Factors affecting participation in physical activity
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Factors Affecting Participation in Physical Activity PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Factors Affecting Participation in Physical Activity. Reasons for Taking Part in Physical Activity. Why do we participate in sport & exercise? What makes us want to? There are a number of different ways we do this: through playing, training or both playing and training.

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Factors Affecting Participation in Physical Activity

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Factors Affecting Participation in Physical Activity

Reasons for Taking Part in Physical Activity

  • Why do we participate in sport & exercise? What makes us want to? There are a number of different ways we do this: through playing, training or both playing and training.

  • Participating in sport helps you to:

  • Improve body shape – tone muscles and loose weight

  • Make you look and feel good about yourself

  • Provides you with good health – those who are active generally cope better with illness (stronger heart & lungs)

  • It can also:

  • Be enjoyable – people want to do a specific activity

  • Relieve stress - some sports can be stressful, others relieve stress of daily life/work/family etc

  • Give you a physical challenge – becomes satisfying e.g. marathon training

  • Improve/Stimulate co-operation – team work

  • Encourage social mixing - friendships in sport

  • Participation in sport / gain membership of club

Assets That Make a Champion

  • “there is more than one way to the top of the mountain” Daley Thompson (athlete)

  • What qualities do you think make a champion? List as many as you can?

Different physical activities and sports require different factors for success, or the same factors but in different amounts.

Although one sports person may reach the highest levels of a sport with certain skills, others may reach the same levels using different skills.

Factors that make a Champion

  • Psychological factors – many champions have great determination to reach the top

  • Sociological factors – supportive parents and home environment

  • Luck – being in the right place at the right time

  • Motor Skills – need good working motor skills e.g. speed

  • Health & Fitness – good body composition

Factors that make a champion

When you are a champion, aspiring champion, ex-champion or just interested in being fit and healthy, health, exercise, fitness and performance are very important factors in achieving your goals.

Health Related Exercise (HRE)

  • Health – a state of complete psychological, physical and social well-being, not simply the absence of disease or infirmity

  • Exercise – a form of physical activity done primarily to improve one’s health and physical fitness

  • Fitness – the ability to meet the demands of the environment

  • Performance – how well a task is completed

“you can be fit but not

necessarily healthy.”

Steven Redgrave,

5x Olympic champion gold medallist who suffers from diabetes and ulcerative colitis.

Five Areas of HRF

  • There are five main areas of fitness that help us to

    be physically healthy:

    • cardiovascular fitness

    • muscular strength

    • muscular endurance

    • flexibility

    • body composition

  • The combination of these areas is known as Health Related Fitness.

Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Healthy working of the heart, blood and blood vessels. Helps one to continue to lead an active lifestyle

Muscular Strength

  • Enables one to lift heavy weights, especially important in activities exerting a great force

Muscular Endurance

  • Lifting lighter weights repeatedly without getting fatigued


  • A good range of movements in our joints e.g. stretching to touch our toes

Body Composition

  • The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle and bone. This is genetic but also influenced through exercise and diet

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