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Three Major Motivations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quaestio : What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history? Nunc Agenda : Complete the DBQ worksheet… “What Motivated Europeans to Explore?”. Three Major Motivations. GOLD. Three Major Motivations. GOD. Three Major Motivations.

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Three Major Motivations

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Quaestio: What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history?Nunc Agenda: Complete the DBQ worksheet…“What Motivated Europeans to Explore?”

Three Major Motivations


Three Major Motivations


Three Major Motivations


The Need for Spices!

  • All the best trade goods came from Asia (spices, silks, etc)

  • Black Death and fall of the Mongol Empire weakened trade

  • Asia-Europe trade was dominated by Arabs and Italians

  • Other European countries wanted access to trade with Asia

  • Most important place = Moluccas (modern day Indonesia)

    • Known as the “Spice Islands” or the “East Indies”

  • A new route to the Indies had to be found!!!

Indian Ocean Trade

Silk Road

Moluccas (aka Spice Islands)

Around Africa to Asia

  • Portugal sponsored first explorations

    • 1415- Prince Henry conquered Canary Islands, Madeira, and Azores near Spain

    • 1488- With the help of cartogrpahers, Bartholomeu Dias successfully navigated around the Southern tip of Africa (named Cape of Good Hope)

    • 1497- Vasco De Gama made it all the way to India made enormous profits (though many in his crew died of scurvy)

Go West to Go East

  • Italian navigator Christopher Columbus convinces Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to finance his idea to get the Indies by going West around the Earth (underestimated Earth’s size)

  • Spain had just completed the Reconquista, expelling Muslims and Jews, who took much wealth and knowledge with them, and F and I wanted to strengthen their power, so they were desperate

So… Where Are We Exactly?

  • 1492- Columbus instead found the Americas in his way, but first mistook them for the Indies

  • When it was clear this was NOT Asia, F & I asked the Pope (also Spanish) to grant Spain all of the New World

  • Pope set the Line of Demarcation dividing the non-European world between Portugal (East) and Spain (West)

Just a Little Further…

  • French, Dutch, English try to find a way across through the North… no luck

  • 1513- Vasco Nuñez de Balboa crosses Panama and finds the Pacific Ocean!

  • 1519- Ferdinand Magellan and his crew sailed all the way around the bottom of South America (1520), and then 4 months later made it to the Philippines, where Magellan was killed

  • By 1521 the rest of the crew made it back to Spain, having circumnavigated the globe

Quaestio: What aspects of the story of the “discovery” of the “New World” are most valuable to us as history?Activity: Read the documents related to the story of Columbus, answer the questions, and then consider the Quaestio…

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