customer satisfaction

    • #2 KLAS ranking – Ambulatory PACS (Highest score of any Orthopedic-focused vendor)

  • Experienced Implementation/Service/Helpdesk

    • 60+ Orthopedic sites (>1000 sites worldwide)

    • On-site implementation & training using “best practices” methodology

    • Company-trained Field Service Engineers

    • ISO:9001 accredited

  • PACS-Guard™

    • 24/7/365 Remote Systems Monitoring

    • Remote “Assistance”

  • Sectra-Guard™ Disaster recovery services

  • Sectra University & eLearning

  • Sectra Customer “UserWeb”

“For its unparalleled excellence from all perspectives – business development, competitive strategy, and customer service leadership – Sectra is the undisputed choice for the Medical Imaging Company of the year Award” - FROST & SULLIVAN

The sectra value proposition

The Sectra value proposition

  • Highest customer satisfaction rating of any Orthopedic PACS vendor

  • Large install base of accounts at highly prominent Orthopedic groups throughout the country

  • Customizable, User-defined Workflow

  • No 3rd party applications

  • Most advanced image analysis and pre-surgical planning toolsets

  • Company & Product Stability

  • Renowned service/support organization

  • Your PACS Partner in Orthopedics

  • A stable vendor for two decades

  • Experience in the PACS business matched by few

  • Global reach, local presence

  • A future oriented company that never stops listening and innovating

Sectra orthopedics market opportunity

Any Image, Anywhere, Anytime

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