Advanced t dmb at dmb standard for enhanced mobile tv service
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Advanced T-DMB (AT-DMB) standard for Enhanced Mobile TV Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14. Advanced T-DMB (AT-DMB) standard for Enhanced Mobile TV Service. DJey KIM( TTA. Highlight of Current Activities. Standardization Status of TTA PG801. Work scope of TTA PG801(DMB Project Group) Development of DMB Standards

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Advanced T-DMB (AT-DMB) standard for Enhanced Mobile TV Service

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Presentation Transcript

Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14

Advanced T-DMB (AT-DMB) standardfor Enhanced Mobile TV Service



Highlight of Current Activities

Standardization Status of TTA PG801

  • Work scope of TTA PG801(DMB Project Group)

    • Development of DMB Standards

    • Promoting the international harmonization of DMB standards

  • TTA T-DMB Standards

    • T-DMB Basic interface standards (’05)

    • T-DMB data broadcasting Standards (’08)

  • International Harmonization

    • T-DMB Specification was reflected in ITU-R REC-BT.1883 (‘07)

    • T-DMB Middleware platform Specification(TTAS.KO-07.0049) is expected to harmonize with ETSI standard in 2009

Highlight of Current Activities

T-DMB Service in Korea

  • Service coverage

    • Launched T-DMB commercial service (‘05, Korea)

    • Nowadays, T-DMB service covers the whole national area including Seoul subway area

  • T-DMB receivers

    • The Number of DMB receivers reached 15 mil. (‘08)

    • - Every family owns at least one T-DMB receiver

  • DMB Market

    • T-DMB DMB receiver market is strongly driven by two types of convergence devices such as mobile phones and car navigation systems

      • * Mobile operators(KT) have begun to aggressively push interactive services based on BIFS technology to create additional revenue using T-DMB.

      • * Most navigation systems now support DMB In addition TPEG services are becoming another attractive feature of DMB enabled navigation systems(Real-time traffic information via TPEG)

Highlight of Current Activities

T-DMB Service in Korea

  • Network Cost

    • The network investment of T-DMB is less than that the other Mobile TV service with similar coverage

  • Channel capacity

    • But, T-DMB could provide less number of services than the other Mobile TV.

    • More channel capacity for variety multimedia and data services is required within the limited frequency band.

  • Need to make new enhanced standard

    • There is an urgent need for the next step in the mobile broadcasting technology compensating T-DMB to penetrate the global mobile broadcasting market.

Strategic Direction

  • Requirements for new enhanced standard(AT-DMB)

    • The Backward compatible with the T-DMB service

    • Increasing data rate up to maximum twice vs.T-DMB data rate

    • Multi-Channel Service (mobile environment)

      • - Provides additive A/V and data services

  • High-Quality Service (fixed environment)

    • - Provides near SD image quality video service & multi-channel audio service

  • More service models of new enhanced standard(AT-DMB)

    • Available as DTV alternative service in developing countries

    • TPEG, BWS, Clipcasting, Filecasting servicesin the mobile environment shall be able to apply

    • Interactive data services using extended channels of AT-DMB and wireless communications

  • Challenges

    • AT-DMB service is composed of base layer and enhancement layer

      • Base layer : T-DMB service

      • Enhancement layer : additional data service and video

    Concept of multi-channel service

    Concept of High-quality service


    • More Hierarchical Modulation (employed for backward compatibility & increasing payload)

      • Technique for multiplexing and modulating multiple data streams into one single symbol stream (This Modulation was also adopted to TIA Mediaflo and ETSI DVT-T Spec)

    • Turbo code

      • Enhancement layer requires high performance channel code

      • This has better performance compared with convolutional code applied to T-DMB

    Future Direction

    • As TTA Standard

    • TTA PG801 completed AT-DMB std.& published in June 18, 2009

    • Enhancement layer : additional data service and video

  • For International Harmonization

    • This AT-DMB technology has been presented at WorldDMB Meeting

    • This AT-DMB technology will be contributed to ITU-R SG6 at the end of 2009

  • Future Direction

    • For enhancement of service

      • Interoperable service technology with various wireless communication network like WiBro and WCDMA

      • Interactive data services using extended channels of AT-DMB and wireless communications

      • Providing user participation in services with a return channel through communication network

    AT-DMB Network

    BL Service Channels




    T-DMB interactive services








    EL Service Channels


    AT-DMB interactive services

    Interactive Data

    Wireless communication network

    (WiBro, WCDMA, etc.)

    Supplementary Slides

    AT-DMB Standard Overview

    AT-DMB Standard

    AT-DMB System Overview

    System Structure

    AT-DMB Service model(1)

    AT-DMB Service Model – DTV alternative service in developing


    • High-Quality Broadcasting Service

      • Mobile Environment : Video Service with the QVGA (CIF) size

      • Fixed Environment : Video service with the VGA size (Scalable Video Coding)


    QVGA  VGA

    Fixed Environment


    Mobile Environment


    AT-DMB Service model(2)

    AT-DMB Service Model – Data Broadcasting Service

    • TPEG, BWS, Clipcasting, Filecasting servicesin the mobile environment

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

    Audio 1

    Benefit of AT-DMB(1)

    Multi-Channel AT-DMB

    Additive Channel (EL)

    Basic Channel [BL)


    Video 1

    Video 1

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Benefits of AT-DMB(2)

    High Quaility Mode

    High-Quality Channel (EL)

    Basic Channel [BL)

    Video 1


    Benefits of AT-DMB(3)

    Local Broadcasting Service




    BL: Existing T-DMB service for resolving the shadowing area

    EL: Location based service

    - Local advertisement, Local bulletin service, Disaster Broadcasting etc.

    Comparison of Mobile-TV Spec

    T-DMB Market Share in Korea

    Modes for Hierarchical Modulation

    Operation Mode

    • B-Mode

      • BPSK forenhancement layer

      • Payload : max. 50% increase

      • Suitable for mobile reception

    • Q-Mode

      • QPSKfor enhancement layer

      • Payload : max.100% increase

      • Suitable for stationary reception






    (ch. 2∼4)


    (ch. 5∼6)

    FM Radio

    TV / T-DMB

    (ch. 7∼13)


    (ch. 14∼60)








    T-DMB Frequency Allotment (1)

    T-DMB Freq. Band in Korea

    The Metropolitan area

    Allots 12MHz (ch.8 & ch.12)

    6 broadcasters

    Local Province

    Allots 6MHz per region (6 regions in Korea)

    3 broadcasters per region

    T-DMB Frequency Allotment (2)

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