Israel and gaza according to the 5 dimensions
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Israel and Gaza According to the 5 Dimensions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Israel and Gaza According to the 5 Dimensions. From 2005-Present. Dimension 1: Who is Involved?. Intergroup- Palestinians fighting amongst themselves- (Hamas v. Fatah)

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Israel and gaza according to the 5 dimensions

Israel and GazaAccording to the 5 Dimensions

From 2005-Present

Dimension 1 who is involved
Dimension 1: Who is Involved?

  • Intergroup- Palestinians fighting amongst themselves- (Hamas v. Fatah)

  • International- Both Palestinians in Gaza and the Israelis have allies internationally and support the conflict through $$$ and arms

    • Iran, Turkey, Arab countries (less since Arab Spring)

    • US, EU, Canada and Israel consider Hamas a terrorist organization

  • Transboundary-they are fighting over a border

Dimension 2 what are the sources of the conflict
Dimension #2 What are the sources of the Conflict

  • Conflict over Resources: they are fighting over control of land Palestine/Israel

  • Conflict over Values: Religion and the ties to the land are significant for both sides

  • Conflict over Psychological needs: Palestinians want the right to “self-determination”-

    • Self-Determination is the right of a people to govern itself and chose the political and legal status of the territory it occupies (Evans 497).

Dimension 3 relationships between conflicting parties
Dimension #3: Relationships between conflicting parties

  • In biblical terms the Muslims and the Jews are both Children of Abraham

  • Relationship is characterized as hostile, suspicious, and emotionally tense

  • There is a tremendous power imbalance (Israel is militarily and economically stronger)

  • There is also an interdependence- Gaza is reliant on Israel for supplies being let into the territory

Dimension 3 continued
Dimension #3: Continued

  • Currently a positive relationship is not valued-Hamas’ charter seeks to destroy Israel

  • “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility. The Palestinian people are too noble to have their future, their right and their destiny submitted to a vain game” (Article 13 Hamas Charter).

Dimension 3 continued1
Dimension #3: Continued

  • Article 16 The Jihad for the liberation of Palestine is an individual duty

  • While there are cultural similarities-the relationship is extremely hostile

Dimension 4 what is the history of the conflict
Dimension #4: What is the History of the Conflict?

  • CNN Timeline


Dimension 5 how do we choose to deal with the conflict
Dimension #5: How do we choose to deal with the conflict?

  • There is a pattern of engagement usually through direct force

  • These periods are met with attempts to diffuse the conflict such as cease-fires

  • Goldstone report and its subsequent retraction is an example of data gathering

  • In periods of calm the parties use avoidance