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Do you fear that your relation might turn sour. offers relationship retreat to rejuvenate the lost love. Visit now for details.

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Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island and we

believe to offer the best place for Retreats for the


 Maui Healing Retreat allows you to go through a

spiritual awakening Retreat.

 At Maui Healing Retreats, we are dedicated to provide

you with a life enhancing, soul-satisfying vacation

experience, and the island of Maui is the perfect

backdrop for a truly transformative experience.

 If you are…

 Experiencing a major life transition.

 Desiring more connection and intimacy in their


Looking for more balance in their BODY, MIND AND


 Seeking more purpose and passion in their life.

 Recovering from physical, mental or emotional illness.

 Considering or in the midst of a career change.

 Craving time out of their daily reality to reconnect with

their inner voice.

 Looking for a truly authentic vacation experience.

 A company that wants a stellar bonding experience for

their employees.

Get ready for your transformation by choosing

the Retreat that fits you!

-Half Day Personal Retreat

-1 Day Build Your Own Custom Retreat

-1 Day Personal Retreat

-3 Day Relationship Retreat Package

-3 Day Rejuvenation Cleanse

-5 Day Health And Wellness Retreat

-5 Day Empower Your Goddess Retreat

-7 Day Spiritual Awakening Retreat

-Team Building Business Retreats

-Maui Spiritual Awakening Tours

-Cleanse And Juicing Packages

Gain clarity on your current life situation and get tools

needed to maintain this when you return home.

This Retreat is designed to increase clarity in yourself

and your relationship and give you tools that will

return home with you and carry through into your daily


Couples Retreat

 This Retreat is designed to refresh, recharge and

reconnect your relationship with new understanding

and reawakening. Dive deep into your inner selves

and discover new avenues for communication. You’ll

take your new tools home with you, and a small piece

of Maui, that you’ll carry with you in your daily lives.

Allow us to deliver the vitality of these juices right to

your door for a full juice cleanse experience. Watch as

you begin to glow, energize and feel better than you

have in years!

Dive deep into your inner landscape and increase your

understanding of yourself and your loved ones so you

can cultivate compassion and understanding. Learn

healthy living habits for mind, body and spirit that will

stay with you long beyond your 5 days on Maui.

Dive into your true Goddess Self and celebrate your


Gain a more authentic relationship with yourself and

others, and dive deep into your inner landscape.

Team building activities in Maui, Hawaii, are a fun and








Maui Healing Retreat

 Mail To

 PO Box 125

Makawao, HI 96768

 Phone

 808.870-3711

Toll Free:

866.88RETREAT (866.887.3873)

 Email

[email protected]

 Web

 http//

 Retreat Locations

 505 Aulii Drive

Makawao, HI 96768