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Section C
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Section C. Family Tree. grandfather. __________/grandmother. aunt. father/_______. uncle/______. mother. ______/daughter. sister. cousin. daughter/_____. brother/_____. son. sister son cousin grandfather mother aunt. 2a. 听录音,在你听到的单词后打勾( )。. √.

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Section C

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Section c

Section C

Section c

Family Tree













sister son cousin grandfather mother aunt

Section c

2a.听录音,在你听到的单词后打勾( )。

grandfather____ grandmother____ cousin____ father____ mother____ uncle____ aunt____ brother____ sister____


Section c

D: This is my aunt,

and this is my uncle.

L: And is she your cousin?

D: Yes, and those are her friends.

Read the letter and draw a picture of emma s family

Read the letter and draw a picture of Emma’s family

Section c

Read 1a again and fill in the blanks.

This is a photo of Kangkang’s ______________. The young man in green

T-shirt is his _____________ .The young woman in yellow is his __________.

They have a __________. The young woman in red and the young man in

black are his _____________.Kangkang ,his grandparents and his _______

are on the sofa.Kangkang has a big family

Section c

This is a family photo.

This is the father.

This is…the mother.

These are the grandparents.

These are the brothers….

Those are the uncle and aunt

Section c

Talk about Xiao Bing’s family

Xiao Hua (father)

Liu Mei (mother)

Xiao Yuan (sister)

Xiao Bing's family



  • 抄写单词两遍 并准备听写.

  • 背诵P.85 Unit 3 SectionB,2a,2b,3a

  • Write a letter.

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