Tripartite pact axis nations of
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Tripartite Pact…Axis Nations Of: PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tripartite Pact…Axis Nations Of:. World War II Begins. Hitler invades Poland, September, 1939 Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. World War II Begins. blitzkrieg = “lightning war”. U.S. Response “Cash and Carry” (1939).

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Tripartite Pact…Axis Nations Of:

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Tripartite pact axis nations of

Tripartite Pact…Axis Nations Of:

World war ii begins

World War II Begins

  • Hitler invades Poland, September, 1939

  • Great Britain and France declare war on Germany

World war ii begins1

World War II Begins

  • blitzkrieg =

  • “lightning war”

U s response cash and carry 1939

U.S. Response“Cash and Carry” (1939)

  • “Cash and Carry” (1939)-the U.S. would help Britain and France if they

  • 1. purchased American arms with cash and

  • 2. transported them across the Atlantic on their own ships.

  • (Revises the Neutrality Acts of 1936)

The atlantic charter

The Atlantic Charter

  • By 1940, Hitler was in control of much of Eastern Europe.

  • Great Britain was afraid

  • Winston Churchill (British new Prime Minister) and FDR meet on a warship to create a statement: the Atlantic Charter.

  • They pledged to seek no gains in territory and to support the right of all peoples to choose their own form of government.

The four freedoms 1941

The Four Freedoms (1941)

  • FDR gave “Four Freedoms” speech as part of his State of the Union Address,

  • January 6, 1941

U s response lend lease 1941

U.S. ResponseLend-Lease (1941)

  • Lend-LeaseAct:

  • Authorized FDR to “lend” war materiel to any nation whose defense was considered necessary for U.S. national security

  • Especially: Great Britain, the Soviet Union and China

U s response to japan

U.S. Response to Japan

  • U.S.-Japan relations stopped when Japan joined the Axis powers

  • When Japan attacked Manchuria, U.S. stopped exporting fuel and metal to Japan.

  • U.S. moved their fleet to Hawaii to show readiness

Why attack pearl harbor

Why Attack Pearl Harbor?

  • Japan KNEW that US would oppose Japanese expansion eventually.

    • Japan knew its own weaknesses

  • US was a strong force.

  • Had to knock US Navy out completely

    • Aircraft carriers

    • If carriers survived, Japan knew it would lose

Tripartite pact axis nations of

Multiple waves of torpedo bombers and regular bombers were sent to attack Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field.

A fourth wave of planes was NOT sent that would have crippled the American Navy even further!

How the attack worked

How the Attack Worked

  • Japan sent 14 Points

    • Memo in….14 parts

    • In Japanese (we were forced to translate)

  • Memo DEMANDED that the US give Japan oil.

  • Spoke of US aggression in world affairs.

Tripartite pact axis nations of


  • Final part said that war was Japan’s ONLY option to protect itself from the US

    • Huh?

  • Supposed to be delivered right BEFORE the attack and negotiations had broken down.

    • Why? (Think Art of War)

  • Mistakenly delivered AFTER the shooting had started.

    • Good or bad?

The attack

The Attack

  • 7:55 am

  • Sunday

    • Figured Americans would be more relaxed

  • December 7, 1941

    • Many troops on holiday leave

Tripartite pact axis nations of

  • Approximately 350 planes

    • Bombers

    • Torpedo bombers

  • Midget submarines outside Pearl Harbor

The attack1

The Attack…

  • Wanted the aircraft carriers

    • Were NOT in harbor

  • Hit destroyers, battleships, and others

  • Killed approximately 2300 servicemen

  • Attack lasted about 90 minutes



  • 323 planes damaged or destroyed

  • 8 battleships

    • 6 were fixed and returned to duty

  • 3 cruisers

  • 3 destroyers

  • United Americans in hatred of Japanese

    • Propaganda

    • Internment of Japanese-Americans



  • This HAD been well-planned

  • Had trained bombing runs on an island similar to Oahu

  • Modified torpedoes to run shallow in Pearl Harbor

  • Planned weeks in advance

  • Used the 14 Part Memo as a deception to delay

Pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor

  • Japan wished to expand, but the U.S. stood in the way.

  • U.S. had cut off oil to Japan

  • U.S. naval and air forces were in the Pacific.

Tripartite pact axis nations of

The sinking of the USS Arizona.

Bombing of pearl harbor december 7 1941

Bombing of Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941

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