New affects of the new deal it s legacy
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New affects of the New Deal & it’s Legacy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New affects of the New Deal & it’s Legacy. Chapter 23 Sections 3, 4, & 5. I President Fails to Support Civil Rights A. African Americans. FDR did not support civil rights because he was afraid of upsetting Southern whites who were key Dem. Voters

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New affects of the New Deal & it’s Legacy

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New affects of the New Deal & it’s Legacy

Chapter 23 Sections 3, 4, & 5

I President Fails to Support Civil RightsA. African Americans

  • FDR did not support civil rights because he was afraid of upsetting Southern whites who were key Dem. Voters

    • Some ND programs clearly discr. Against AF. AM. (favored whites for direct relief/paid less then whites)

  • Af. Am. In general abandoned their allegiance to the Republican party and supported FDR Democrat

B. Mexican Americans & Native Americans

  • Tended to support FDR too despite receiving even less benefits than af. Am.

  • Nat. Amer. Received strong support from New Deal

    • 1933 FDR appoints Native American John Collier who passed Indian Reorganization Act

      • Were able to restore some land to Nat. Amer. Due to this bill

II New Deal Coalition

  • New Deal Coalition= an alignment of diverse groups dedicated to supporting the Democratic Party

    • Southern whites, urban groups, Af. Am., unionized industrial workers

  • This voting bloc enabled Dem. To dominate pol. Throughout 30s – 40s

    • Labor Unions contributed funds to campaigns

    • Urbanites, especially in large northern cities-benefitting from New Deal labor prog.- and turned out to vote for him

III Movies, Radio, Art & Literature in Depression AmericaA. Movies & Radio

  • Films offered pure escape from the harsh realities of the depression by presenting visions of wealth, romance, & good times

    • Gone with the Wind (1939) & the Wizard of Oz (1939)

  • Even bigger than movies was Radio as almost every home had one

    • Fam gathered to listen to fav. Shows or fireside chats

      • Green Hornet & Lone Ranger

    • Orsen Welles created the War of the Worlds

B. Art and Literature

  • Unlike radio & movies, Art and Literature of the time depicted the hardships of the avg. amer.

    • Grant Wood’s American Gothic

  • Federal Arts Project= provided living wage to produce public art

  • Federal Writers Project= hired unemployed writers to produce city guides & histories of ethnic and minority groups

    • Steinbeck author of Grapes of Wraths received assistance from this group

IV The Impact of the New DealA. Banking and Finance

  • ND established subsidizing farmers and setting min. wagesppl having more $$ to spend

  • Est. Securities & Exchange Commission which monitors the stock market and enforces laws regarding the sale of stocks and bonds

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reassures indv. Depositors that their savings are protected against loss

B. Legacies of the New Deal

  • Fed. Gov’t assumed some responsibility for social welfare of its citizens

    • I.E. Social Security--> provides old age insurance program, unemployment compensation, & disabled

  • Has helped cushion individuals experiencing hard time

    • Seen in the worse days of the Great Recession and today in this slowly improving econ.

  • We also benefit from the ND efforts to protect the environment

    • CCCplanted trees, created hiking trails, etc

  • Gov’t deficit increased w/ all of these programs leading into WWII

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