Electrical industry drug free alliance
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Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance”. ScreenSafe Inc . Program Administrators Employee Resource Systems, Inc. Members Assistance Program. The Alliance.

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Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance”

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Electrical Industry Drug-Free “Alliance”

ScreenSafe Inc.

Program Administrators

Employee Resource Systems, Inc. Members Assistance Program

The Alliance

The Electrical Contractors’ Association of City of Chicago and Local 134, I.B.E.W. have formed a partnership to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse

Alliance Goals and Objectives

  • Recognition of the problem;

  • Development of a comprehensive policy;

  • Educate Participants;

  • Promote the Member Assistance Program, MAP;

  • Implement a fair and respectful drug testing program that conforms to Federal drug testing standards.

Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • The use of alcohol or drugs by employees during working hours on the job site or on company property (including company vehicles) is absolutely prohibited.

  • Participants are required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with this policy.

Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • No participant will be tested for alcohol unless a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is under the influence of alcohol, or they are involved in an OSHA recordable on the job accident.

  • Participants subject to this policy continue to have access to the usual protections provided as part of their union membership.

Policy Requirements and Prohibitions

  • All members of the Alliance shall be considered part of the testing pool and will be tested over a 2 year period.

  • Participants will be selected randomly from the 50% pool.

  • Participants who complete the testing process will not be returned to the 50% pool.

  • At the same time there will be an ongoing 10% pool.

Testing Procedures

  • Names picked from the random pool.

  • ScreenSafe calls referral to find out where union member is working.

  • Designated (Company or Union) Representative called and informed to expect a fax regarding participants being tested.

Testing Procedures

  • ScreenSafe makes calls to Designated Representative in the AM.

  • Forms sent to Designated Representative:

    • Testing Procedures for the Electrical Industry Drug Free Alliance

    • List of Collection Sites

  • By the end of the business day, the Designated Representative informs participant that his/her name has been selected.

Testing Procedures

  • Participants given one hour off with regular wages and fringe benefits. (Paid by Employer)

  • Participants are given until end of next business day to take test.

At The Collection Site

  • The Alliance Drug Test Information and Instruction Sheet

  • Authorization for Consent to Drug Analysis and Authorization of Release of Results for Testing

  • Release of Information Signed for MRO, MAP and ScreenSafe

At The Collection Site

  • Participant signs consent forms

  • Collection Site technician faxes Consent and Release form back to ScreenSafe.

Testing Procedures

  • If the test is negative, no further action is taken.

  • If the test is positive, the Medical Review Officer (MRO) calls participant to validate reason for positive.

  • If no valid reason found, participant is in violation of policy.

Testing Procedures

  • Testing will also be done when there is “reasonable suspicion”.

  • Accelerated testing (follow-up) takes place (based on MAP recommendation) once a participant tests positive and has returned to work.

Testing Procedures - Safeguards

  • Integrity of specimens insured by utilization of one collection procedure at all sites

  • All labs have DHHS certification

  • All positives confirmed by GC/MS

  • MRO reviews all drug test positives

Testing Procedures – Safeguards

  • Urine samples separated into two containers at time of collection

  • Other forms of testing for participants with confirmed medical conditions

  • Blind testing

Testing Occasions - Portability

  • These provisions will apply to those individuals working under the portability rules.

  • All traveling craftpersons will be subject to:

    • Initial testing

    • Random testing – 10% pool

Testing Occasions - Portability

  • Craftperson will be allowed to report to work immediately after providing a urine specimen for testing.

  • A positive test for any prohibited substance result in immediate termination.

Testing Occasions - Portability

Participants who are called to work assignments that are anticipated to last three (3) days or less are subject to the Alliance drug-free workplace policy, but may be exempt from the drug-testing program.

Policy Violations

  • Policy Violations can include;

    • Having a positive test result.

    • Failing to take a test as scheduled

    • Failing to keep a scheduled appointment with MAP or

    • Failing to participate in and/or complete the assigned treatment or education program

Policy Violations

  • Policy Violations can include (continued);

    • Substituting another substance or specimen

    • Providing a dilute specimen for a second time without a valid medical explanation

    • Providing a urine specimen which shows the presence of an adulterant


  • Upon a first notice of non-compliance;

    • Participant will be referred to the MAP for evaluation

    • Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program

    • Participant may be returned to work prior to program completion

  • The participant may be placed in a one year accelerated testing program.


  • Upon the second notice of non-compliance;

    • The participant will be terminated from the program


  • ScreenSafe will let the Designated Representative from the participants company(if applicable)know that the participant is unavailable.

  • ScreenSafe will notify John Donahue at the Apprentice School.

  • Participants will receive written notices confirming their non-compliance and providing them with information to assist them in returning to compliance.

The Next Steps

  • Participant education

    • Contract MAP if you need help

    • Review Policy

  • Initiate testing

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