Food webs and chains
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Food Webs and Chains - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food Webs and Chains. Environmental Science Ms. Meltz. Beginning of Class Directions.

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Food webs and chains

Food Webs and Chains

Environmental Science

Ms. Meltz

Beginning of class directions
Beginning of Class Directions

  • Please have a seat and take some time to look over the notes worksheet. Look at the diagrams, and take a close look at the vocabulary words. If you can use prior knowledge to place any of the vocabulary words on the pyramid diagram, feel free to do so.

  • During the video, listen for any of the vocabulary wordslisted on your page, and pay close attention to any diagramsexplained in the video.

  • .

Food chain vs food web
Food Chain vs. Food Web

  • Food Chain = Flow of energy through trophic levels.

  • Trophic Level = Position on a food chain based on how an organism gets energy.

  • Food Web = Complex interactions between predators and prey represented by arrows. Shows several intertwined food chains.

All organisms have a role in their environment also know as their niche
All organisms have a role in their environment, also know as their Niche.

  • Producers

  • Consumers

    • Carnivore

      • Scavenger

      • Predator

    • Herbivore

    • Omnivore

    • Parasite

Producers their

  • Organisms that produce their own food (autotrophs)

Consumers their

  • Organisms that cannot make their own food (heterotrophs)

Herbivore their

  • A plant eating organism

Carnivore their

  • A flesh eating organism

  • Predators- hunt and kill prey for food

  • Scavengers- eat dead animals

Omnivore their

  • An organism that eats both plants and animals

Decomposer their

  • Organisms that use dead organisms as food and return elements to the earth.

Parasite their

  • Lives off of another organism (its host)

Organisms for food web sea urchins kelp otters seals killer whale fish
Organisms For Food Web: Sea Urchins, Kelp, Otters, Seals, Killer Whale, Fish

  • Kelp Forest Video

  • Free Willy

  • Killer Whale Video

  • Killer Whale/ Blue Whale

End of class activity
End of Class Activity Killer Whale, Fish

  • Put your name at the top of your sticky note.

  • On your sticky note…

    • Draw a food chain pyramid, explaining each level to the best of your ability. Please give an example of an organisms in each level.

    • Also, what can you tell me about the transfer of energy between each trophic level?

  • When the bell rings, hand in your paperwork and place your sticky note on the door as you leave the room.

  • Have a nice day!!!