espn360 high school football video plan
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ESPN360 High School Football Video Plan

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ESPN360 High School Football Video Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESPN360 High School Football Video Plan. Date: August 21, 2006 Prepared For: SLT Prepared By: Pete Hayes, Ken Arndt, Ted Vagelos, Bob O’Keefe. ESPN360: High School Football Strategy. Value added content for Frontier High Speed Internet

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espn360 high school football video plan

ESPN360High School Football Video Plan

Date: August 21, 2006

Prepared For: SLT

Prepared By: Pete Hayes, Ken Arndt, Ted Vagelos, Bob O’Keefe

espn360 high school football strategy
ESPN360: High School Football Strategy
  • Value added content for Frontier High Speed Internet
  • Drive incremental and frequent usage of Frontier Portal to drive revenue
  • Value added component for Frontier Community Connections (required for ESPN360: High School Football filming)
  • Drive incremental revenue via:
    • ESPN online store sales
    • Online Ad and product sales
    • Pay-per-view game viewing outside Frontier Footprint
espn360 high school football process
ESPN360: High School Football Process

1. Collection of School Data

2. School/Game Selection Process

3. Assign Liaisons

4. Identify Decision Makers

5. Event Details (Filming)

6. Execute Agreement

7. Event Planning

8. Event Execution

espn360 high school football process1
ESPN360: High School Football Process

1. Collection Of School Data

  • Contact local (in territory) employees to identify regional football rivalries
  • Obtain game schedules
  • Review school and regional demographics
  • Get school contact information (Principle, Coach, PTA, Clubs)

2. School/Game Selection Process

  • Enrollment potential (sales)
  • Approximate Game Attendance (measure of potential sales opportunities)
  • Interest in participating in FCC program
  • Both schools located in territory
  • Game must take place in territory
  • Game date (Is there enough time to correctly prepare for the event?)
  • Available media resources (promotion)
espn360 high school football process2
ESPN360: High School Football Process

3. Assign Liaisons

  • Input from Direct Sales - If assigned account (relationship)
  • Identify local employees that are existing members (PTA, Boosters Club, etc.)
  • Frontline employees, through developed customer relationships, will identify potential conforming FCC partner lists to be contacted by ACM to discuss possible fundraising support from Frontier.

4. Identify Decision Makers

  • Engage Athletic Director/Head Coach as the key decision maker
  • Identify the Booster and athletic clubs

5. Event Details (Filming)

  • ESPN to supply Frontier with give away items for game day promotion
  • Frontier will arrange for the filming of event to ensure high quality and editing
  • Frontier will edit content and supply ESPN360 with broadband ready content for play – full game by quarter and condensed 15 minute version
espn360 high school football process3
ESPN360: High School Football Process

6. Execute Agreement

  • One school must be an active FCC member to participate in the ESPN offer
  • Complete contract
  • Assign member partner number
  • Notify payroll for compensation enrollment
  • Notify liaison of new group status

7. Event Planning

  • Liaison will work with Territory Marketing Manager to secure event materials
  • Liaison will work with partner organizations to schedule and staff event, set up tables, and place marketing materials.
  • Territory Marketing Manager will coordinate with local media outlets to increase FCC awareness and advertise the event.
espn360 high school football process4
ESPN360: High School Football Process

8. Event Execution

  • Coordinate with local media (Radio, Television, Print Outlets) to promote ESPN360 event broadcast
  • Media Kit prepared and provided to organization
  • Press release
  • Literature for students to increase event awareness
  • Frontier/ESPN360 kiosk at site demonstrating content
  • Tables set up with ESPN360, Frontier Community Connections, Frontier Rewards, and product offers
  • Frontier HSI and DISH demonstrations
  • Ability to take and process orders
  • ESPN/Football related give away items
  • Local Retail Offices promote event (where applicable)

Marketing Plan: East Region

1. Prior to Game Strategy

  • Utilize local media to advertise event
    • Newspaper and radio one week prior to game
      • Increase product awareness (sales)
      • Increase game attendance (sales opportunities)

2. Game Initiatives

  • Sales Opportunities/Product Awareness
    • Frontier/Booster Tables
      • Product Demonstrations (HSI, ESPN360 Kiosk, Product Materials)
      • Product Sales/Leads
    • Hand outs (gift bags) Frontier/ESPN product materials & contact information

3. Post Game Strategy

  • Utilize local media to promote ESPN360 Content & Game Replay
    • Newspaper and radio one week after content is made available
    • Direct community to Frontier Portal (Increase traffic & ability to direct market)
    • ESPN360 one time pass (Obtain customer information for future marketing initiatives)

Game Selection

Ranking System

  • Ranking system is based on a total of 10 points.
    • Enrollment
    • Estimated Attendance/Sales Opportunity
    • Local Assessment Of Game Value


  • Based on number of students in each franchise school unless out of franchise school has contiguous overlap to our CSA.(example: Amsterdam serves Montgomery County)


> 2000 students 4

1400-1999 3

900-1399 2

< 899 1


Game Selection

Estimated Attendance

  • Determined by school and local employees input based on previous games
  • Number of in franchise schools determines addressable market
  • 50 % percentage of attendees will be adults (sales opportunities)

>2500 4 pts

1200-2499         3 pts

600-1199 2 pts

< 599 1 pt

Local Assessment of Game Value

  •  Local employees asked to rate games based on 4 pt system.
    • Value
    • Size of schools
    • Estimated attendance
    • Relationship (assigned Sales) (Rating of 3 or 4 +2pts, Rating of 1 or 2 +1pt)

Game Selection


  • Timeframe
    • Amount of time to plan event and ranking system. Late August and early September Games that were ranked high in the stack ranking were dropped due to time constraints
  •  Teams In Franchise
    • First choice are games with both opponents in franchise or schools with a contiguous out of franchise students
    • Deduct 2 points if one team is out of franchise
  •  East Region Results - Game Candidates
      • New York
        • 9/29 Johnstown vs Fonda 4 rating
        • 9/30 Gloversville vs Amsterdam* 6rating
  •  October Game Candidates
      • East Region
        •  10/6 Monroe(NY) vs NFA* 7 rating but 1 school is out of franchise
        • 10/6 Statesboro(Ga)vs Greenbrier* 8 rating but Greenbrier is OOF in Augusta
        • 10/20 Cookeville vs Cumberland 8 rating/both in CSA
        • 10/20 Norwich vs Oneonta* 4 rating Oneonta is OOF

Game Selection

Revenue Matrix

  • Adult attendance at Games is estimate at 50%
  • Game attendance is based on number of in franchise participants
  • Take rate estimated at 10% (HSI, Packages, DISH)
  • Sales Opportunities are segmented as follows
    • 40% No Data Customers
    • 20% Current Frontier HSI Customers
    • 20% Cable High Speed Customers
    • 10% Frontier Dial-up Customers
    • 10% Other Dial-up